POSTED ON 6.19.2016
POSTED BY: Cathy Moore

You are not forgotten

Second Lt. Carol Ann Elizabeth Drazba, Please know that after these years, you are not forgotten, and that your sacrifice is appreciated. I pray that you may know this and that you rest in peace.
From a fellow nurse
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POSTED ON 5.31.2016

Never Forgoten

You will always be remembered. Today is Memorial day 2016 and it is a special day for all the ones I knew that didn't come home.
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POSTED ON 2.19.2016
POSTED BY: Guy Rudawski

Rest in Peace

Rest in peace! From all the members of A/2-501, 101st Airborne Division, Alpha Avengers, Phu Bai
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POSTED ON 1.9.2016
POSTED BY: Edward Russell (Reunion Historian)

3rd/51st Field Hospital Reunion, Rememberance

2nd Lieutenant Carol Ann Drazba, ANC (Dunmore, PA) was born in 1943 and raised in Dunmore. Carol was a 1964 graduate of Scranton State General Hospital, Scranton, PA. She served on the nursing staff of the U.S. Army Hospital, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, before entering service in Vietnam. She was survived by her mother, a sister and many family members and friends. Remembered as "always full of life", a bronze sculpture in Carol's honor was edicated in Scranton, PA in 2012.. Carol is buried at Sacred Cemetery, Scranton, PA. The memorial also honors Tom Stasko, Elizabeth Jones and the four helicopter crewmembers who died on February 18, 1966.
The statue of Drazba stands near the Gino Merli Veterans Center and the site of the former Scranton State Hospital, where she trained as a nurse.

At the Combined Hospitals Unit Reunion in Chicago in 2011 we remembered Carol's service and honored her sacrifice.
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POSTED ON 11.10.2015
POSTED BY: gunnylove

a grateful marine

I try to check this site each day to give thanks and a prayer for all heroes on their birthdays. I have six brothers here and it's a way to say hey. Although it's not your birthday today,it's the Marine Corps birthday and I felt compelled to say thank you for your sacrifice. God bless you and your family. You will always be remembered. Semper Fi, Always Faithful. Never Forgotten.
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