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Agent Orange Awareness Day 2021

The Vietnam War may be over, but the battle continues for many Vietnam veterans. Nearly 3 million service members served in Vietnam and most returned home. But since then, thousands of Vietnam veterans have fought illnesses related to Agent Orange exposure. This deadly toxin has impacted the lives of thousands of veterans and their families but is largely unknown to most Americans.

Watch the video of our 2021 Agent Orange Awareness Day event 

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To learn more, visit our topics page about Agent Orange. If someone you know has lost their battle to Agent Orange learn how to honor them in our In Memory Program.


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Agent Orange Awareness Day 2021

Agent Orange Awareness Shirt

VVMF’s Agent Orange Awareness shirt campaign has ended.  Thank you for your support!  

A couple of important notes:

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VVMF’s Agent Orange Awareness shirt campaign has ended.  Thank you for your support!  


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Candle Sponsors and Your Messages

Thank you to all our candle sponsors for their generous support and helping bring light to Agent Orange Awareness.

David from Oakland, TN:

“Sepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Fraters Infinitas”

Robert from Saint Augustine, FL:

“3/506th Airborne Battalion 101st Airborne Division”

Patricia from Dyer, IN:

“8-8-2012 I miss you more every year. Forever your loving wife.”

Patricia from Acton, MA:

“A life well live!  We miss you everyday.  Patti Larisa & Erik”

Jerry from Sparks, NV:

“A salute to all of those that paid the final price then, and for those who are paying the price now.  Semper Fi”

MaryLou from Rochester, NH:

“Agent Orange took your memories, your health and eventually your life. But you are still alive in our memories and in our hearts everyday. We miss you Pat Beaver.”

Bill from Columbia, SC:

“All gave some // some gave all.”

William from Chicago, IL:

“All Veterans affected by Agent Orange”

Marian from New Haven, MO:

“Allen J Hale did make make it home from Vietnam. We got married and have three children.. He died from cancer caused by agent orange. I am grateful for the time we had together and the family we created!”

Paul from Rockingham, NC:

“Although I served during the Vietnam war I did not make it there.  My heart goes out to my fellow brothers who gave so much more than I did.”

Heather from Suffolk, VA:

“Although you were able to come home, death came with you and you suffered many years but you made a great life in spite of it. Agent Orange took you from us but we gained a beautiful life from you. Love and miss you dad and honya.”

Sharon from Mc Arthur, OH:

“Always and forever in my heart.  Love you and miss you.”

Candice from Tucson, AZ:

“Always in our hearts – you will never be forgotten.  Love you.”

Claudia from Bend, OR:

“Always in our hearts! We miss you.”

Bill from Fairfax, VA:

“Always in our thoughts. Never forgotten.”

Sarah from Bowling Green, KY:

“Always remember and never forget! Marine, Husband, Daddy, and Friend! Love,  Susie and Sarah   Semper FI”

Jerry from New Rockford, ND:

“Always remember those Vietnam Veterans who suffered and died from A/O!!!”

Daniel from Huntington Beach, CA:

“Always thinking of you Tom.”

LuAnn from Clarksville, TN:


James from Central Square, NY:

“As an Agent Orange survivor, I really appreciate all VVMF does for us.  Thank you!”

Diana from Miles, IA:

“Beloved Husband, Dad, Granddad and Great-Grandad. Dale G. PETERSEN Live on in our hearts.”

Susan from Springfield, MA:

“Bless all who appear on this wall and the survivors.”

Thomas from Hulbert, OK:

“Bob Remillard – My fellow Hospital Corpsman and Vietnam Veteran.”

Raymond from Peoria, AZ:

“can of Keystone Light beer or a photo of an F-111 Aardvark”

David from Greenfield, IN:

“Charlie Bill – We love and miss you so much, and are always in our hearts!  Love, Sandy and Dave”

Roberta from Wichita Falls, TX:

“CMsgt (Retired) John (Jack) T. Miller Passed on December 23, 2020 with Parkinson’s and Dementia. Chief Miller had spent 27 years on active duty with the USAF.. His internment will be September 15, 2021 at 10am at.  Pikes Peak National in Colorado Springs”

Kay from Berlin, WI:

“Craig Johnson, May you always walk in sunshine, May God’s love around you flow.   Your friend, Kay”

Pat from Edmonds, WA:

“Craig, our 50th wedding anniversary is a month from now, 9/11/1971.  You left us on 9/16/2018.  We all love and miss you so much.  Love, Pat, Ian, Jessica, Kyle, Damian, Noah, Carter and Kaden.”

Christine Brooke from Lewis Center, OH:

“Dad and Grandpa, We Love and Miss You Everyday !”

Teresa from Wellston, OH:

“Dad we miss you so much. You are in our hearts everyday! You are with me as I care for our veterans at the VA! Thank you for all you taught me and have done for me…until I see you again! I love you! Teresa”

Kimberly from Ashland, VA:

“Dad:  It was the war you never wanted and the anguish and suffering you didn’t deserve. Despite your pain, you did your best. Your unconditional love on Earth is now your reward in Heaven. Love you and miss you so much…KIMBERLY CONOVER DICKERSON”

Christy Ann from Paint Rock, AL:

“Daddy you were the 1st man I ever saw and loved but God took you from me with no warning. You never spoke of the war I never knew the war came home with you.  I know your spirit is in the driveway every morning with the other brown dove (Mom).  Mom was ri”

Shelly from Macon, GA:

“Daddy, I love you and miss you more than I ever thought possible.  Thank you for your service, and I love you always.  Love, Shelly”

Priscilla from Augusta, GA:

“Daddy, love you so much and miss you everyday.”

Rachel from Forest City, PA:

“Daddy, Thank you for serving our country and all the sacrifices you have made. You were the best Daddy a girl could ask for. You will always be my HERO. There will always be a piece of my heart missing. Agent Orange took you too soon. Love always and forever”

Rachel from Alexandria, VA:

“Daddy, We Love You and We Miss You — From the Sheedy Family”

Priscilla from Irving, TX:

“Dear Dad, All 5 of us miss you so much.  We are glad that you are reunited with Mom and Harrison.  You were a great husband, father and soldier.  Rest in peace in the arms of our Savior.”

Lynda from Rochester, MI:

“Dear Jim, We miss you every day, but we are thankful to have you as our guardian angel. Sending you all our love, Lynda, Wendy, Rob, Scott, Darci, Genevieve, Graydon & Ryley”

Barbara from Opelika, AL:

“Dear Unarice, You will forever live in my heart. I love you and miss you…. ALWAYS! Barbara”

Christine from Napa, CA:

“Dear, You are my strength, never forgotten. Love Chris”

Margaret from Lynbrook, NY:

“Dedicated to my husband Richard Giarrusso US Army 26Engr Bn Co. D Americal – RIP 3/17/17”

Duery from Washington, DC:

“Duery. USArmy, 1st Infantry Division,, B 1/2,”

Denis from Huntingtown, MD:

“For all my Navy Brothers and Sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this great country during the war in Vietnam.”

Dawn from Taylor, TX:

“For all of our Heroes”

Ronald from Cheswick, PA:

“For all of us who are affected by Agent Orange and our families.”

Dave from Elysburg, PA:

“For all still suffering from service in Vietnam”

George from Scottsdale, AZ:

“For Ben W.  who served multiple tours in Nam. Set free to live his nightmares in a small town where he died in a bar gunfight at the hand of his best friend. War never ends.”

Phyllis from West Bloomfield, MI:

“For David – who didn’t make it home. We will remember you.”

Dale G from Pacifica, CA:

“For Mac, Semper Fi my love.  FC”

Kathleen from Chicago, IL:

“For my Beloved Robert, who served his country with honor, as a member of the USMC. I dearly LOVE and MISS him. Forever, KATHLEEN”

Marsha from Acton, MA:

“For my husband Barry who fought for our country in the 101st Airborne, as a LRRP, with the 506th. Died from Agent Orange.”

Marie from Mcminnville, OR:

“For my husband E-7 Eugene Jonas Ordaz I miss you everyday. I love you. Thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice”

Judith from Lombard, IL:

“For my husband George Sliwa, who died in 2011 from an Agent Orange disease.”

Lois from Coventry Township, OH:

“For my husband Jerry and all those veterans who are suffering or have suffered from the effects of Agent Orange, from their service in the Vietnam War.”

Norah from Cheektowaga, NY:

“For my wonderful husband, father and grandfather. We miss you everyday, every minute and every second. You are my first and only love. I will see you on October 25,2021 at Arlington. Love, Norah, Kelley , Sean and Roderick”

William from Maineville, OH:

“For our family member Bob DeRolf of Hammond, IN, Frankfort, KY, and Huntsville, AL. A hero who served our country well!”

james from La Crosse, WI:

“For the men of the 3/506 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam”

Helen M from Bowie, MD:

“For the patients I cared for as they returned from Nam–you were amazing people!”

Raymond from Haddonfield, NJ:

“For those of you who sacrificed so much for the safety of our Nation and who were never told of the horrific effects of this lethal chemical, I salute you and wish all of God’s blessings on you and your families.”

Deborah from Greensboro, NC:

“For those who ignored by our government.”

Kassandra from Edina, MN:

“For two-tour vet Thomas Kuehl, who died on July 8, 2021. I hope that you and your four best buddies (whose names are on this wall) are having a blast in heaven. Hug each of them for me, please. Love you.”

James from Hobe Sound, FL:

“Frank W Regan Purser P. A. Merchant Seamen,   From. Sayville, N.Y 11782. . Frank,  Sailed with United States Lines for 8 years bringing food ,ammunition and much needed supplies to Viet Nam .  He passed away on  December 12,2012 of Agent Orange related cancer”

Irene from Casa Grande, AZ:

“Frank you are always in our hearts. Thank you for all you did for us and our country. Love & miss you”

Robert from Palo Alto, CA:

“Gary Clark, Frank Torres, Wilbert Webster”

Marsha from Newcastle, OK:

“Gene, it’s been 4 years since you passed. I know you are at peace. Thank you for your Service and Welcome Home! We Love and Miss you, every day. You will always be my Hero!!”

Stan from La Jolla, CA:

“God Bless all my fellow Navy Heroes.”

Paul from Plano, TX:

“GOD Bless All Of Troops That Was Exposed To Agent Orange And Are Suffering From It Affects”

Paula from Oshkosh, WI:

“God bless all the service members who have passed and suffered from the effects of Agent Orange, miss you all.”

Gail from Oak Harbor, WA:

“God bless all those who are still suffering from Agent Orange”

Dan from Howard Beach, NY:

“God bless all those who have dealt with or dealing with Agent Orange illnesses. May God watch over those still fighting the fight and be with this who have passed on especially my dad, John J Finley, who passed away in September 2020.”

Joyce from Indianapolis, IN:

“God bless each of you who served in Vietnam.  You are so appreciated and loved.  Be in peace for the ones who have gone on and for the ones who haven’t.”

Patrick from Louisville, TN:

“God bless you and keep you safe.”

Frank from Hagerstown, MD:

“God bless you for your sacrifice! Frank Pereira Vietnam Era Vet US Army 1970-72”

Darrell from Davis, IL:

“God bless you Frank, Thank you for your service.”

Kate from Bridgewater, MA:

“Gone but not forgotten, you are deeply missed.”

Helen from Lacey, WA:

“Gone way to soon!”

Judith from Richmond, TX:

“Honoring Lieutenant General Billy Marshall Thomas, U.S.Army, retired, who lived life to the fullest, even as Agent Orange caused cancers insidiously invaded and took his life.”

Kathleen from Thompson, PA:

“How we miss you our sweet, proud soldier.You suffered greatly. Now Rest In Peace.”

Denny from Charleston, TN:

“I am not a hero but I served with many. David, Ron, Bill, Mike and Steve. RIP LCPL William H. Pless. Panel 35W Line 36”

Barbara from Nashville, IN:

“I bring a light to awareness in memory of Alan George Morris, who suffered mightily from the effects of Agent Orange, which contributed mightily to his early death.”

Patrick from Little Valley, NY:

“I came home with Agent Orange, but my cousin came home in a body bag!”

John from Elgin, IL:

“I have Diabetes,Bladder Cancer,Neuraphy,and other conditions from Agent Orange.We will never forget !”

Debra from Hartsville, SC:

“I honor of my husband who suffered for many years from the results of Agent Orange exposure, which killed him. My heart goes out to all the Vietnam Veterans that continue to suffer from the effects of Agent Orange and their families. It affects all of us.”

Cynthia from Naples, ME:

“I light this candle in honor of my husband, Allan Strout, who suffered for so many years not knowing his multiple illnesses were the result of Agent Orange exposure while serving in Vietnam.  I will forever love and miss this brave man!”

Christin from Arlington, TN:

“I love and miss you, Daddy.   Forever, Christin”

John from Norfolk, VA:

“I love you Dad and miss you every day.  Thank you so much for your sacrifice; one you made as a young man in 1966 and that you bore for the next 51 years.  With Love From Your Son  and Daughter-in-law,  John and Dixie”

Diane from Saratoga Springs, NY:

“I planned on spending the rest of my life with you…. Thank you for spending the rest of your life with me ”

Carol from Hoover, AL:

“I realized way back then that Agent Orange was killing our guys, slowly but surely.  And i still could not stop it.  God bless them and their families. John 3:16”

GAILANN from Middletown, NY:

“I think of you everyday and thank you everyday for the service that you gave to our Country…May you Rest In Peace…I love you and miss you”

Colleen from Renton, WA:

“I will remember you and love you till I die. I miss you every day and it is so hard living without you.”

LYNNE from Baltimore, MD:

“In honor and memory of my husband, Ron Rose.”

Thomas from Durango, CO:

“In honor of all military and civilian men and  women that served in Southeast Asia during the VietNam war, and especially those whose names are on the wall, who gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

Richard from Oxnard, CA:

“In honor of all those who served in the 199th Infantry Brigade that  suffered and died from Agent Orange”

Jeff from Atlanta, GA:

“In honor of Captain Jerry D Roe. A true gung ho son of a bitch US Marine!”

Beverly Gaye from Santa Maria, CA:

“In honor of my adopted little brother who became my brother’s best friend when they met in MP training at Fort Gordon. Both went to Vietnam in January 1968, the year of TET. My brother left his in Vietnam.  Danny came home a different man, both emotionally and physically”

Linda from Bay Shore, NY:

“In honor of my beloved husband, Franklin J Passantino, who suffered for 20 years and died in 2016 as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange…  I love you, I miss you, I will keep you in my heart and mind always xoxoxo”

Joyce from Oak Creek, WI:

“In honor of my brother, Christopher Radtke”

Maria from Baltic, CT:

“In Honor of my brother, Thomas J Thibeault who was a Medic in Vietnam and was seriously injured. He now has Parkinson’s Disease due to Agent Orange.”

Jenifer from Pittsburg, KS:

“In honor of my dad, Captain James L Hurt, who fought in Vietnam in 1968 and from then on after until his death in 2014.”

KATRINA from Kenova, WV:

“In honor of my dad, Joseph Andrew Ward, who passed away on July 20, 2021 due to cancer caused by exposure to Agent Orange.”

Caryn from Minnetonka, MN:

“In honor of my husband Philip E. Bravos  USMC ’69-’70”

Catherine from Las Vegas, NV:

“In honor of my husband, Don Dali, who passed away from cancer related to Agent Orange in June 2016. I miss him so very much.”

Diann from Summerville, SC:

“In honor of my wonderful husband, William H Ward Jr. (WH). Agent Orange cut your life and our time together to short, your suffering was horrendous, but you fought so hard to be here with us ,and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for the beautiful life we had! Rest peacefully”

Theresa from Duluth, MN:

“In honor of Tom Grosser who returned home but died 3-18-2001, age 57, from pancreatic cancer(agent orange related).”

Stacy from Medford, NJ:

“In honor of William Brockson, a wonderful Father & Grandfather, taken from us too soon.”

Kathryn from Hudson, FL:

“In loving memory of James F Wood Sr. Lost the battle to AO on 7.22.19”

Douglas from Kernersville, NC:

“In loving memory of James Jefferis and all the fallen – you are not forgotten.”

Carol from Seguin, TX:

“In loving memory of my best friend,  my husband. I’ll love you to infinity and beyond.”

Michelle from West Henrietta, NY:

“In loving memory of my daddy and my best friend Donald P Olds Jr. He lost his life to Agent Orange on April of 2020. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.  I thank him and many more who gave his life for our country.”

Bernadette from Clifton, NJ:

“In loving memory of my husband Nick who loss his life due to agent orange.”

Rabonna from Bellingham, MA:

“In loving memory of my husband Rod Will, who died from expose to Agent Orange.. We miss you every day.  Love, Bonna, Chris, Mark, Lissy. Grandkids: Erik, Meghan, Lucas, Mia, Justin & Connor.”

Judy from Tonawanda, NY:

“In loving memory of my husband who died from illnesses caused by Agent Orange”

Mary Jo from Naples, FL:

“In Loving Memory of my husband, James Dolan. May he Rest In Peace”

Dorothy from The Dalles, OR:

“In Loving Memory of My Husband, Michael Lee Graves”

Dianne from San Antonio, TX:

“In loving memory of my husband, Richard, who succumbed to diseases caused by Agent Orange, March 2016.”

Jodie from Saint Paul, MN:

“In loving memory of Peter Philip Philhower, LT United States Navy.  Two tours, 1964 and 1965, blue and brown water exposure.  He fought valiantly against Agent Orange related illness before being promoted to God’s Navy.  We honor and remember his sacrific”

Susan from Youngstown, NY:

“In loving memory of Robert A. Fiesler.”

Cecilia Irene from El Paso, TX:

“In loving memory of SALVADOR ALFREDO MONTOYA.   Mi Amor – I dedicate this candle to you.  Thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country during the Vietnam War. I’m sorry for all the pain and suffering that you endured all these years because of Agent Orange”

Lynn from Palmdale, CA:

“In Loving Memory of Wayne A. Corliss, USMC. You fought the battle for so many years and are now at peace. Missed every day by all of us. Forever in my heart, Lynn”

Jacqueline from Craig, CO:

“In loving memory of Wesley Limbo, CPO, USN , WW2 and Vietnam vet and casualty of Agent Orange. All my love, Jackie”

Penelope from Tupper Lake, NY:

“In loving of my husband  Robert G Miner”

Dave from Paxton, MA:

“In memoriam of my Dad Colonel JP Gagliardo Jr – USMC for his selfless sacrifice along with the many others in protecting this Great Country…”

Donna from Spring Hill, FL:

“In memory of all those Vietnam Vets who lost their battle with Agent Orange and those, like my husband Carl, who continue their fight to this day.  May God be with you.”

Darlene from Lakewood, CA:

“In memory of all who served and died in Viet Nam and those who returned and had to fight a second time.  God Bless you and your families!”

Tamara from Camden, NY:

“In memory of Brian G. Conley, taken too soon by Agent Orange on 7/4/2019”

Lillian from Hinesville, GA:

“In Memory of Charles (Chuck) Shurtleff Major (ret) U. S. Army.  Two tours in VN.   We miss you.”

Diane from Saratoga Springs, NY:

“In memory of Col. Glen D. Skirvin Jr. husband of Anne O’Neill Skirvin, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather. Loved, missed and Always in our Hearts.”

Stephanie from Vista, CA:

“In memory of Col. Joseph P. Gagliardo Jr. who served valiantly but whose battle wasn’t over when he left Vietnam.  Thirty years later the battle continued when exposure to Agent Orange caused widespread cancer that took his life. My father was an exemplarly man”

Andreanna from Leesburg, AL:

“In memory of Dale Engledow…we love and miss you everyday! You will forever be our hero!”

Elizabeth from Smithtown, NY:

“In Memory of Dennis A Kelly, a proud Marine who left this world too soon.  Never to be forgotten.”

Robyn from Kahului, HI:

“In Memory of Donald M. Moor, who served in Air Force Intelligence in Viet Nam in the late 1960’s.   He was in the Ho Chi Minh Trail area doing reconnaisance, as our government doused the surrounding area with Agent Orange.”

Jaimi from Asheville, NC:

“In Memory of Donald Ray Chandler, loving husband and father. Gone but not forgotten.”

catherine from Springfield, IL:

“In Memory of E. Earl Varvel loving husband and father of 4 whose life was cut short at age 52 as a result of exposure to Agent Orange doing his duty in Vietnam 1966 – 1968”

Thomas from Stony Point, NY:

“In memory of Gene Sullivan.  Rest in Peace brother”

Cathy from Deerfield Beach, FL:

“In memory of Harold Blankenship Loving Husband , Dad and Pop-pop. You are our hero. Cathy, Stacy, Todd, Kristen, Chris and Kim”

Jennifer from Nokesville, VA:

“In memory of Harold Morrow”

Ann from Still Pond, MD:

“In memory of Harold William Brewer passed from Lung Cancer 6/30/2017 due to Agent Orange”

Erika from Palatine, IL:

“In memory of Horst Lang – we miss you so much!”

Bonnie from Suffolk, VA:

“In memory of Jack Ondash, U.S. Army”

Lois from Allison Park, PA:

“In memory of James J Caputo”

Bruce from Jacksonville, FL:

“In memory of Joey Benedict and Leroy Cone”

Stephen from Palmerton, PA:

“In memory of Justin Greenzweig Rest in peace, Brother!”

Jim from Washington, IL:

“In memory of Larry Bell, & all my fellow soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam.”

Margaret from Franklin, MA:

“In memory of Major Steven L. Auerbach (Ret) who proudly served this country for 20 years and died in 2017 from Agent Orange related illnesses as a result of exposure to this toxic chemical in Vietnam.”

Robert from Tampa, FL:

“In Memory of Mark Anderson, miss you Bro !”

Christi from Royersford, PA:

“In Memory of Michael Swartwood. We love and miss you every day!”

Marie from Boynton Beach, FL:

“In memory of MSG (RET) Jerry Moreland, US Army, Combat Engineer, Vietnam veteran”

Kathy from Sandwich, MA:

“In memory of MSG Doyal L Richerson, Jr, USA, Retired: an amazing husband, father, Papa, great-Papa, brother, uncle and friend.”

Maryliz from Corbin, KY:

“In memory of my best friend, my advisor, my confidante, my big brother Donnie. 3-21-47 – 05-01-18.  Love & miss you everyday.  Always in my heart”

D Anne from Cedar City, UT:

“In memory of my cousin, Larry Close, and all the other brave men and woman who sacrificed so much for freedom.”

Cindi from Wayne, MI:

“In memory of my dad, Bobby Engle. 10/25/43-10/03/2012 Taken too soon due to illness caused by his exposure to Agent Orange. I miss you always, Dad!”

Lesley from Huntersville, NC:

“In memory of my dad, James Miller. U.S. Navy Seabees, Vietnam 1969-1970. He was an amazing man and is greatly missed.”

Brandi from Ada, MI:

“In memory of my dad, my hero, Sgt Daniel Drummond.  Miss you more than words.  Love, Brandi”

Alicia from Hoxie, AR:

“In memory of my father Lindell Rawls US Army”

Kimberly from New York, NY:

“In memory of my father, Fred Svarney, who passed away from an illness due to Agent Orange exposure. I miss you so much Dad!”

Lee Ann from Tampa, FL:

“In memory of my father, James E. Henderson, USAF.”

Christine from Eagle Lake, TX:

“In Memory of my Fiance who was KIA December 20, 1967.  I have supported the VVMF from Day 1 and know that ‘Mitch’ would do the same if he had made it home.”

Robert from Cherry Hill, NJ:

“In memory of my good friend Jimmy Boone who died from Agent Orange exposure. I was exposed too, but I’m still alive.”

Yaroslav from Port Orange, FL:

“In memory of my husband Marty Cox”

Jeanne from Monroe, NH:

“In memory of my husband Robert E Bruno, US Army 1971-74….the light of my life.”

Connie from Loxahatchee, FL:

“In Memory of my husband Ronald F. Dalton, US Army who was shot in 1968 , spent a year in Walter Reed and suffered physical for many years from his injuries, only to pass away from the effects of Agent Orange in 2009, at the age of 60.  I love you and miss”

David from Binghamton, NY:

“In memory of my nephew, Alan I Stone, an Agent Orange victim.”

Keri from Birmingham, AL:

“In memory of my papa who died in 2018. I promised I’d make you proud papa and even though you were supposed to walk me down the aisle this weekend I know you’re still there with me I love you papa”

Mary Jane from Gretna, VA:

“In memory of my Vietnam Veteran John Pieper who passed from AO Lung cancer in 2013”

Shela from Warren, MI:

“In memory of Obie ‘Toby’ Franklin US Army 1965-1967. Suffered from Agent Orange related Parkinson’s.  DOD 10-29-2020”

Shannon from Chicago, IL:

“In memory of our beautiful dad, husband and grandpa.  We miss you so much.”

Jennifer from Elizabethtown, IN:

“In Memory of Robert F Barr  1949-2019  Dad, we miss you every day!  You left a huge hole in each of our hearts.  However, we are thankful you are no longer suffering and enjoying the crown of life.  As it says in the Bible, “Well done my good and faithful”

Marianne from Clinton Township, MI:

“In memory of Teddy Bruce Craven, beloved father and grandfather. 4/17/1949-3/17/2013”

Andrea from North Andover, MA:

“In memory of Tom Rosebach. Never forgotten and loved forever.”

carol from Salem, IN:

“In memory of William K Green missed by his family and friends.”

Norma from Howe, TX:

“In memory of you my dear Husband Eugene who gave his life on July 4th 2019 from the dread Agent Orange.  I miss you dearly but I know you are with God.  Love you always and forever.     Your wife, Norma”

DeAnna from New London, NC:

“In remembrance of my Daddy, SSGT Grady Wade Caviness USAF. Forever my Hero! With love from your baby girl, DeAnna.”

MARCELLA from North Dartmouth, MA:

“In remembrance of my husband, William J O’Connor who passed away in 2009 from two primary lung cancers that were attributed to Agent Orange.”

Dottie from Milford, DE:

“In remembrance of my loving husband,  Neil A Burke, who lost his battle with Agent Orange on January 8, 2021.  I miss you so much.”

Patti from Meridian, ID:

“In remembrance of Peter E. Mayberry. Love you with all my heart!”

Gold Star Wives from Dayton, OH:

“In Remembrance of the Spouses of Members of the Midwest Region of Gold Star Wives of America.  Gone but Not Forgotten.”

Mary Jane from Catoosa, OK:

“It’s been 11 years since I lost you.  I love you more each day and will keep you in my heart forever.  Your loving wife, Mary Jane.”

Marie from Benbrook, TX:

“James Dale Kennemer CW2 USAR-AV VN 69-71 sent to Vietnam a MOS 100B cargo utility/observation helicopter pilot. 1st Aviation BDE 101st Airborne, 173rd 92nd ASH Sidekick & commanded 10th 17th battalions. You served gallantly & will always be my Forever Hero”

Margaret from Waukesha, WI:

“Jim McMaster”

Alora from Springfield, IL:

“Joe Taylor Husband, father, grandfather, Vietnam Vet We love you!”

Vickie from Henderson, NV:

“Joe, we love you and miss you! Your wife Vickie, your daughter Heather and your grandson Morgan.”

Catherine from York, PA:

“John H Gotwald retired USAF. John served in the Vietnam conflict as crew chief on a C-130 that carried Agent Orange. He died at age 69 from a heart attach as a result of his exposure.”

Jeanne from Pittsburgh, PA:

“John, you are finally without pain and resting in the arms of the angels.”

P Earle from Penn Yan, NY:

“July 2, 1969 – Larry & Fuji – Always remembered, Earle”

P Earle from Penn Yan, NY:

“July 2, 1969 – Larry & Fuji – I think of you daily, Earle”

Jeffrey from Leavenworth, KS:

“Ken Howards, HHC 1st Avn Bde, 69-71.  You fought the good fight right up to the end.”

KATHLEEN from New Ulm, MN:

“Larry D.Johnson you fought a long and hard battle with Agent Orange illnesses : you are our HERO and LOVED still – now missed so ! 5/22/47 – !!/17/15”

Rebecca from Steuben, ME:

“Leon Atwater died on 2/21/2006 from his exposure to agent orange.  We miss you every day, Leon.  You are our hero. Til we meet again my love.”

Karen from Plano, TX:

“Love and miss you everyday, Dad!  We share your stories and lessons with all the kiddos – we carry you with us always.  Love, Karen”

Donna from Salem, OR:

“Love and miss you Kennedy Donna Aaron & Diedre”

Marianne from New Castle, IN:

“Love and prayers to all the men and women who served during the Vietnam War.”

Angela from Plainwell, MI:

“Love you always…my dear sweet man.. Angie.”

Jay from Rockingham, VA:

“Love you Paul.  We really miss you.  Thank you for your service during a difficult time of our life’s.  Welcome home.”

Diane from Haltom City, TX:

“Loving and missing you every single day.  Diane”

Christy from Mechanicsburg, PA:

“Marvin Wayne Poser 1-4-1950 to 8-27-2020. You were the best father, husband, son, brother and friend. I miss you so much. Since you were injured in Vietnam, you have been fighting the effects of the war. Yet you never let it defeat you. You are truly a hero”

Kim from Carson City, NV:

“Master Chief Petty Officer Donald Kuncl was born in Chicago Illinois on April 22, 1932. Donald joined the Navy in 1949, serving in Korea in 1952, Vietnam 1968-1969. Donald was a proud navy man through and through, he loved the sea.”

John from South Abington Township, PA:


David from Fort Wayne, IN:

“May you Rest In Peace and may Perpetual Light shine on you thru the Mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Stephen Smith, Convoy, Ohio, Jerome Bowers, Payne, Ohio,  Charles Duane Saylor, Muncie, Indiana, 1stLt William Brooks Kiser, Arizona”

Wanda from Tupelo, MS:

“Memories of you are still strong.”

Krystyne from Modesto, CA:

“Miss you all the time Dad-O. Thankful for your sacrifice.”

Andrea from Stephens City, VA:

“Miss you and love you, Dad.  Andrea Leigh (and kids)”

Pamela from Tampa, FL:

“Miss you Dad every single day.   A true patriot CMSGT JAMES E HENDERSON”

Erin from Darby, PA:

“Miss you Dad, Love Erin and Sergeant”

Cindy from Roulette, PA:

“Miss you each and every day.  Much love ”

Kimberly from Schoharie, NY:

“Miss you every day Dad. Love Kim”

Katherine from Wantagh, NY:

“Miss you every day Sal”

Laura Louise from Pilot Mountain, NC:

“Miss you everyday Mumma. Thank you for your love, friendship and for teaching me to sacrifice for others.”

CYNTHIA from Moscow Mills, MO:

“Miss you, dad.”

lisa from Pahrump, NV:

“missing you always, love your family”

Nancy from Springfield, IL:

“Missing you every day Bruce, Love you Nancy and Julie”

Laura Louise from Pilot Mountain, NC:

“Mumma, thank you for your service to your family and to your country. I learn from you still….”

Robert from Charlotte, MI:

“My buddy Roderick Keenan — In Memory inductee 2019”

Cassandra from Lincoln, NE:

“My dad was drafted in 1970 and spent a year in the 101st Airborne. He returned with multiple purple hearts and many invisible injuries, including AO exposure which lead to diabetes and glaucoma.”

Sharon from Cincinnati, OH:

“My dear husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather (John Seaman) fought a long, hard battle with agent orange.  He did everything he could to fight the battle, but he succumbed to the battle.”

Carrie from Wethersfield, CT:

“My dearest brother,  I miss you so very, very much.”

Merle from Mount Pleasant, MI:

“My deceased husband, died at age 59 from Agent  Orange, he retired from the Army after 20 years. He fought Cancer for 5 years. His 4 Sons, all Veterans, his grandchildren and myself miss Him more than words can say.  RIP OUR HERO!!!”

Giselle from Wylie, TX:

“My father, Master Sergeant Raymond Knight, served in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange.  He later developed dementia from it.  He was an amazing man, a minister, loving husband, father and grandfather whom we lost long before he ever passed.”

Gwen from Las Cruces, NM:

“My husband (Charles Revie) died in February 2021 of cancer caused by Agent Orange.  He battled cancer 5 times over 21 years”

Moira from Naples, FL:

“My husband died  from the effects of Agent Orange at 50 years of age leaving a 12 year old daughter as well as other family members”

Elizabeth from Cranston, RI:

“My husband Joe Cimini’s  duties in Vietnam as an Army Combat Engineers invoved calling for spraying of Agent Orange on the vegetation that hid the snipers. Without it, he wouldn’t have survived.”

Shirley from Friendswood, TX:

“My husband, Charles Jim Incerta suffered for years from the results of Agent Orange. He had all the diseases that Agent Orange caused. He loved America and was extremely proud of having been in the Air Force.”

Dorothy from Colorado Springs, CO:

“My husband, MSgt. Frank Bodensky died April 15, 2021 from prostate cancer which metastasized to his bones, then his liver and lungs. He served 24 yrs in the Air Force. He lived his life to the fullest especially after his Agent Orange cancer diagnoses.”

Dawn from Largo, FL:

“My husband’s buddy died of Agent Orange. He suffered for a lot of years. His wife died shortly after and didn’t get a chance to add his name to VVM. His name was Charlie Cinnoto. RIP Charlie we miss you Walt and Dawn Tooke”

Terry from Sycamore, OH:

“My love, it’s been four long years since you left us, and still miss you so very much. I think of you everyday and cherish the memories we made over our 46 years together. Until we can be together again, I love you! Always have and always will!”

Sandra from Alexandria, VA:

“My Love, you are missed so much. Not a day goes by without thinking of you. Thank you for your love for me/family/country and your sacrifice is never forgotten by those that love you.”

Elizabeth from Chapel Hill, NC:

“My Marine, my heart, Jack A. Gump, Vietnam ’67.  The world went away 8/4/04.”

JoAnn from Columbiana, OH:

“My sweetheart you are and always will be the light in my life! I love and miss you more everyday, but know you are here with me all the time. Love you forever, JoAnn”

Barbara from Lillian, TX:

“My Sweetheart, you are loved forever by me and by our daughter, Deborah.  You were the very best of everything in our lives – best husband, dad and friend.  You are missed so much.  We remember you as the strong warrior that you were and are so thankful you shared your life with us”

Donovan from Las Vegas, NV:

“Never forgotten… as today is always so many years ago…”

Catharine from Moyock, NC:

“Our Captain,, you will never be forgotten”

yvonne from Dalton, GA:

“please help our veterans”

Sterling from Katy, TX:

“Please remember our friend and hero John Lawrence. He died of cancer due to agent orange. He was an Army Helicopter Crew Chief and Door Gunner.  He was a Great Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend.”

Michael from Flushing, NY:

“Raymond Coder, my friend for 70 years. I miss you”

Susan from Muncie, IN:

“Remembering beloved husband, Lance, on our August 10, 1968 wedding anniversary. You fought a courageous battle with Agent Orange health effects. Now you are resting with the angels. You are missed & loved by your entire family.”

William from Glen Allen, VA:

“Remembering in my prayers all veterans (including myself) who have suffered from the effects of Agent Orange. May God bless you and your family.”

Ginger from Canby, OR:

“remembering my husband richard who was a seebe in the navy and was gone to soon”

Carolyn from Marysville, WA:

“Remembering my husband, Walter S. Jones, a Marine Vietnam Veteran who lost his life to Agent Orange caused Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma in October 2004.”

KATHERINE from Imperial, MO:

“Rest in Peace my Love. You were and always will be my  Guiding Light. Forever in our hearts.”

Dennis from Getzville, NY:


Janet from Kalispell, MT:

“Rest In Peace, my love.”

Donald from Waynesburg, PA:

“Rest In Peace… Doyle Daniel Davis…U.S. Army..101st Airborne”

Doris from Hallstead, PA:

“Rich was a very proud Marine. He served twice in Vietnam.”

Jerry from Rohnert Park, CA:

“RIP Brother Ed”

Maureen from Germantown, MD:

“RIP David Lanier”

Ellen from Baldwin, NY:

“RIP Sgt James P Carroll”

Wanda from Holbrook, AZ:

“Rob, never a day goes by that I don’t think of you even though it will be 21 years on August 31, 2021. So thankful for the years we had together, but wish we could have had the chance to grow old together. Knowing you’re in Gods hands has made life a little easier to bear.”

Alice from Minerva, OH:

“Ron it has been 7 years since you lost your long battle with the effects Agent Orange had on your body. At least we made 43 years together. I love and miss you very much.”

Edith from Greer, SC:

“Sadly Agent Orange won the battle you so valiantly fought until your final sacrifice for your country on July 4, 2021.”

Pamela from Dubuque, IA:

“So hard to lose you so soon but so glad you’re no longer in pain. Love always & forever.  Pam”

Jennie from Poplar Bluff, MO:

“Ssgt Joseph Bourgouin  Dad, not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and miss you. You are my hero.  Thank you for everything you did for your family. Thank you for your service. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. I love and”

Gregory from Richfield, OH:

“Stephen E. Cunningham   Golf  2/7 Marines KIA  1969”

Donna from Fremont, CA:

“Thank you  to all Veterans for your service. Till we meet again.”

Cynthia from Alexandria, VA:

“Thank you for shining a light for all those impacted by Agent Orange”

Mark and Laura from Pilot Mountain, NC:

“Thank you for your love of faith and faith as well as your dedication to the DAV Auxiliary. We love you Aunt Shirley”

Mark and Laura from Pilot Mountain, NC:

“Thank you for your service in Vietnam and in the DAV. We love you Uncle Nick”

Rebecca from Winsted, CT:

“Thank you for your service to your country and your commitment to your family. We miss you.”

Judy from Hickory, NC:

“Thank you for your service. We Love And Miss You Forever ,Judy ,Family ,and Friends”

Judy from Costa Mesa, CA:

“Thank you Marvin for serving our country and for your friendship.”

Jeff from Wilmington, OH:

“Thank you Pops for everything! We love and miss you! Judy, Dean, Mount, Warix, and Glass families.”

Cherilyn from Amarillo, TX:

“Thank you, Don for your service, your example of a fighter, your smile!  We miss you every day!”

Dan from Medina, OH:

“Thanks to all who have served.  We will never forget.  God bless our service men and women.”

Candace from Raleigh, NC:

“The love of my life, high school sweetheart, 55 years of memories and love, Vietnam 1966-1967, lost the battle in April of this year.”

Barbara from Orlando, FL:

“These veterans served with honor and are now battling the diseases caused by Agent Orange.  Remember and honor their suffering and sacrifices.”

Wayne from Las Vegas, NV:

“Thinking of you my friend.  Wayne R. Ferren Jr.”

Jim from Loudon, TN:

“This candle is for Carlos ‘Sunny’ Dominguez from 3rd Recon team mate , 3rd Marine Division 1968 , Jim Cornwell. Carlos was from El Paso, TX”

Sandra from Boise, ID:

“This candle is lit in memory of my brother, Daniel Alvarado Patrick Diridoni, a proud Marine who fought and was injured during his tour in Vietnam in 1968. Just 19 at the time, he defended and fought at the Battle of Hue during the Tet Offensive.”

MICHEAL from Cincinnati, OH:

“This for Michael Forbes SGT and he is at  P 22WL 118”

Nikki from Manchester, CT:

“This is for all those whose fight has ended and for all those who are still fighting.”

Michael from Orland Park, IL:

“This is for my brothers who know someone who may have been affected by Agent Orange.”

Esther from Davenport, IA:

“This past weekend we gathered in Celebration of Keith Aldrich’s life. Keith was a compassionate person loved by all who knew him. Keith passed in 2020 from leukemia due to Agent Orange.   In 2003, we Celebrated Martin Molyneux’s life.”

Leonard from Orting, WA:

“To all my brothers, thank you, welcome home!    Len Walczak    USNR    NSA Saigon  69-70”

ken from Taylorsville, NC:

“To all the corpsmen who did more than anyone can ever imagine, either FMF or Navy Blue, semper fi. Bless them all. Doc H”

Constance from Arnold, MO:

“To all the men and women suffering from Agent Orange.”

Robert from Durham, CT:

“To all those who encountered AO in the AO…STAY VIGILANT!”

Steven from The Villages, FL:

“To all who gave past, present, and future”

gregory from Smithfield, VA:

“To John G. Lee a good friend, he made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Sherryl from Marion, OH:

“To my ‘best friend’ DC and always the love of my life – God Loves You and So Do I!”

Robert from Buda, TX:

“To my big brother Jimmy Wright Captain 4th Infantry Division .two tours…came home with PTSD wounds that never healed..I am proud to have served as a Combat Medic in Nam who has survived Prostate Cancer in Memory of my Big Brother…Love you Jimmy…Bobb”

Lucretia from Mount Laurel, NJ:

“To my brother, Anthony. I love and miss you. I wish I could have taken away your suffering.”

Donna from Pembroke, MA:

“To my husband Sgt Robert Lee Brown I miss you more every day”

JoAnn from Rochester, NH:

“To my husband who passed away Feb. 15th 2003 of Agent Orange. Jim, Words can not express how I miss you EVERY day. It was and honor to be your wife. I will always be proud of you for serving our country. I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU!! God Bless ALL that served!”

Stephanie from King Of Prussia, PA:

“To my living husband, Col Ed King, you are missed everyday. Gone too soon but never forget.”

Robert from Chesapeake, VA:

“To my USAF Security Police brothers”

Edwin from Chico, CA:

“To the many fellow Viet Nam veterans and their families who have been disabled by Agent Orange.”

Richard from Trenton, NJ:

“To those who fought and are still fighting the affects of the war may God hold you in his arms and bring you peace.”

Robert from Sebastian, FL:

“To those with Agent Orange illnesses;  Keep the faith and keep fighting for our disability rights”

Patricia M from Pennington, NJ:

“Tom Dunnington, Loving husband, father, grandfather and now great-grandfather. Miss you even day,love you now and forever”

HARVEY from Concord, CA:


Wayne from Loganville, GA:

“U.S. Army Phillip Nixson, U. S. Army PFC Wayne J Stokes KIA 2 December 1967 U.S. Marine Thomas Craig Richard Jr. PFC KIA 8 February 1968”

Julie from Windsor Heights, IA:

“Wally,  You faced each loss without complaint.  Your courage and strength is my model for now getting through each day without you. You are forever my hero and example.  Julie”

Cindy from Berryville, VA:

“Wayne, We miss you every day. You fought bravely in Vietnam and even more bravely when Agent Orange stole our retirement years.”

Paula from Oshkosh, WI:

“Wayne, we so miss you every single day at least we know you are not suffering, you were the Best. Your bride, the kids and the grandkids.”

Valeria from Slidell, LA:

“We all love and miss you Dad.”

Anita from Delphi, IN:

“We are losing a hometown man from Agent Orange – slowly- He was wounded in Vietnam along with being exposed to Agent Orange. He is living with a metal plate in his head, diabetes, has had back surgery, colon surgery, pancreas infection and too many more things.”

David from North Olmsted, OH:

“We fought and most of us survived. Thank you to the VA for all they do to help us and our families.”

Donna from East Bridgewater, MA:

“we love and miss you everyday you are our hero you were the best may Rest In Peace in Gods loving arms Til we meet again I’ll hold you in my heart and honor and remember you always love forever and always”

Kristen from Verplanck, NY:

“We love and miss you so much Dad!  Love, Kris, Kev, Vin & Jay”

Alora from Springfield, IL:

“We love you & miss you everyday.”

RoyceKiley from Houston, DE:

“We love you and miss you everyday, Dad!”

William from Ponca City, OK:

“We love you Sonny!”

Audrey from Maineville, OH:

“We love you, Dad, and miss you every day!”

Beverly from Sperryville, VA:

“We love you, Gene, and miss you.  You are with us always, my love.”

Kathlyn from Orland Park, IL:

“We miss you & love you.  (Died 53 yrs old!) Lynn & your 4 kids”

sharon from Hilton, NY:

“we miss you everyday!”

Iva from Feasterville Trevose, PA:

“We miss you so very much and are so proud of you serving your country which ended up costing you your life. So many died in Vietnamn and so many after they came home. Words cant express the loss of you these past 6 years, but the many happy memories have remain.”

RoyceKiley from Houston, DE:

“We miss you! We love you!”

Mary from Indianapolis, IN:

“We miss you, Dad. The effects of Agent Orange took you away from us too soon. Thank you for your bravery and unconditional love. We hope to see you again one day. Laurie, Kelley, Mary and Rozzie”

Sharon from Rock Hill, NY:

“We never forget those who served and sacrificed.  Our utmost honor to all of them.”

Mary from Hometown, IL:

“We remember on this day ,as this is the day you left us. You are always in our hearts. We celebrate you on the Fourth of July with our annual party .. Today Matters .Your family always, The Pokrajac Pack”

Patricia from Lockport, IL:

“We will always be always and forever.”

John D from Moundsville, WV:

“We will never forget.”

Patience from Melbourne, FL:

“We will never stop missing you.”

Yolanda from Fruitvale, TX:

“Will love and miss you forever”

Lynne from Felton, DE:

“William Kontz”

PERRY LEGEND from Columbia, MO:

“With gratitude for your service and sacrifices you made for our country Michael Baymiller, Perry Legend Collision Repair would like to offer our deepest condolences to your son, Derrick, his family and all of your family & loved ones who are mourning your”

Michelle from West Henrietta, NY:

“Words can’t explain how much I miss you and wish you were here. I love you daddy! I’m doing everything I can to keep your memory alive.”

Katherine from Wantagh, NY:

“You are missed Bill”

Theresa from La Porte, TX:

“You are missed daily and loved beyond words.”

Barbara from Belleville, IL:

“You fought the hardest battle yet. Agent orange finally won.”

Delna from Virginia Beach, VA:

“You went when your country called.”

Robert from Laurel Springs, NJ:

“You will never be forgotten”

Mary Lou from Austin, TX:

“You will never be forgotten!”

Gaye from Todd, NC:

“You will never be forgotten…”

Thomas from Land O Lakes, FL:

“You will not be forgotten.”

Samantha from Flushing, MI:

“Your memory & resilience live on-Love Samm & Renee”

Ronald from Clover, SC:

“Your 30 years of service, (1 year in Viet Nam) plus, you ultimately gave your life for this country is cause for recognition beyond the normal accolades bestowed upon the everyday soldier.  I am so proud to have had the time we shared together and those memories will never be forgotten.  We are and will always be ‘BROTHERS FOREVER’.”

Donna from Jesup, IA:

“AO is a misery the followed you and destroyed your quality of life. We will continue the fight for you! RIP”

Melissa from APO, AE:

“Dad, I love and miss you everyday. My heart still hurts for all of the pain and suffering you endured because of Agent Orange. You are a warrior and my hero! RIP We Miss You.”

Katharina from El Dorado Hills, CA:

“Dear Papa,  We miss you dearly – you were the best Papa anyone could have.  You served this great nation with valor and honor not just during your military service but all through life.  Till the very end you remained strong.  God reached down to end your suffering of this terrible disease called ALS.  It left an empty spot here on earth but you are with Mama tending to all those in our family gone before us and God’s garden.  We love you always,  Kathi & Bert”

Nadine from Anderson, TX:

“Douglas Roger McVey  4/2/42- 9/19/09”

Judy from Rineyville, KY:

“Eddie ( Rufus Lee Edwards) me and all seven of our grown up “babies “ love & miss you. You were an awesome husband & dad. Thank you for your dedication to serving your country by serving 2 tours of Vietnam & 22 yrs in the Army. I remember asking why in the world would you survive one tour. Come home & volunteer for another tour six months later! I remember well your answer,”I didn’t join the army to sit around on my butt. I joined to protect my family and country!” And that you did and even though Agent Orange lung cancer, at the age of 53 ,took you from us in just 10 short but horribly suffering months. I know you’d do it all over again! That was just what you were all about. Thank you for the love you gave us, your whole family,and your love & dedication to the military! You are loved and missed so much . We’re all thankful also that you loved our Lord and Savior and therefore we know where you’re at and will see you again someday We love you so much and miss you so much !Judy and your grown babies, 21 grandchildren & 13 great grandchildren (most of which you never got to see!) That in itself is so sad because you loved our children so much!”

Sherry from Earlimart, CA:

“Finally at peace. Thank you for your service, my love.”

Richard from Painesville, OH:

“For all my classmates on The Wall”

Rosemary from Fort Atkinson, WI:

“For all my husband has to deal with today because of Agent Orange and for his suffering and our Family’s suffering. Because it’s not his fault the way he is today.”

Sherry from Yarmouth, ME:

“For Mike Missig and all who served.”

Helene from New Castle, CO:

“For my dad, John Bennett, who served in VN 67-69 who unknowingly brought AO home with him and passed away from AO in 2012.  You’re never forgotten and are missed and loved more than ever.”

Anne from Roslindale, MA:

“For my husband Richard and all who suffer and who have died from the effects of Agent Orange”

Helene from New Castle, CO:

“For the Veteran’s I serve everyday at the VA.  I am here to support each and every one of you and your families.”

Paulette from New Berlin, WI:

“Forever missed & never forgotten. Love you always. Polly”

Mike from Naperville, IL:

“God bless all who served.  I have disability because of Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam…”

Wallace from Cocolalla, ID:

“God Bless us all as we have endured”

Ellen from Hampton, VA:

“Hope your first AO awareness day in ANC is beautiful. We miss you so much. See you in October! I love you Dad. ??”

Flo from Raleigh, NC:

“I love you forever Worth”

alex from Saugerties, NY:

“in honor of john sharky a.o. victim”

Marilyn from Bellevue, NE:

“In loving memory of Danny Kinsley. 67-68”

Kristyn from Lansdale, PA:

“In loving memory of Duane Cooper”

Kate from Cherry Hill, NJ:

“In loving memory of Duane R. Cooper, SP 5, US Army, Vietnam”

Lori from Lowell, MA:

“In loving memory of my father Michael Zimmerman.  Missing you more than words could ever express.  Love you bunches- lori”

Lynn from Dover, DE:

“In loving memory of my sweet husband, Tom; and for all those who have suffered as a result of this war.”

Lori from Lowell, MA:

“In loving memory of our grandfather Michael Zimmerman.  Love always,  Ashley,  Joseph,  Kara,  Justin, Kali,”

Lori from Lowell, MA:

“In loving memory of our great grandfather Michael Zimmerman.  Love always, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Aubrey Jo, Harper-Jean, Harper- Dempsey”

STACY from San Antonio, TX:

“In Loving Memory of Reyes V. Reyes Jr.”

Courtney from Denver, CO:

“In loving memory of Ronald Albert Dahl 1947-2021”

Mary from Clintondale, NY:

“In loving memory of the love of my life, Wasyl Bozydaj, taken too soon by Agent Orange.  Our entire family misses you every single day.  You are forever our hero. With all our love…your loving  wife, children and grandchildren.”

Kandace from Fort Worth, TX:

“In Memory and honor of my husband  JB Meachum. Gone too soon. In my heart forever. I love you JB?”

Ann from Whippany, NJ:

“In memory of all of us of all nations who have both suffered and died due to herbicide exposure during the Vietnam War.”

Kathleen from Mahwah, NJ:

“In memory of Captain Robert E. Fear, beloved husband, father , and  grandfather”

Cyndy from Mercersburg, PA:

“In Memory of John Carlin Hollender”

Linda from Philadelphia, PA:

“In memory of John R. Smith”

Lori from Chandler, AZ:

“In memory of Maurice M Uhlhorn who died of AO related lung cancer, 01/13/2019   Robin Hanson”

Lori from Chandler, AZ:

“In memory of Maurice M Uhlhorn who died of AO related lung cancer, 01/13/2019  Carolyn Mommens White”

Lori from Chandler, AZ:

“In memory of Maurice M Uhlhorn who died of AO related lung cancer, 01/13/2019  Deanne Uhlhorn”

Lori from Chandler, AZ:

“In memory of Maurice M Uhlhorn who died of AO related lung cancer, 01/13/2019  Donald Uhlhorn”

Lori from Chandler, AZ:

“In memory of Maurice M Uhlhorn who died of AO related lung cancer, 01/13/2019  Trayci Koppie”

Lori from Chandler, AZ:

“In memory of Maurice M Uhlhorn who died of AO related lung cancer, 01/13/2019 Donald Uhlhorn”

Lori from Chandler, AZ:

“In memory of Maurice M Uhlhorn who died of AO related lung cancer, 01/13/2019 John Rich”

Lori from Chandler, AZ:

“In memory of Maurice M Uhlhorn who died of AO related lung cancer, 01/13/2019 Linda Conaway DeTurk”

Lori from Chandler, AZ:

“In memory of Maurice M Uhlhorn who died of AO related lung cancer, 01/13/2019 Neil Uhlhorn”

Cynthia from Rineyville, KY:

“In memory of MSG Bobby M Modawell Combat Medic, Vietnam 68-72. AO took you way to soon. Miss you more everyday! I will love you Forever!”

Carolyn from Fort Myers, FL:

“In memory of my beloved Steven John Mijokovic, lost on April 15, 2019 from the effects of Agent Orange.”

Janice from Meridianville, AL:

“In memory of my brother, Richard Allen Dillon, passed away August 25, 2012, due to exposure to Agent Orange.  Rest in Peace, Dick.  You are so missed.”

Brian from Banner Elk, NC:

“In memory of my dad, James W Hills of Staten Island, NY who we lost in February 2021. Dad proudly served in the US Army 173rd Airborne, and was a life member of VFW post # 9587. Proud and strong he was, but there was no denying he experienced the lack of support provided to veterans when they come home. It took years for doctors to identify the damage that Agent Orange took on his body. He was the strongest, smartest man I knew, and I hope his legacy continues on forever.”

Robin from Grain Valley, MO:

“In Memory of my daddy, Ronald Woolery. I love and miss you every day!”

James from Reddick, IL:

“In memory of my father, James Adam Heckler.”

Betsy from Grove City, OH:

“In memory of my husband Robert Michaelis, United States Army, who passed away on August 10, 2012 from Agent Orange complications that destroyed his heart .  We miss him so much.”

Betsy from Boomer, WV:

“In memory of my husband whose life was cut short by agent Orange.  Semper Fi”

Judy from Tonawanda, NY:

“In memory of my husband, Edward Briele, USAF 1968-1972. Passed away 2/27/2019 from cancer and heart disease caused by Agent Orange. Forever in my heart”

Susan from Ohio City, OH:

“In memory of my husband, Jim. We love and miss you everyday, Sue and family.”

Cathy from Punta Gorda, FL:

“In Memory of my husband, Jose Velez-Morillo, and all of the other Vietnam Veterans dying from, or suffering from, the effects of Agent Orange.”

Cyndy from Mercersburg, PA:

“In Memory of Paul Crawford Stancliff”

Catherine from Aurora, IL:

“In memory of Ricardo Mata”

Neil from Bronx, NY:

“In memory of Sgt. James P. Carroll and his fellow Vietnam Veterans. May we remember that their light has not gone dim; God has transformed it into a guiding light that will shine from the heavens.   May God Bless America and protect from harm all who serve her, protect her, defend her, and honor her.”

Linda from Columbus, GA:

“In memory of Willie Frank Anderson (loving husband, father, Pop and friend) Your light still shines in our hearts along with the precious memories, stories, corny jokes and the love you had for family and friends. We will love and miss you always!”

Andrea from Myrtle Beach, SC:

“In remembrance of my father, Bruce A Jenkins, who recently passed due to Parkinson from his Agent Orange exposure. I miss you so much every day. Thank you for all that you have done for your country and for me. Love Andy”

Diana R from Topeka, KS:

“In rememberance of my husband, Clark B Sutphen (deceased due to complications of agent orange, 2/19/2018; served 6/1969 to 61970  and his brother, Jack B Sutphen, served 3 tours of duty, killed in action, 1/25/1968.”

Charles from Ashburn, VA:

“In remembrance from Chapter 227 Vietnam Veterans of America”

Sarah from Cleburne, TX:

“In remembrance of my father, R W Harriger”

Sallie from Laurel, MS:

“In remembrance of our Father Wilma Evans Jr”

Mary from Lowell, AR:

“JAMES AUTRY WALTS returned from Viet Nam in May 1967.  We were introduced by my brother-in-law and married on February 10, 1968.  We had two children and a good life in Waco, Texas.  Circumstances led us to Northwest Arkansas.  Then, after almost 40 years of marriage, a switch turned on and James was gone – a victim of Agent Orange.  I am still reeling from it.  I remarried, but our family has been throttled by it.  My second husband respects his memory, but even though Lonnie didn’t serve in Viet Nam (he served in the Air Force prior), his life has been touched by that war as well.  I ask for prayers for our family and friends.”

Dennis from Greenwood, IN:

“John Brooks, My Brother, my friend, my comrade, you paid the price twice for serving your country.  You served your country, more importantly your served your brothers as a corpsman.  You came home from that war carrying a silent ticking time bomb of which when awakened you faced with the same courage as in Vietnam.  I could do nothing for you at that time. I can do little for you now but to not let you be forgotten in my lifetime.  Semper Fi !”

Michele from Sterling Heights, MI:

“Larry  Sauger, we all  love you and miss you so much!  But we’re very proud of your service, just wish Agent Orange was never used!  Michele and family…..”

Amanda from Pea Ridge, AR:

“Love and miss you, Dad William Delano Merritt  09/18/1952 – 03/12/2014”

Dean from Broken Arrow, OK:

“May God’s perpetual light shine upon your spirit Pat.  We all miss you and love you.  Jane, children and grand children. Served with 4th ID 1968.”

Jeannette from Burbank, CA:

“May you continue to rest in peace Soldier Boy. With love, from your little sister Betty and surfer girl. You will never be forgotten.”

judy from Yorktown, VA:

“Missing you every day…17 years!”

Jeannette from Burbank, CA:

“Missing you more each passing day.  Continue to rest in peace, my love. Happy Heavenly Birthday and Wedding Anniversary.  Forever yours, your schatje, Snowie, children and grands.”

Terri from Independence, MO:

“My daddy passed away in 2016 due to health conditions related to agent orange. He suffered for too many years and was lost way too soon. I love you daddy!”

Charlotte from Rockford, IL:

“My husband of nearly 50 years, SFC Donald Rose, finally lost his battle with Agent Orange induced lung cancer 20 years ago.  He was a loving, caring man who loved his family, his God and his country fiercely.  Not a day goes by when I will see or hear something that reminds me of him.”

Jeri from Springfield, VA:

“Never Forget those who are still in battle; with Agent Orange.”

Robin from Carnegie, PA:

“Remembering Patrick “Beev” Beever.”

Noel from Greenfield, WI:

“SP4 Charles V Galian, my Daddy & forever my hero. Your service, bravery & sacrifice will never be forgotten. We love & miss you so very much. Noel & Todd xx”

Cecelia from Depew, NY:

“Thank you Dad. I love and miss you so much!”

Nancy from Leland, NC:

“Thank you for serving our country.  May God keep you in his care.”

Col John-Favid from Woodbridge, VA:

“The gift that’s keeps giving”

Braden from Warminster, PA:

“This candle is for Doyle Cothren who fought as hard as he could against Agent Orange. We miss him every day.”

Dakota from Herrin, IL:

“This candle is for SSG Roger Tolbert. He served two tours in Vietnam. Silver Star, two Bronze Star one with Valor, and Purple Heart Recipient. He recently passed on April 29, 2021. The community, Grandma, and I miss you greatly. There’s not a day I don’t think about the wonderful memories. Although, Agent Orange affected your daily life severely, you still found the light to be strong. Your resilience is a true inspiration to many. Love your granddaughter, Dakota.”

Heather from Union, MO:

“To Dad (Jerry Herweck),  We love you and miss you.   Love, Heather and Jeremy”

Heather from Union, MO:

“To Jerry (Herweck), I love you and miss you.   Love, Leona”

Amanda from Old Forge, PA:

“To my dad, Harry Schmidt: I love you and miss you so much, daddy. I know you’re with me when the Marine Corps Hymn randomly pops into my head.”

Lisa from Roslindale, MA:

“To the best Husband, Dad, and Granpa, Joe Buckley we love and miss you so much! Remembering all Vietnam Veterans who were affected by AO.  Love, Lisa, Joyce, Brian, Katelyn, Alex, & Emma ??????”

Melissa from Rowlesburg, WV:

“We love you and miss you daily!  Family of Clinton “Randy” Dean”

Serena from North Branch, MN:

“We shall never forget.”

Linda from Punta Gorda, FL:

“All gave some. Some gave all.”

Linda from Punta Gorda, FL:

“Mizpah. May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are apart from one another.”

Echoes of the Vietnam War Podcast

Agent Orange Episode

EPISODE 10: Agent Orange

The Vietnam war ended nearly 50 years ago, but thousands of Vietnam veterans and their families are still fighting illnesses related to Agent Orange exposure. On the 60th anniversary of the first use of Agent Orange in Vietnam, we bring you a couple of personal stories from people whose lives are still marked by the use of this deadly toxin.

Learn more about the Agent Orange

See this episode and all of our previous episodes here at


Get Involved in Your Own Community

There are a number of ways to spread Agent Orange Awareness and you can do it right in your own community. The following are just some examples of how individuals and communities across the nation came together to raise Agent Orange Awareness last year.

  • Organize a candle event at a local memorial site, park, or wherever you can gather.
  • Ask your neighbors to display orange porch lights.
  • Organize a walk/run event.
  • Organize a motorcycle ride event.
  • Organize banner/sign hangings around the community.
  • Ask businesses to display awareness on their signs.
  • Organize a breakfast, lunch, or dinner event.

If you are interested in obtaining orange, battery-operated candles, feel free to visit to order them.

In Memory Slider - Folded Flag

In Memory Program

Since the Vietnam War ended, thousands of Vietnam veterans have died each year due to Agent Orange exposure, PTSD/suicide, cancer and other causes related to their service. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund’s (VVMF) In Memory program honors those who returned home from Vietnam and later died.

The plaque on the grounds of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site in Washington, D.C. that honors these veterans was dedicated in 2004 and reads:  In Memory of the men and women who served in the Vietnam War and later died as a result of their service. We honor and remember their sacrifice. 

In Memory was created in 1993 by the group – Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. VVMF began managing the program and hosting the ceremony in 1999. More than 5,000 veterans have been added to the In Memory Honor Roll since the program began. To see all the honorees, please visit the In Memory Honor Roll.