POSTED ON 6.11.2019
POSTED BY: Sharon Singleton, COL (Ret.) USAR

Thank you, 1LT Lane.

Thank you, 1LT Sharon Lane, for your service and your sacrifice for our country. 50 years have gone by since your life was taken in Vietnam. Rest In Peace, Soldier. HOOAAH!
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POSTED ON 6.8.2019
POSTED BY: Janice Current

An American Hero

Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Thank you for stepping up and answering your country's call. Rest easy knowing you will never be forgotten.
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POSTED ON 6.7.2019
POSTED BY: Anonymous

50 years and One Hour Later.

Your colleagues have never forgotten you. The survivor's guilt lingers on. RIP
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POSTED ON 6.1.2019

Thank you

Thank you for your help. You will always be a hero.
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POSTED ON 12.4.2018
POSTED BY: John E. Cass

A witness to a tragedy

I spent a year outside of Chu Lai and returned May 69 as a life guard at Chu Lai beach. I was there when that rocket killed Nurse Lane. I witnessed the explosion from the base of the bluff. The image and dismay I felt at the time have never left me.
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