Stories of those we lost

This collection of stories of those we lost are taken from the book, Dreams Unfulfilled, published in 2010.

They Served With Us

  • An American Hero: 1st Lt. William Ragin written by Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, USA (Ret.)
  • Two Outstanding and Heroic Marine Corporals: Jack Sutton and James Cannington Jr. written by Marshall N. Carter
  • Remembering Sgt. Tom Young, USMC written by Dale Dye
  • The Only U.S. Military Woman KIA in Vietnam: 1st Lt. Sharon Lane written by Janie Blankenship
  • Remembering Max: Lance Cpl. Muriel Groomes written by Justin “Jerry” Martin
  • I Don’t Remember His Name written by Sara McVicker

They Were Our Family

  • A Simple Day: Cpl. Jose Montes written by Yolanda Acevedo
  • My Cousin Jean: Sgt. Jean Kraus written by Lt. Col. Janis Nark, USAR, (Ret.)
  • He Was Brilliant—And Nice: 1st Lt. Jonathan Shine written by Col. Alexander P. Shine, USA (Ret.) and Gail Caprio
  • Overcoming Incredible Odds: Lt. Col. Anthony Shine  written by Anthony, Colleen, Shannon and Bomette “Bonnie” Shine
  • Living Life to the Fullest: Spec. 4 Keith Campbell written by Judy C. Campbell
  • An Ideal Son: Cpl. Rex Sherman written by Ann Sherman Wolcott
  • Santa Barbara’s Almost-Mayor: Maj. William Cordero written by Tony Cordero
  • His Great Love: Spec. 5 Earl Tharp Jr. written by Jane (Tharp) Woodruff
  • Bob Cupp: A Son and Brother: Cpl. Robert Cupp written by Emogene Cupp and Sue Rampey
  • A True Soldier: Sfc. James Bunn written by Rachel Bunn Clinkscale

They Were Our Friends

  • A Spirit that Does Not Compromise: Capt. Humbert Versace written by Michael Heisley
  • My Silent Partner: Capt. Robert Farrington written by Barbara L. Smith

They Inspire Us

  • Honoring the Grandfather I Never Met: Spec. 4 Joel Coleman written by Megan Rihn
  • Learning about a Hometown Hero: Cpl. Michael Pynnonen written by McKenzie Mathewson and Shannon Kievit
  • Remembering 612 Connecticut Heroes written by Tom Dzicek
  • With Dreams to Pursue: Remembering Two Young Men:  Sgt. Michael P. Lyden and 2 Lt. William Smoyer written by James Wright
  • Never Stop Trying: Maj. Clifton Cushman written by Jan C. Scruggs

We Lost Them Later

  • An Old Man’s Folly: Elmo Zumwalt III written by Adm. Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr.
  • A Lifelong Dream of Flight: Vincent J. Kelly written by Patricia Kelly
  • Eulogy for Chris Benedict written by Ed Chavez