POSTED ON 12.12.2020
POSTED BY: David Botticelli

In loving memory of Carol Drazba

Thank you for serving in Vietnam and all of the good things that you did. It is our duty to remember everyone (soldiers, nurses, officers, medics, cooks, etc.) and the dogs, helicopter pilots, office personnel, etc., who served in Vietnam.
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POSTED ON 12.11.2020
POSTED BY: Dennis Wriston

I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

Second Lieutenant Carol Ann Elizabeth Drazba, Served with the 51st Field Hospital (Attached), 3rd Field Hospital, 68th Medical Group, 44th Medical Brigade, United States Army Vietnam.
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POSTED ON 12.7.2020

Never forgotten

On the remembrance of your 77th birthday, your sacrifice is not forgotten.

Thank You for your service.
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POSTED ON 12.10.2019
POSTED BY: Jury Washington

Thank You For Your Valiant Service.

Without people like you our great nation wouldn't exist. You shall never be forgotten
2LT. Drazba, rest in peace.
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POSTED ON 9.16.2019
POSTED BY: Sharon Singleton, COL, USAR (Ret.)

Thank you, Brave Soldier

2LT Carol Drazba, thank you, for your service and your sacrifice for our country. May your sacrifice be remembered forever. Rest In Peace, Brave Soldier. Hooaah!
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