POSTED ON 6.28.2018

Thank You

Thank you for being selfless, for taking care of those most in need. Thank you for all you gave. I wasn't even a glimmer in my fathers eye while the war was going on, but I wish they taught us more about people like you in school. Rest in peace Captain.
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POSTED ON 5.27.2018
POSTED BY: Curt Carter

Memorial Day 2018

Dear Captain Eleanor Grace Alexander, ma'am.

Remembering you and those you served with on this upcoming Memorial Day holiday, Monday, May 28, 2018 You are not and will not be forgotten.

May America always stand, and may it stand for the freedom and values that you defended.

With respect, Ma'am
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POSTED ON 9.22.2017
POSTED BY: William Johnston

after 50 years

Eleanor, seeing your face after 50 years brings back so many memories of your humor, dedication, beauty and commitment to treating others with kindness and generosity. I have regretted often breaking our engagement. It seems unfair that you were taken so early in your promising life. I hope to see you again in Heaven and thank you for being part of my life.
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POSTED ON 6.6.2017
POSTED BY: David Botticelli

Remembering Captain Alexander

I have been checking names and faces on The Wall lately with different search results. I am checking out the names and faces of my home state New Jersey. Imagine my surprise to find another lady who served in Vietnam! I especially like your first name (Eleanor - my late mother's name; she passed away in 2004 from cancer at 66).
Thank you for your service and your sacrifice, Captain Alexander! You will ALWAYS be remembered.
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POSTED ON 3.26.2017

Thank You

I have recently been assigned the task of researching and learning about a Vietnam War Veteran, and I chose you. Thank you so much for all that you did for our country. Your service is remembered and still greatly appreciated today. You are amazing, and beautiful!!
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