Memorial Day Virtual Commemoration

2020 Memorial Day Commemoration from Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund on Vimeo.

Updated 05/26/2020

Here are the written messages submitted by you in the order in which they were received.

If you uploaded a video message, they will be made public at following the completion of the commemoration.  

From: Carolyn Antie, wife of Thomas D. Babin Jr.

I Will Always Remember….

The day you left for Vietnam.  You lost your life fighting for our freedom, Jan. 4, 1968. You will never be forgotten.  I was blessed by having you in my life.

From: Sherryl Patterson – wife of a 2017  ‘In Memory’ honoree.

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my husband Dennis C. Patterson for 20 years of marriage and that he spent his last years with me – I honored him in 2017 in the ‘In Memory’ program.  And, I also want to remember my husband’s friend while in Vietnam Krag B. Roydes @29E – Line 43 on the wall.  A high school classmate, Paul J. Hill @59E-Line 4.  And And all the rest who paid the ultimate sacrifice that are on the wall, as well as all the ones and their famillies who have  been honored in the ‘In Memory’ and the ones who will be honored this year of 2020.

Blessings for all that you do at VVMF!

Sherryl Patterson

From: Muse

I Will Always Remember….

I would like to remember, and honor my friends and classmates from Turner High School, in Carrollton , Texas. Never forget.

From: Richard Dabb

I Will Always Remember….

I wish to remember my friend’s from Basic and Ait who were KIA in Vietnam!! Nick Panella Jr,7-3-67 Quentin Binder,2-2-68, Clifford Faull,4-4-68, Ralph Black 5-13-68. May you RIP!!! FOREVER YOUNG!!!

From: Bernard Hurford

I Will Always Remember….

Malcolm G Mole. KIA January 21st 1968. He was like a brother to me. Attached to the US Marines at Khe Sanh. Navy Corpsman, Petty Officer 3rd class. I remember him every day.

From: Wife of Cpl. Michael Alan McAninch, USMC

I Will Always Remember….

My husband Michael gave his life for his squad Aug 28, 1969.

From: MSG (Ret) David F. Voght

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember the memory of SSG Floyd H. Robinson. We lost this true American hero on 12 Mar 69, I’ve been wearing his POW/MIA bracelet for years now. You sir will not be forgotten, may the Lord be with you!

From: Ray Gilbert

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember a James Daugherty, panel E-57, killed in 1967 serving in Viet-Nam.  I never met Jim, but said a pray at the Wall many times for his wife (deceased now) and his son (he never got to meet). Like so many, James was taken from this world way too soon.

From: Robert Williams

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember the fallen that i served with in #RD RECON 1968-1969 and be thankful for my return and the others that returned.

SEMPRT-FI, DO or DIE oohrah

From: Patrick Tesche

I Will Always Remember….

On Jan 21 1968 I lose my a gunner Michael D.Cruitt we were on hill 861 my heart goes out to him every year I will never forget, I am to Washington D.C to see his name on the wall, so Times I would love to meet his and tell them how much he meant to me, it has been to long-standing thanks for your service.

From: Foshee/Bennett/Whitesides/Hamlin Family

I Will Always Remember….

For their dedication and service, I will always remember the following family members: Edgar Foshee, US Air Force & US Army Special Forces,

William Bennett, US Navy

Clarence Spicer, Merchant Marine & US Navy

Norman Whitesides (Sr.), US Navy

William Hamlin (Sr.), US Navy

Robert Hamlin, US Navy

William Hamlin (Jr.), US Air Force

From: The Young Family

I Will Always Remember….

We will remember the brave men and women who bravely serve our country in the military. Specifically we honor Pvt Donald Paul Pfeiffer who did not flee to Canada but served in Vietnam Nam when his country called. a decision that cost him his life. God Bless America!

From: Patrick McMullen

I Will Always Remember….

Richard Escalera lost on 31 December 1970 Chu Lai, RVN.

“Too many, too young, too soon”

From: Sue Devoe, sister of Douglas W. Devoe

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my brother & think of him often.  (Douglas W.  Devoe, panel 41W, line 15, first name on the line.)  A fine Marine, 19 years old, KIA very near the DMZ.  But he will always be young, strong, cocky & beautiful, never growing old.  It is 52 years later and I miss him desperately.  He was my best friend; we were less than 2 yrs. difference in age.  He will never marry, have children, enjoy or experience life.  Such a tragedy.  The U.S. got some of our very best back then, and we lost so much.  Please also remember my only brother.   Thank you.

From: D. Gonzalez

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember the sacrifice of those who were drafted at such a young age.

From: Dot Huckaby for my brother who was killed in action in Vietnsm

I Will Always Remember….

This Memorial Day, I honor and remember my brother, SGT Jimmy Burchfield, who was killed in Vietnam March 20, 1969. You are forever in our hearts and your sacrifice will never be forgotten, Your name as it is written on the wall represents a flesh-and-blood man who worked hard to get a college degree with dreams that went far beyond dying in a jungle.  Your death left an unfillable hole that we still feel today, like a piece of our lives went missing 51 years ago, and never came back.  May we never forget the sacrifice of those who gave their lives for our country.

From: Janet Abernathy

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my late husband, Gary D. Abernathy. He was a great husband, father, son and brother. He served our country when called without hesitation. Agent Orange took him too soon.

From: Tom Mercer

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my buddies from Charlie Company

1st battalion 18th infantry 1st infantry division 1967-68 may they’ll rest in peace. And for Jerry James Tucker who was killed while fighting with the 101st Airborne 1967. My best friend though out grade school and high school days

From: Sally Ann Lycke

I Will Always Remember….

As the wife of a returned Vietnam Vet (who was permanently changed by the war), I will always remember the men he served with (some now life-long friends), and the MANY dead who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I will also remember photos of mounds of dead Vietnam/Viet Cong soldiers that even generals gloated over (people today should know that this happened even way back then). When he returned, my husband (along with thousands of others) was reviled and spit on in the airport as “baby killer.” Ridiculous! Have always loved the design/idea of The Wall and what it stands for; the design is PERFECT.

From: Brother of Cpl. Robert C. Langfors

I Will Always Remember….

Always remember and honor my brother Robert Langford and his ultimate sacrifice for our country. Love and miss you.

From: Dennis Pritchett

I Will Always Remember….

My Brother and Navy Corpsman, Gregory Pritchett who made the ultimate sacrifice in VN on May 3, 1968.

From: Your fiancé

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Howard Rosedietcher, my fiancé. We never had the chance to grow old together like we planned. You are never forgotten, forever in my heart. I still hold the memories we have shared. Forever loved.

From: Family

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember and love our Veteran, Husband, Father, Brother: Our Hero, Kurt L. Johnson. He is dearly missed by us all. Thank you goes out to him and all other veterans for serving and giving the ultimate sacrifice. You will all be remembered.

From: Shipmate

I Will Always Remember….

AN James “TIm” Oneill.  USS Tripoli LPH 10

Died July 4, 1973, Operation End Sweep, North Vietnam. Fair winds and following seas.

From: A Vietnam Vet

I Will Always Remember….

I remember…

I remember…those who have gone away in the service of their country…and returned home to a hero’s welcome.

I remember…those who have gone away in the service of their country…and returned home to be taunted and jeered by those who would embrace the freedom to curse those who served.

I remember…those who have gone away in the service of their country…and returned home with demons and images visible to their mind’s eye.

I remember…those who have gone away in the service of their country…and returned home with the exception of body parts.

I remember…those who have gone away in the service of their country…and returned home in a flag-draped coffin.

I remember…those who have gone away in the service of their country…and have not returned, but are interred on the field where they gave the last full measure.

I remember…those who have gone away in the service of their country…

From: Nora Moore

I Will Always Remember….

Memorial day is every day for me. In honor of my daddy

Cmsgt Thomas Moore  USAF

Who was captured on 10/31/1965.

And has never been accounted for. He remains MIA

I love you daddy.

From: To my Missing Brothers

I Will Always Remember….

I have thoughts about the times we had together and not a day goes by that y’all are not on my mind!

From: Linda Fritz

I Will Always Remember….

Leaving this in remembrance of Sgt. Gerald W. Fritz killed in action May 13,1975. Missing you and thinking of you on this Memorial Day.

From: Sherrie Jackson Norden

I Will Always Remember….

Every day, Every Memorial day, I will always remember USAF CAPT. CARL E. JACKSON, MIA, VIETNAM, 27 JUNE 65, 1st Flight Detachment, MACV-SOG, 1131st Special Activities Squadron, 12th Det.  – MY DAD

From: Alex Walker Jr. and my family

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Richard Youngbear, Recondo/Ranger/Jumpmaster, 101st Airborne, KIA RVN. Terry Roberts, 5th Field Force Recon, KIA RVN, Mesquakie NDN Tribal Members. Randall Herrod, Creek NDN Killler Team Member M-60 Gunner from Oklahoma, I knew all personally. Also Ernie Roberts Jr. Recently deceased served 1st of the ninth USMC two tours in I Corps RVN bro-in-law. Dale Benson US Army, Mesquakie Tribal Member KIA RVN. I served in I Corps with 101st Airborne Division. New all these warriors personally.

From: The family of Richard (Dickie) Seymore

I Will Always Remember….

Rest In Peace our brother Dickie, we love you.

You will never be forgotten. You are more than a name on the wall

From: Shorty

I Will Always Remember….

I have a friend

I visit often

We talk of life

My pain he softens

Before we part

I hear him call

Be strong my brother

I am your Wall.

For SP4 Santiago Escobar, 34th IPSD, 1st CAV fell on 19MAY1972 on Bien Hoa, RVN

From: Roman Catholic H. S. Class of ‘64

I Will Always Remember….

Thomas Hannigan who sat with us for four years and gave his life for this country

From: Sis

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my brother, Capt. Randall Richard Miller, our “good looking devil” for his love of his family. He loved us so much even tho he was beset by demons and pain he continued to suffer from his Vietnam service. He was forever a Marine and a proud American.

From: Clyde Tarrence

I Will Always Remember….

I will be remembering my dad who served in W.W.II and my brother-in-law for serving during Vietnam.  Why?  Because both portrayed to me the meaning behind loyalty, dedication, integrity, compassion that I attempt to share in my life.

From: Debbie – sister

I Will Always Remember….

I will be remembering my brother Edgar Joseph Jensen, Jr “Eddie J”. U.S. Army, Plaqiue, Vietnam.  I was 11 yrs old when you left and 14 when you came back.  I knew you were different but didn’t understand.  Later I was told you suffered PTSD.  I remember our mother crying when we would see things on TV about the war.  The mailman drove into the yard one day and turned off his mail truck Ma went out crying she knew what that meant.  He handed her a yellow envelope and her knees collapsed she handed it back she couldnt open it he did.  As I watched out the window I was scared.  We all thought the worst then she screamed Eddie J is coming home! Her and the mailman cried.  I cried too!  Though you weren’t the same you were still my big brother.  You always had my back. Everyone I knew was scared of you! I loved that.  As we got older we became closer. You told me some things but not a lot.  Hard to live with I guess all those bad memories.  I love you my brother I am glad I told you that! I miss our late night talks. See you soon.  Thank you for your part in protecting us and this great country! We will never forget!  Love,  your sister Debbie

From: Family of Richard Cortez Brown

I Will Always Remember….

We will ALWAYS remember you, Richard C. Brown of Sherman, Texas. Vietnam 1967-1968…Our Hero, Husband, Father, Papaw, Friend.

Thank you for being the loving example you lived for all of us everyday through loyalty, honor, and dignity…for the sacrifices you made as a young man in that jungle so far away that caused the tremendous price you had to pay as Agent Orange took you from us far too soon.

From: Bill Nelson

I Will Always Remember….

We Vietnam veterans will Always Remember our friends who fell in Vietnam , as well as our brothers with whom we met and served with in Vietnam. For me they are Michael Galea , my best grade school buddy; John Ward my best high school buddy with whom I enlisted and served with in the same infantry regiment, and those who were in my Company/battalion: John Gutekunst, Stephen Golsh, Louis Barbaria, Roy Richardson and N. Steve Clement.

God bless these selfless patriots who sacrificed their lives so others could be free. Never Forgotten!


From: Melanee, Don’s widow

I Will Always Remember….

My husband, Don, died due to lung cancer from Agent Orange exposure.  We had 38 years together, raised one wonderful son, and were still very much in love when he died in 2018.  He suffered from PTSD for many years, but overcame that and was such a great husband, father and grandfather.  We loved fishing together, traveling together, working on the farm and riding horses together.  He was my best friend and the one I still want to share everything with.  He will always live in my heart and I’ll always love him and the life we created together.  Our house is covered with pictures of him, and our son, daughter-in-law and I make sure that we constantly share memories and thoughts about him, keeping him alive in our grandchildren’s minds.  He left a wonderful legacy and I am proud of the man he was.  He is missed by so many.

From: Gilbert Delao

I Will Always Remember….

I’ll be remembering my brothers from Charlie Co. 2/16 1st Infantry from 1965 to 1966 especially Jimmy Stamey Saraland AL.

From: C R Hewlett, Navy Corpsman FMF serving three tours in Vietnam for my Country

I Will Always Remember….

When 94 US Army soldiers died on Flying Tiger flight, with three Vietnam soldiers on this same flight (All 94 must be noted on the Vietnam Wall).  Over 50 years why we (we the people) cannot see the names of these three Vietnam  soldiers.  Remember Flying Tigers CEO called this sabotage.  Again remember most of these 94 served in WWII and Korea, and again volunteer to sever again in Vietnam. These 94 are our heroes.

From: From your kids: Roseann, Kathy, Gina, Gonzo Alex & Adrianna

I Will Always Remember….

We will be Remebering our Father Gonzalo Torrez ll. Proud Vietnam Veteran ( United States Marine)  We love and miss you dearly! “The DAD”.

From: Ken Sampson

I Will Always Remember….



You old soldiers at the Miami VA hospital.

YOU have seen the Spirit of the American Fighting Man!

From Memorial Day to Memorial Day we are all grieving and mourning from the passing of our distinguished heroic elder military brothers and sisters. In our hearts we all know that death is a part of life, in fact death gives meaning to our existence because it reminds us how precious life is. Let us mourn and grieve at this gathering of good friends and family to share our loss through honoring our dead. We must have many warm remembrances of them.

Now, today, the spirit of the American Fighting Man lies all around us and among us. We are each personally favored and blessed by the presence of this distinguished and proud American spirit.

All around us is the spirit of the American Fighting Man. Recognize and receive  the Spirit. Acknowledge the Spirit of our fathers. Be proud to know it. Always thankful that the spirit of the American Fighting Man lies all around us and will live with us forever in the Miami VA Hospital.

Make strong efforts to convey this spirit of the American Fighting Man to our new generations with pride and passion.

From: His wife myself Leslie Chappell

I Will Always Remember….

Louis Chappell, you were a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. You will be remembered always. Thank you for all 47 years. Your family misses you every day.

From: Jesus T. Reyes MCPO/E-9, USN (Ret)

I Will Always Remember….

From the turbulent years of the 1960s to the end of the Cold War, I experienced almost every aspect of life in America’s Navy.  I served on several deployments to Vietnam, was on the task force that proceeded to Korea following the USS Pueblo seizure and was onboard the USS Kitty Hawk when the ill-fated rescue attempt for the Iranian hostages was launched.  Memorial Day always make me pause and reflect on my own service time; I will always remember my buddies and shipmates whom I miss always, and my very own family’s collection of armed services veterans and I thank all of those who have ever served to protect this great nation of ours.

From: Phillip & Marie Hill

I Will Always Remember….

Paul LaFountain, Marie’s brother who served in Viet-Nam and received 2 Purple Hearts and  Bronze Stars. The legion in Vermont renamed Post 69 in Arlington, Vt. to Paul Lafountain Post #69 in NOV. 2019.

From: Maureen

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember with love and pride my brother LCPL Richard (Dick) B. Murphy USMC.   He was a wonderful brother to his many siblings and he is missed by all.  Not a day goes by without thoughts of him.

From: Harold Mierisch, Vietnam Veteran

I Will Always Remember….

My name is Harold Mierisch and live in Huntley IL. I belong to American Legion Post 679 (Carpentersville/Dundee), VFW Post 2298 (West Dundee) and am a board member of the ‘True Patriots Care’ organization. We hosted ‘The Vietnam Traveling Wall’ last year, 4th of July, Dundee, IL. which was an Honor.

I have friends on the wall who I will always remember. They are:


PFC – E3 – Army

Casualty was on Oct 21, 1967

Panel 28E – Line 45



SP4 – E4 – Army –

Casualty was on Dec 17, 1968

Panel 36W – Line 38

He and I were promoted the same day. I leave a copy of the orders each time I visit ‘The Wall’.



PFC – E3 – Army –

Casualty was on Feb 2, 1969

Panel 33W – Line 39

Thank you to VVMF for the opportunity to add this to the Memorial.

From: Philip P. DeVincentis

I Will Always Remember….

I will remember my father Frank DeVincentis and my two brothers Tony and Jack. All 3 served in the military. Their pride and their commitment to duty served as inspirations  to me  and our whole family.


From: Cara Berman

I Will Always Remember….

With gratitude and love, We will always remember my father, Max Horowitz (WWII) and brother, Steve Horowitz, AO Vietnam, for their loyal service and heroism. Namaste

From: Boris Derugin

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my hero Kevin Dailey, who had a heart of gold, a permanent smile, nerves of steel, and lost his life trying to save a wounded buddy after being wounded himself.

From: Rachel, Mandy, Adam

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my father, Larry Lee Nonnemacher. He was our Hero. The war never left him. We will love you forever.

From: Wife of Vietnam vet

I Will Always Remember….

My husband Joe died 3 years ago from liver cancer caused by Agent Orange.  He was proud of his service there, but suffered greatly both physically and emotionally from being there all of 1969.

He was an amazingly good person.

From: Patricia Rowley

I Will Always Remember….

Col. Charles S. Rowley and the AdLib crew. My Dad is my hero. On the morning of April 22, 1970 their aircraft, AC-130 Spectra gunship was shot down. They were listed as MIA until their status was changed to KIA-BNR in 1978. There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding his case. Thank you for remembering every name on the Wall

From: Maurice Coleman

I Will Always Remember….

Remember John F Rodenberg USMC. John made the ultimate sacrifice when he gave his life for country during the Vietnam War. Not only was John a Marine, he was a husband, a father, and the BEST friend I have ever known. John and I  grew up together and were inseparable buddies. I shall miss him until the day I die. John- Born 4/11/1946, died 8/11/1967. See you in heaven John. Your best friend Maurice Coleman, Freeland Md.

From: From his living wife

I Will Always Remember….

I would like to remember my husband Stevie Simpson! He was a River Rat along the Mekong Delta 68 – 69. He may of left Vietnam but the memories of that war never left him He was found on a beach, facing  the ocean. Post Traumatic Stress took him at the age of 51. Rest in Peace my Vietnam Veteran. Always in my heart. NEVER FORGET!

From: Howard Berry

I Will Always Remember….

Johnny Godwin: Johnny and I went through OCS Armor School, Ft. Knox KY. Johnny and I became good friends. We traveled to Vietnam together and then parted ways at Tansanot Airforce Base in Vietnam, he going to the 25th Infantry Division while I went to be a platoon leader with the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment. That was June 1968. Johnny was killed in September in an ambush.  I read of his death in the Armored Forces Newspaper while I was in the field in Anlock Vietnam.  Every September I remember him. Years later when I visited The Wall in DC I found his name and did of rubbing of it as a keepsake.  He was 21.  Today I am 77 and still miss his great smile and laugh.

From: Brenda Floyd Underwood

I Will Always Remember….

Dear Lonnie, you are in my heart and thoughts today and everyday, You were a great big brother and a brave member of C/4/503 173rd ABN.  The Bronze Star with V for Valor you earned shows how brave you were.  Your family and friends will always love and remember you.

From: Louise Stack

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my cousin Michael E. Lex.  His military funeral was the first I had ever attended and was so very emotional for a 16yr old.

I will also always remember John R. Bush whose POW/MIA bracelet I wore in high school and have kept all these years.

From: MSgt Fred W. Saunders, USAF, Retired

I Will Always Remember….

My outfit was the Detachment 1 of the 4252nd Strat Wing, SAC, Tahkli AB, Thailand.  We provide all the inflight refueling for our combat planes going and coming from Vietnam.  Our KC 135s rotated back to the States from time to time.  They had a refrigeration unit on board and could bring back fresh milk . Ice Cream, beer.  I was lucky one day to snatch a quart of Ice Cream!  Because of the heat and humidy, I sat down and consumed the whole quart of Ice Cream!  We also had King Cobras that liked our outhouse commodes, we had standing orders not to shoot up the outhouse and was required to call the MPs to remove the snake.  Bugs came a million at a time after a rain.  The water was nasty and contaminated so we drank the beer that our KC 135s brought.

From: Carole

I Will Always Remember….

I am remembering my husband Sgt Harvey McKee Carkin who was killed on February 15, 1967.  Although our time together was so short, we made a live time of memories together.  Our daughter has turned into a beautiful woman.  You would be so proud of her.  I have kept your love tucked in my heart for safe keeping.  When I hear the songs we used to dance to I close my eyes and there we are, dancing again. Your Spoose

From: Joe Saldana

I Will Always Remember….

Art Borgquist, my VFW Commander.  Art restored my pride in being a Veteran.  He signed me up with the VFW, and throughout his “agent orange” shortened life supported Veterans causes.  He renewed my pride in serving, and gave me the inspiration to salute, and support my fellow brothers, and sisters in uniform.  Thank you Art-you changed my life.  RIP!

From: Andy and Claire Dusseault

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember Our Marine friend Tony Villagio because of who he was as a person and the sacrifices he made for us in Vietnam. We will always remember his wife Carol and the sacrifices she also made. We love them both.

From: Mary Michalek

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my beloved husband Dennis Michalek. He served in Vietnam in 1970-71. He was forever loyal  and faithful to the flag under which he served. I am so proud of him and will miss him forever.

From: Danielle Trujillo

I Will Always Remember….

My grandpa Lyle H. Main he was a Pearl Harbor survivor and the greatest man I’ve ever met in my entire life.. he served our country for many years and was proud to say he did…My uncle Robert L. Main, he was in Vietnam and was the bravest man I’ve ever met…he was strong, smart and funny the Best uncle ever..I love my late grandpa and uncle so much. Rest in peace both of you.

From: Susan Wegener

I Will Always Remember….

my beloved husband & father James Wegener. He was so very proud to have served his country, and for years has helped many  Veterans & Veteran organizations…in spite of being spit on upon his return, and denied a beer at the VFW. He and his buddies used Agent Orange barrels to BBQ.

From: Glenda Carter

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my husband, PFC Bruce Landon Carter who was killed Sept. 11, 1968, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.

From: Mathis, Sally, Sue, Becky

I Will Always Remember….

Richard A. Burgess, you are always in our thoughts and our hearts.  Remembering Richard today and always.

From: Shelly Pershing

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember the brave Men and Women I was able to meet when our City of Lewisville, Texas, hosted The Wall That Heals in May 2019. Seeing their faces as they looked at The Wall and hearing their stories and the stories of those they came to pay respects to was something I will keep with me forever. These Men and Women define courage, bravery, integrity and honor. It was my privilege to  honor you and help bring The Wall to our community for all to see.  Thank you to all of those who sacrificed and served.

From: CAPT Carl W. Stein, MSC, USN, Ret

I Will Always Remember….

Remembering Miami University ’67 / 68 classmates: 2nd Lt Terry Graves, USMC; LCDR Clemie McKinney, USN; and Col William “Rich” Higgins, USMC. Always in our memories and thoughts.

From: Karen Sablotny-Rudolph

I Will Always Remember….

Army SP4 Richard Alan Sablotny KIA 10/27/1968 Panel 40W Line 46

Today I honor my Brother who served unselfishly.  Who gave his all that we could live our lives and be free.  The sacrifices he bravely showed the pains he carried inside, will forever be within our hearts as we keep your memories alive. To all our brothers near and far for those who serve today, thank you are very small words of what my heart wants to say.  I miss my Brother Richard and keep him close inside, today, tomorrow and always til the day we meet again.

Love your Gold Star Sister, Karen Sablotny-Rudolph

From: Adriane Kelly

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Edgar Moran, who was a year ahead of me at Chartiers Valley High School in Pittsburgh. We had art class together. I regularly carried my chunk of sculpting marble home and back to school. Edgar, such a kind gentleman, insisted on bringing it to me. His favorite song in 1974 was Daniel, by Elton John. I still get floods of electric tingles and goosebumps when i hear it. Edgar joined up immediately after graduating, and during my senior year, we heard he and others in his company were shot down in their helicopter over Laos, following the fall of Saigon. I couldn’t cry until many years later when I stood at the Wall in DC and found his name, laid a rose beneath. I still can’t believe he’s gone, after all these years.

Also, i wore a POW/MIA bracelet in high school. Major Floyd Olsen. 4/21/68. He and his family have been in my prayers all these years.

From: Mary Greiner

I Will Always Remember….

Our high school in southern Illinois was small but mighty. Several served, a few lost their lives. Two from the Class of 1967 have their names on the Wall and are remembered on our class Facebook page on the days of their birth and death. We remember you Tommy and Gary, and honor your sacrifice.

From: Liz McAleavey, Fiance

I Will Always Remember….

The Watch.  I will always remember Michael A. Lackner.  Mike was always punctual because he wore his watch every day.  This was a good thing for me when I dated him in high school.  My parents were very strict and expected me home on time. I never wore a watch and would have been late often, if it had not been for Mike. A couple of years I had to be home by 10 pm and later, as we got older, I had to be home by 11 pm; not a minute later.  Mike was so responsible that he always got me home a couple of minutes early. There were my parents at the top of the steps gazing up at the clock. Mike also always knew exactly how long it would take him to walk from his home on W 11th St. to my home on W 21st St. He timed himself many times. That’s another thing that was good for me because my Mother would refuse to allow any of her daughters to go out with a date, if he was even 5 minutes late.  Mike was always on time for our dates.  I learned later that my parents liked him for his promptness and reliability.  Mike’s watch kept my parents happy and kept me out of being punished, as he always saw to it that he arrived on time and got me home safe and sound from dates.  Forever loved and forever remembered.  Seg A Po Mike and Semper Fi our young Marine hero.

From: Family

I Will Always Remember….

Douglas J Glover, SFC

Another year without you

Remembering your strength and dedication and your pride in earning your jump status and the coveted GREEN BERET

From: Chairman of Kershaw County and the American Legion and VFW of Kershaw County, SC

I Will Always Remember….

No 18 wheeler has ever delivered such precious cargo as the Veterans and Patriots of South Carolina welcomed here in the Vietnam Wall that Heals:  Honor and Remembrance in equal parts to celebrate the sacrifice of an entire generation in grateful testimony for generations to follow.

From: Gary B

I Will Always Remember….

I’m praying for those who didn’t come home

From: Jim Watson

I Will Always Remember….

Captain Larry Helber, USMC, VMFA-314, MIA 1/24/66, Panel 4E, line 84.  A rare Marine who worked his way up through the ranks from Private to Staff Sergeant to Lieutenant to the final rank that he was not to get to enjoy, we lost a man we will always admire and remember in Captain Helber.

From: Despina Tucker

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember what a wonderful man you were. I miss you xoxo

From: Helix30

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Tom Woolridge who died in the RVN in July, 1968.  Tom I think of you often my friend.

From: Michael Marshall

I Will Always Remember….

My father who was in the United States Marines and my uncle who got the purple heart in Vietnam and the late Leroy James Westgate who was killed in Vietnam! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

From: Christine Owen

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my fiance Frank Michulka, KIA 12/20/67. Death leaves a heartache difficult to heal. Love leaves sweet memories impossible to steal.

From: Phyllis Darnall

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember the love of my life,my husband Lance Corporal Don Edward Darnall. Killed in action 10/22/1966.

From: Linda, Jake and Joan

I Will Always Remember….

Charles Steinmetz (Our Beloved Brother)

He served in the Vietnam War and was awarded the Silver Star for his gallantry in action. He passed away 3 years ago. He will always be our hero. We were and always will be so proud of him. We remember all who served and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you so much to all of our Veterans. God Bless All of Them.

From: Linda Zaccagnini and family

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember Patrick McDaniel for his service in Vietnam. He followed in the footsteps of prior family members that served our country in WW II.

From: Barbara Koker

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Cpl. Ralph “Pete” Triplett. He was my high school sweetheart. He was handsome, funny & intelligent. Pete’s favorite group was Gary Lewis & the Playboys & he loved the Three Stooges.  Fifty years later, I still think of him and miss and love him every day. Till we meet again…

From: Joan A. Brown

I Will Always Remember….

When I think about my younger brother, Dennis Robert Michalek, I am reminded of the times we roamed around Long Island from Jones Beach to Montauk Point. I think fondly of the special trip we took together to see the Macy’s Day Parade or visited Manhattan excited about going to Ellis Island or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is difficult knowing that we will not share more trips together in the future.

Dennis died in September of 2018. Many of his medical problems in later years were a result of his time as a soldier in the Vietnam War. When I looked at the photographs of Dennis in Vietnam, I am struck by how very young he was to be in a war. Dennis was the youngest in the family and was referred to as “Dennis the Menace” after the cartoon character in the funny papers.

As a youngster he wanted to grow up to be an apple juice salesman.  Instead for a while he became a soldier along with many young men at the time. He bravely served his country in a war far away from home and family.  My brother rarely talked to me about his experiences in Vietnam.  It wasn’t until Dennis was older that he spent time reading about the history of the war, contacted other veterans, and searched out information about the war’s impact on his health.

Dennis loved meeting people. He would strike up a conversation with whoever he met and was known for his kindness and humor. He was the extrovert in the family ready to have a few beers and laughs. I will miss my baby brother and am proud to honor his memory as part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial project especially on Memorial Day.  He is now in the company of the brave men and women who served this country during a difficult time in our history. Dennis’ memory lives on through the Memorial project and his family, who will never forget him.

From: Barb Vanderpool Lutes

I Will Always Remember….

My big brother Sgt Edward L Vanderpool. You were a guardian angel here on earth that was proven when you gave your life to save a fellow soldier. Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. For the past 51 years you have watched over your loved ones from Heaven. Your are always on our minds and forever in our hearts. RIP my loving big brother. Love and miss you dearly. Never forgotten!

From: Wallace K. Beck

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember your light, pop. It still shines even now. The candles are still on in the windows so you always have a path and a reminder that I love you. I miss you.

From: Sgt. Cynthia Brown (Miller) Long, USAF

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember the selfless sacrifice you made LT. Donald E. Heggan.  I was friends with your cousins and have visited the Donald E. Heggan Memorial Park built to honor you near where I grew up in Cedar Brook.    In support of your family and to honor you I visit  51W19  often.

From: Your Niece

I Will Always Remember….

Lonnie Allen Floyd — I will always have you in my heart.  I miss you and wish you were here to see my kids!  I know they would love you as much as I did.  I remember you always giving me your watch to keep when you were in and I also remember you telling me you would not like my baby sister about to be born and I would always be your favorite because she would pee on you!  LOL.  I ended up having 4 other sisters!  One of them is up there with you.  Lanette Floyd Bevel  I’m sure you two have met.  I can’t wait to see you again.  I want you to also know that you can not imagine the hurt your brothers and sisters feel every day of their life without you!  You were one loved boy!

From: Dunn Family

I Will Always Remember….

Today, and every Memorial Day we remember in a special way my uncle, Major Pierce Robertson, who gave his life for our country and freedom in Vietnam on 10/9/66, while flying a helicopter.  We also remember his widow, Aunt Sandi and son, our cousin Bruce.

From: Susan Blaine

I Will Always Remember….

Lyle Fitzgerald He was a combat Veteran in Vietnam.He was in the 101st Airborne Division Infantry Spec 5.  He was my Hero. I loved him very much. I want to always remember him. God Bless all Vietnam Veterans. they will never be forgotten,and this war should never be forgotten, due to the Generations to come. Thank You.

From: Darcy Family

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember our neighbor and friend Jim Parham. Too young to have been killed, miss him.

From: Sandra Potter Van Camp

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my brother, James F. Potter, killed in action in Viet Nam. I will always remember the rain stained letters that told of the time you spent in the 101st Airborne Unit. I esp. remember the bracelet that a little Viet Nam boy put on your wrist that meant so much to you. Your life was taken away too soon and I truly wish we had more time to spend together on this earth. You are truly missed.

From: Melanie Le Compte

I Will Always Remember….

I Will Always Remember EVERYONE who was in war. That war (Vietnam) was in my era (early teens). I was against the war, but NOT the ppl. who fought in it! Never protested it. I remember thinking How Much it SUCKED the way soldiers were treated on return.  THANK YOU ALL!

From: Mary Miller

I Will Always Remember….

I remember my grandfather, Robert T Sparks, who reluctantly answered the call in 1918, saw his infant daughter once, shipped out, and was killed Oct. 5, 1918 in the Meuse-Argonne. His daughter, our mother, never knew her dad and that unintended consequence of World War I forever scarred one more innocent.

From: Jeff Silverman’s family

I Will Always Remember….

We will be remembering our Dad, Jeff Silverman, this Memorial Day.

He served in the Navy from 1964-1970. During that time he was sent to Vietnam and was awarded the Vietnam Service Medal with Ribbon and a Bronze Star.

He faced life’s challenges with a great sense of pride and integrity. He worked very hard to provide a good life for his family. When this great country plunged into a recession in the 1980’s, he was laid off from his job, he used his talents and resourcefulness to care for his family.

As a result of his exposure to Agent Orange, he battled countless health issues and at the age of 72, lost the fight.

He was our Dad and our Hero.

We Love and Miss You Dad!

From: Sterlin R. Mullins

I Will Always Remember….

Kenneth Daugherty because he was a friend who lost his life while beside me the night I was wounded in a large fire fight and Thomas Olin because he was a friend and had just become a first time new  father who never got to see his son. These agonizing memories are forever close to my heart. I will also remember my A.Co. 199th 1st Sgt.  Charles ….  as a brave and fair leader who gave his life to save others. May they Rest In Peace knowing their job was well done in the most difficult of circumstances.

From: Verizon Veterans Advisory Board

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember the sacrifices of all of  the Men and Women on the wall who served our nation as our Fathers had done in WWII and Korea. Will look forward to seeing everyone on Veterans Day. to Jan Scruggs whose hard work made the wall a special place to gather for all of us who served in Vietnam and those who attend the ceremonies with dignity and honor ourfallen our mission continues to support the VVMF. PAUL MASI USMC VIETNAM 67

From: From me, Barbara Child

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Alan George Morris, my partner for the last ten years of his life. As a dust-off medic he saved many lives. And after he came home from Viet Nam, he left mine forever changed.

From: Carol Villaggio

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my husband, Anthony VEE Villaggio who served as a Marine (1964-1968) and fought in Vietnam Nam with the 3rd Marine Division 2nd Battalion 9th Marines 1965.

He lived his life as a Marine with integrity to the Code and gave his life as a result of Agent Orange (head and neck cancer) courageously living his motto “my glass is half full.”  I’m proud to have been loved for 47 years and been a Marine’s wife!  SEMPER FI!

From: Julie Peters

I Will Always Remember….

George Charles Peters June 23, 1969. I love and miss you bunches. I was 7 months old when you were taken away from me and Mom. I miss not getting to know you.

From: McDaniel/Zaccagnini family

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember Patrick McDaniel for all that he did.

From: Karen

I Will Always Remember….

I am remembering every American who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country with incalculable loss.

I am also remembering those who lost their youth, those who lost their friends, those who lost pieces of themselves, those who lost their limbs, and those who lost their way.

I honor and remember their sacrifice.

I honor and remember their service.

For those who survived, I am grateful that you came home. As you remember those you knew who did not, please know that hearts everywhere hold each of you in your sorrow and please take good care.

With deepest and heartfelt gratitude,


From: Pam Cain

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my father, Oscar Mauterer, USAF, still missing and unaccounted for. He was shot down over Laos in February 1966. He is one of 1,587 who have yet to be accounted for. Honor, remember their sacrifice and commit to the fullest possible accounting for these unreturned veterans whose journey is not yet finished. With love and gratitude to all who gave their lives to their country, Pam

From: Barbara

I Will Always Remember….

I remember Sharon (Lane) frequently. We met at Fort Sam in the spring of 1968 during basic training and became great friends. Three of us became inseparable while there. Two of my basic classmates and I arrived in Vietnam together in the fall of 1968. Sharon arrived at another hospital in the spring of 1969. We heard of her death a few hours after the rocket attack at Chu Lai. It was heartbreaking. I corresponded with her parents and they came to see me shortly after my return stateside. It was a sad but much appreciated visit by the three of us. I visit the wall sometimes and leave her notes and flowers as a remembrance. She is never forgotten. I also frequently think about the young soldier I  sat with on Christmas Eve 1968 in the ER triage area, holding his hand and talking to him as his life slipped away, not wanting him to be alone. I still remember his red hair. I never forgot his name and leave him flowers also.

From: The Ballard Family

I Will Always Remember….

In honor of Pvt. Robert Lee Ballard and all the men and women that Sacrifice their lives, we Salute You. Your Courage and Commitment to your Country WILL Always be a symbol of a TRUE HERO. To all of the VETERANS everywhere, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We shall NEVER FORGET and will always have the greatest RESPECT for those who served during the Vietnam War. We SALUTE!!!!!!

From: Robert Darryl Ballard, Sr.

I Will Always Remember….

My brother Pvt. Robert Lee Ballard lost his life in Vietnam war on February 4th 1969. He Sacrifice his life for GOD, COUNTRY, and FAMILY. I was too young to embrace him before left to fight and he was too young, very young when he lost his life fighting. We often look at HERO that have many stripes and weighted down in gold, though my brother was just a Private to me he’s worth more than gold. Army personnel came to our house and delivered the news as they had did to some of you. Word of sorry  and word of Sacrifice of your love one, some you have been there too. We all wanted our love ones to come home in a manner as if they were still young, but the war had taken a heavy toll on them and the youthful age was gone. No, my brother received 9 medals for the Sacrifices in Honor of his country. He didn’t avoid his duties, he served. He is at home known with his fellow brothers and sisters who also Served to the best of their abilities. We as a nation THANK them for their Sacrifice and Dedicated Services. The WALL now carries his name alone with the other great men and women that fought a good fight in efforts to defend our Nation. We Shall Never, Never, Never Forget!!!

From: Bobby Sorrels his two sons & two daughters

I Will Always Remember….

Bobby Sorrells  we will remember you forever Daddy. We kept your letters, Daddy, we read them, view them and still cry over them, we all know we will reuininte in heaven one day with you!  Love you from your 4 kiddos .

From: Family of Arturo Acosta

I Will Always Remember….

Our hero, Specialist 5 Arturo Acosta U.S. Army, 9th Infantry Division, VietNam 1967 – 1968. Home town  Del Rio, Tx.

From: Liz Ramirez-Valdez

I Will Always Remember….

I will remember and honor my brother Sgt Diego Ramirez, Jr for as long as I live because he was taken from us too soon and he died a hero so far away from home.

From: Linda Welty

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember PFC Steven Clark . Steve and I dated in high school, he was my Senior Prom date. I still have his letters from Vietnam and memories that will always be in my heart. He is loved and never forgotten .  KIA Feb 9, 1968

From: Butch Gurski Vietnam Veteran 69-70

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Charles (Chuckie) S Walsh USMC. a good friend from high school . Also all my brothers & sisters in arms , especially the 648 from Philly . May you all RIP and God Bless!

From: His Squadron Mates in VAH-123

I Will Always Remember….

Barry A Bidwell ADJ-2. Barry died while on approach to a Carrier landing when the A-3 Skywarrior he was flying 3rd seat in went down on return from a Mission over Vietnam. He is missed and remembered by all who served with him.

From: Cate/family of Leo Deitz

I Will Always Remember….

Leo Deitz, WWII over Poland; Frank Deitz WWII; flew the hump.

William Costigan, grunt VV & friend.

ALL VETS living who GAVE all for AMERICA

From: Sister

I Will Always Remember….

LCPL Joseph Davis, Jr. who courageously served.  KIA in Vietnam on 11/3/68.  We will never forget.

From: Sister

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember the tall, strong, kind hero who was only 11 months older than me. My brother, Cpl. Richard W. McGee, who died less than two months after his 19th birthday was my best friend and my hero even before he gave his life in service to his country.  I miss you, Richard. I will always.

From: Pat Goebel

I Will Always Remember….

To My wonderful, brave, loving and deeply caring husband, George Ronald Goebel. I will always love you and miss you. Thank you for doing all you could to prepare me for the time when you would have to leave. I pray we will be together again and that your Spirit stays close and helps guide me every day. I couldn’t love you more. Pat

From: Kathy Tignor

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my husband William Tignor. Vietnam veteran and an Army retiree after over 20 years of military service. He served  2 tours in Vietnam and died May 2018 from AO effects.

From: Lex Family: Mary Jensen, Fred Lex, Jan Giza, Chris Ashley and our other brothers and sister

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember our brother, Marine Lance Corporal Michael Edward Lex, assigned to the 9th Engineering Battalion, 1st Marine Division in Vietnam. He was born Dec 30, 1947 in Milwaukee, WI; grew up in Menomonee Falls, WI; and died Apr 16, 1969 in Quang Tin Province, Vietnam. His tour of duty in Vietnam was only just over 2 months.

He was a close brother and a great friend. He is still loved and missed by all who knew him.

From: Cecilio Mendez

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Dr. McQuigg US Army, MD, Camp Oji, Japan. He cared, cured and protected me after I was medevaced from ChuLai in 1968.

Not all heroes carry firearms!

From: The Cole Ave Boys, Leon, Rick, Mike, Billy and Donny

I Will Always Remember….

To Robert “Bobby” Baker and Gerald Jenkins

Three houses on Cole Ave, Evansville IN’s West Side. Three families with a total of 7 boys sent 6 of us to Vietnam Era service, 5 of us went to Nam, I served two tours. Bobby and Gerald were killed in action. We will always remember them!!!  And the crooked system that allowed exemptions for “special boys. 7 boys, 6 served, 5 in Nam, 2 KIA. That’s not right.

From: Janet Bamford

I Will Always Remember….

Of course, I could never forget my late husband, Dennis Bamford.  But, just as memorable is Dennis Bamford, the Army retiree and veteran of the Viet Nam war.  His exposure to all of the numerous chemicals that were sprayed, which caused his terminal cancer, and his daily suffering from PTSD, greatly affected him, until the moment he collapsed into a coma.  I only hope that the soldiers who served with him in ‘Nam and throughout his career will also remember him as a most dedicated soldier and a true American patriot and hero.  He certainly is in my eyes.

From: American Legion Post 17 Camden, S.C.

I Will Always Remember….

In May of 2018, American Legion Post 17 along with Kershaw County and the City of Camden S.C, hosted The Wall That Heals.  That event meant more to our veterans and especially our Vietnam Veterans in helping them to heal.  It brought our county, city and legion closer together and people are still talking about it.  Thirteen young men from our county were killed serving their country in Vietnam.  The Wall That Heals gave us a chance to Honor those brave men.   The Wall That Heals truly lives up to its Title.  Thank You!

From: Janice Current

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember

Michael D. Withrow KIA 05/28/1967

For your service and ultimate sacrifice to our country. You will never be forgotten.

From: Sandi Villaggio, Stephen & Family

I Will Always Remember….

We will always proudly remember the courage and  bravery of my dear Father In Law. Who became a TRUE Marine at the tender age of 17.

“V” gave his EVERYTHING during his active duty war time in Vietnam and for several years after returning home. His grandson Stephen & I celebrate his fighting spirit and patriotism for not only Memorial Day but for every day we were blessed to have him in our lives. Until we meet again, Mom will continue to share your cherished stories with us. Nobody is capable of storytelling quite like you! But she is a close second! I know you are making your son Michael laugh in heaven with them.

Thank you for our FREEDOM soldier!  OORAH!!!


From: Joanie McAninch

I Will Always Remember….

Cpl. Michael Alan McAninch, USMC. 8/28/69 Chu Lai. Mike3/7. The love of my life forever.


From: Sherryl F Patterson

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember, my husband Dennis who died at 60 as a result of the War and was honored in 2017 in the ‘In Memory’ program; and I will also remember two names on the wall, Krag B Roydes at panel 29E, line 43, a friend of my husband and Paul J Hill at panel 59E, line 4, a 1963 class graduate of Circleville, Ohio.  May God continue to bless the families of these men.


From: Foster L Fuselier

I Will Always Remember….

Sgt. John J Walker KIA 9/15/1969. It has been a long time but I haven’t forgotten you.


From: Debra Prince

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember.   I was in grade school during the Vietnam era.  At the time there was a effort to recognize the solders still missing.   We wore a bracelet with the name of our solder, who was MIA.  Many of my friends bought one as well.  My soldier’s name was Sgt. Rose and he was from West Virginia.  He was MIA.   The bracelet was to be worn until the solder came home.  Many of my friends’ soldiers did come home.  Some received letters from the soldier, thanking them for the many prayers.  I wore that bracelet for a very long time.  As far as I know today, my soldier did not come home.  I still think of him to this day.


From: A Fiance, a Classmate, and Neighbor

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember our DEER PARK 7, who served their country proudly.  They are all American heroes.

Michael Alexander Lackner

Private First Class


United States Marine Corps

Deer Park, New York

October 03, 1950 to July 15, 1969

MICHAEL A LACKNER is on the Wall at Panel W21, Line 125


Frank Carl Ambrosio

Specialist Four


Army of the United States

Deer Park, New York

September 30, 1948 to April 30, 1969

FRANK C AMBROSIO is on the Wall at Panel W26, Line 81


Frank Andrew Gagliardo



United States Marine Corps

Deer Park, New York

August 18, 1934 to October 30, 1965

FRANK A GAGLIARDO is on the Wall at Panel 3E, Line 6


George Bernard Hesse

Private First Class


Army of the United States

Deer Park, New York

August 31, 1947 to September 21, 1968

GEORGE B HESSE is on the Wall at Panel W43, Line 54


Bruce Edward Kane



United States Marine Corps

Deer Park, New York

July 07, 1949 to August 09, 1969

BRUCE E KANE is on the Wall at Panel W20, Line 119


William Andrew Montano

Lance Corporal


United States Marine Corps

Deer Park, New York

June 07, 1951 to November 19, 1970

(Incident Date October 16, 1970)

WILLIAM A MONTANO is on the Wall at Panel W6, Line 71


Ronald Francis Ricciardo

Specialist Four


Army of the United States

Deer Park, New York

December 07, 1948 to March 28, 1969

RONALD F RICCIARDO is on the Wall at Panel W28, Line 75

From: Julie Kink, Gold Star sister

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my brother, Warrant Officer David Kink, C Troop, 1/9th Cavalry, killed in action on August 3, 1969, when I was eight. My brother would be 70 now, but to me he will always be 19 years old – my big brother. I’ve seen 18,000 more sunsets than he had a chance to see.

I also will remember the brothers, husbands, sons, fathers, and cousins of hundreds of other Gold Star family members I’ve connected with over the past 25 years. For us, every day is Memorial Day.

I will never forget my brother’s fellow aviators who have helped me and countless others to learn not only how our loved ones died, but more importantly, how they lived. They will always carry the memory of the men they trained with, bled with, laughed with, cried with.

I now know that for each loss, there are countless unknown mourners, comrades, whose lives are also diminished. And there is power and healing in our collective remembrance.

From: Your Niece – Melissa

I Will Always Remember….

Thank you Uncle Albert. When I was 7, mom and dad took me to the Wall.  I never had the chance to meet you but I love you and will always remember your sacrifice.

From: Harden Gainey

I Will Always Remember….

All Gave Some

Some Gave All

In Memory of Wayne Lewis, Bill Norwood and Tommy Wynne, Vietnam brothers who did not return home

From: Mary Jo Dolan

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my loving husband and my hero, James Dolan USMC for his service to our country.  He died from Amyloidosis from his time in Vietnam, May he Rest In Peace.

From: Cayuga County  New York Vietnam Veterans Chapter 704

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember and recognize the brave soldiers who served our nation to help preserve our democracy and freedoms.

Our community was blessed with the opportunity to host and sponsor The Wall That Heals in 2017.This solitary event allowed for so many Vietnam Veterans to have a closure on a chapter in their lifes and to remember and honor their fellow soldiers.

The event also was an exceptional educational program for our students and future citizens.

The site where The Wall That Heals is considered to be consecrated ground by our community.

Being able to honor remember and educate the citizenry about the unselfish contributions of our Vietnam Veterans served as the inspiration for our VVA Chapter 704 to create a Cayuga County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Monument that not only honors our own soldiers but provides an educational narrative for all to read and comprehend the true nature of the devotion and sacrifice made by all Vietnam Veterans.

The Vietnam Veterams Memorial in Washington DC and The Wall That Heals are two crucial components  to understanding our  history that help our nation to heal the inner suffering that our Vietnam Veterans and their families have endured for a very long time.

We ask that each individual who enjoys the freedoms of our nation take the time today and everyday to pay it forward and to thank all Veteran.s with an act of recognition and kindness.

From: Mary Agnes Blades wife of SSgt Thomas N Blades 61W20

I Will Always Remember….

I will be remembering my husband SSgt Thomas N Blades who was killed in Vietnam on June 3, 1968, father of my 2 children, & only 25 years of age.  We miss you so much…  Our family has enlarged to 4 grand children & 5 great grandson’s, just wish you were here for them to know.  We will always remember you & love you.

From: Little Sister

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember being held in your arms, it was such a safe place to be for me. When we put you on the plane after your visiting home it felt like I would never see you again. Unfortunately it was.  I think of you often and your love is always  with me.  I miss the life we did get to have together.    Love you.

From: Roy and Chery

I Will Always Remember….

My brother Tommy Blades a true hero We miss you every day

From: Brother Gabe

I Will Always Remember….

Michael “Mike” H. Bia.  A/2/17. 101st ABN. Screaming Eagles.

KIA 06.06.68. Phu Bai/Hue.  Thua Thien Province RVN.

Just know brother, you are not forgotten. We still think of you

and talk about you to this day.

Rest in Peace.

From: Your Sister

I Will Always Remember….

My Brother, John Daniel Forshey . Who gave his life while saving others. A bright light in the hearts of so many that was darkened on that day in March and who died a hero. We love you and miss you so much and are so proud of you and to be able to say My Brother is a Hero. For if you had not left us all of our lives would have been so different. Your passing changed all our lives forever . You are not forgotten but loved forever .

From: Your Loving Daughter

I Will Always Remember….

Dad, Even though I only have one vague memory  of you, you will always be remembered by me, your granddaughters and great grandkids! #LoveLivesOn

From: Sister

I Will Always Remember….

You will forever be loved and missed in my heart until we see each other again! Your sacrifice will not be in vain as long as I have breath. RIP my brave soldier Ralph “Buddy” Mulkey, Jr.

From: Cynthia Smith

I Will Always Remember….

I Will Always Remember my father David J Moreno. He served with A co 2nd bn 501st 101st airborne. Awarded purple heart and bronze star with v for valor. KIA April 20th 1968 his name is Panel 51E-09. He saved many other soldiers by turning back to warn of ambush, laying down his very own life. NEVER FORGET.

From: Brenda Joles

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my first husband, PFC Russell Richard Beeler, I CO 3rd BN, 7th Marines.  He was KIA March 2, 1970 in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.

From: Lee Bradbury

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Captain Alan Paul Mateja USAF who was shot down over Haiphong Harbor, with his Weapons Officer Capt Orvin Jones.

A good friend, in the US, sent me an original a POW/MIA bracelet with Alan’s name on it & I wear it every day.

Lest We Forget.

From: An appreciative American

I Will Always Remember….

Capt. Richard Van Dyke USAF, Lt. David Smith USA, Pvt Blucher Hall USMC, Eight women and 58,004 other men . . . you are not forgotten

From: Terry & Lois Kehoe

I Will Always Remember….

Remembering two heroes: Prince 672M, my Scout Dog Partner who was euthanized as excess equipment in 1971 and Larry Maxam, MOH recipient, a fellow high school friend KIA in Vietnam. RIP

From: In remembrance of Capt.Kenneth E. Walker

I Will Always Remember….

I never had the privilege or honor of knowing this man, but I have worn his bracelet for the last 40 years and although it is tarnished and the words are wearing away, he will never be forgotten.

From: Huong Le

I Will Always Remember….

We express our deepest reverence for the heroic souls of aunts and uncles whose names are engraved on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

This Memorial Day weekend falls into a tragic world event due to the coronavirus.

We are the young generation of Vietnam, a country where aunts and uncles rescued us, and gave us a chance to rebuild our lives.  What must we do that is worthy of a country that holds so many beautiful hearts, full of compassion and concerns for humanity around the world?

From the spirit of service and courageous sacrifice, aunts and uncles gave their life.  They left behind a noble value within a holy love from God.

From this love, aunts and uncles plunged into war, sacrificed their life to save our younger generations.  The life of our younger generations in this country and around the world need their hearts of service and courageous sacrifices for the goal of removing the destructive acts against basic human rights and the right to life.

This holiday we are filled with sadness because we are unable to come to the memorial to lift our reverent hearts to the names of aunts and uncles on the Wall.

We lift our prayer to God in Jesus Christ; may He pour love into the heroic souls of aunts and uncles.  And bless their families with peace.  Amen!

From: Sister

I Will Always Remember….

USMC Gerald L Poppa KIA 8-1-1968

My big brother Jerry always missed and never forgotten! Rip

From: From all his kids

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my Dad Leslie Schormann.  He was the best wonderful man, husband, father, brother.  He never turned anyone away,  would always give to anyone that needed it even if he didn’t have it. He always had a smile on his face no matterwhatthe situationwas.  He loved his family dearly.

From: Judy Marceau

I Will Always Remember….

We lost my cousin Thomas P. Sweeney on March 31, 1968.  You will never be forgotten.

From: Myself

I Will Always Remember….

Denny another Memorial Day and another year without you. It has been almost 52 years since you and your squad left this earth. I miss you as always but I miss you call me Pumpkin, going bowling, playing golf  and just being with you and you holding me in your arms. Loving you today and everyday. Pfc Dennis Lobbezoo, USMC Kia 6/6/1968

From: J. Jarrells

I Will Always Remember….

My family will always remember Hilario De La Paz Jr. He went when he was called and gave it his all, we will never forget!

From: Mercedes Cutler

I Will Always Remember….

Remembering my own hero and father, Charles A. Roberts.  An inspiration to many and a proud defender of democracy and justice for all.

From: Hugh Keel LTC (Ret.)

I Will Always Remember….

I was a medical platoon leader with the 2/7 Calvary, 1st Cavalry Division 1967 – 1968. The names of four of my medics are listed on the wall.  I will never forget them and always feel guilty for leaving them behind. They were too young to die!

From: Charlotte & Vernon

I Will Always Remember….

Ralph Vitch a dear high school friend, killed in Vietnam May 25, 1969 . A lifelong resident of Tampa . He had been in the Army one year and in Vietnam six months. We’ll place flowers on his grave this weekend. A hero that loved our country, as we do.

From: Robert S. Nelson

I Will Always Remember….

Dave Breen was a class mate of mine at Easton Area High school, Easton, PA class of 1967. He enlisted in the Marines and trained at Parris island. I was very concerned about his well being. I knew he was going to Vietnam, it was the peak of the War. He never made it home alive, he returned in a body bag. Marines are very tough mentally, I just had a feeling he would not return alive ! I was in shock when the local paper announced  he was a casualty, I cried a lot. I still cry a lot. All my life I have been overcome with grief!  I am also a Vietnam Veteran and so I took not only his loss, but other Vets casualties very very hard. I pray that their sacrifice was not in vain. They never new the end result. I will never forget and I will alway honor them until the day I die.  Welcome Home Brothers ! You’re the Best!

From: Geraldine Burgess

I Will Always Remember….

I will be remembering a friend from high school killed in Vietnam, 19 year old Marine, James Taurassano.

From: BG (USA, Ret.) George B. Price

I Will Always Remember….

All of the veterans who served our country.

It is an honor, on this very special day, to add my voice to the others paying tribute to those who have paid the full price for our freedom. Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Yesterday, we were confronted by the turmoil of an unpopular war and we had to overcome that challenge. Today, we are confronted by another challenge: we are challenged by an enemy that is almost invisible. It will take all of us again, working together as one, to overcome this latest challenge. We must remember that a different world will not be achieved by indifferent people.

It will take all of us working together to make the difference that is necessary to continue to move forward. We need to stop asking for more, but rather, ask for the wisdom, the power, the fortitude to do more with what we already have. Doing more with what we already have will honor those whom we memorialize today in the best possible way.

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. If change is going to be, it is up to you and me.

– BG (USA, Ret.) George B. Price

Memorial Day 2020

From: Cora Stickney Harper Chapter NSDAR

I Will Always Remember….

To all the soldiers, men and women, who sacrificed their lives for our freedom

From: The Family of John E. Cottingham

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember the sacrifice all of our fallen heroes made for us and especially John E. Cottingham from Newport, KY. He was a son, brother and uncle who will always be deeply missed but honored for his courage in Vietnam. 09/23/69 will always be a sad day in our lives but we know he was proud to be an American.

From: Michelle Florence – Niece of John E Cottingham

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember John E Cottingham from Newport, KY and All The Brave Soldiers Whose Names Are Etched on The Wall.

Red, White and Blue are my favorite colors because of you. Our National Anthem says it all:

“O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

On 09/23/69 you answered that call so may that flag of ours always continue to wave.

It is so easy to “Always Remember” because people like you showed us what real courage is, what being a true American actually looks like and it makes me a better person every day in my life. Thank you seems so shallow to say for everything you and all American soldiers gave up to prove we are the greatest country and United We Stand so please Rest In Peace and know all of you will Never Be Forgotten!!!

From: Jimmy Durin

I Will Always Remember….

I just watched the virtual tour of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Thank you for keeping our country safe.

From: James Lopes

I Will Always Remember….

2 Heroes I proudly served with:

John Gurovich

William Stieve

We served with 101st 2/502 Air Mobile 69-70.

Rest In Peace Heroes.

From: Jacquelyn Owens

I Will Always Remember….

Remembering all the brave service men who lost their lives on the USS FORRESTAL, JULY 29,  1967.   And my husband  and father Richard L. Owens, AMCH who was among them.  May they all RIP.

From: Jennie Bourgouin Swanson

I Will Always Remember….

You will always be in my heart. I will never forget you.  I love and miss you dearly Dad.

Thank you for your service. I’m a proud daughter of a Vietnam Veteran SSgt Joseph Bourgouin.

From: Brave men served at Udorn Royal Thailand Air Base during Vietnam War

I Will Always Remember….

Nine Airmen in the AFTN radio station that died when a RCF-4 crashed in April 1970. Names on Vietnam Wall. Some good friends died that day.

From: Me, his wife, Cheryl

I Will Always Remember….

I will always love and remember my beloved husband, Ted Brusuelas. Taken to Heaven too soon.

From: Daughter

I Will Always Remember….

James E. Miller, my daddy. He passed away in 2012, due to his Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. He was a Navy Seabee and served 1969-1970. He was a wonderful husband, dad and papa. We all miss him dearly. We will always remember him.

From: My Family

I Will Always Remember….

The struggle of my family coming to the US in the 1950’s from Argentina.  I am first generation American and I have a deep respect for all military personnel and I pray for them daily because without their service my family and I would not be living in a free country. Thank you for your service.

From: Family

I Will Always Remember….

We want to remember Donald R. Chandler who was a Vietnam Veteran who died from Agent Orange exposure June 5th, 2014. He received a purple heart and a Bronze Star..He was our hero.

From: Bruce Roemmelt

I Will Always Remember….

Dusk, September 23, 1968

In the South China Sea, the USS Intrepid is launching and landing 24 Skyhawk A-4’s and support aircraft every 90 minutes.  The work is hard for the entire crew.  12 hours on 12 hours off.  Steam upwind, then downwind.  Launch and recover.

Occasionally a plane will “crunch” during landing.  “Hung Bombs” routinely release upon landing, bounce on the deck and splash harmlessly into the ocean.  The days and nights are 99% filled with routine and hard work.

Towards dusk, word comes down about a damaged Skyhawk attempting to land.  There’s a little more tension now.  We only see the light on the wing.  We’ve seen thousands.  This one indicates the bird’s in trouble.  All eyes are on it for the 30 second final approach.  Count 30 seconds.

Nose up, nose down.  Too fast, too slow, and upon touch down, way too slow. The Skyhawk gives up the will to fly, makes a left turn and crashes into the deck, the landing signal officer’s platform and then the ocean.

Big explosion and “birds” in the air with nowhere to go.  They’ve got to land or crash, we have to make the deck ready.  Perform.  Do your job.  Two dead, one dying and one badly injured.

Bobby Lee Spencer is dying.  He was the radio man for the Landing Signal Officer and my friend.  His left leg and right arm were ripped from his body by the A-4.  We put him into a litter and immediately took him to the operating room where he died.

I visit his name on the wall.  Panel 42W, Line 2.  I think about sacrifice and I often wonder if anyone else even thinks about Bobby these days.  His death hurts more now than it did at dusk, on the 23rd of September, 1968.  Now I’ve got the time.

Bruce Edgerly Roemmelt

23 September 1985

From: Family

I Will Always Remember….

Captain Thomas W. Hart will always be remembered for his service in WWII. He was a honest, dedicated father, grandfather and friend to many.

From: His family and friends who miss him so much!

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember my dad, Brian G. Conley, who passed away 7/4/2019 from Agent Orange related diseases. We love you Dad and will miss you forever.

From: Jan

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember you Larry D Suedmyer (Suedmeyer).  You were my first love and I think of you still daily!  Miss you and love you still.

Your, Jan

From: His daughter, Debbie

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my dad, my hero, SGT. Robert W. Jaronik, USMC.  He was a devoted family man who loved spending time with his wife and 3 children. He also loved to go fishing and was a devoted Roman Catholic. His devotion and love of his family, his country and the Corp was unwavering.  The USMC and Vietnam are forever a part of my life because it was a part of his. One of my daughters went on to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and joined the Corp after college. She made her way to Camp Pendleton once just to see where her grandfather took his last steps on US soil. This family is military strong (USMC, USAF) and I know a lot of it has to do with keeping his legacy alive.

To all of the military men and women who have sacrificed for this great country, I say “Thank You” for loving this country and its people so much. I pray for you and your families.

Dad, to you I say OooRah! I love and miss you dearly.

From: Karen Sawyer Blick & Family

I Will Always Remember….

Capt Johnnie Paul Sawyer 1936-1966  29  years old  Sadly missed by your daughter, Karen.

You are forever in the hearts and minds of your family, friends and everyone who knew you. We miss you greatly. What a wonderful family you left behind ~ until we see you again.

From: From Your Children – Andrew, Stephen, Robert Hardy, Christine Brochu and Kathleen Hardy-Averill, Your Grandchildren and Your Great-Grandchildren

I Will Always Remember….

Capt. Herbert F. Hardy, Jr., Green Beret, 1SF, Dad

There isn’t a day that goes by that you’re not thought about or missed by one of us. Your Memory and All You Gave Will Never Be Forgotten

We share Your Memory and stories with your Grandchildren and your Great-Grandchildren, just as Mumma did, raising all of  us~

You gave the Ultimate Sacrifice for us Dad, For That, We Will Never Forget~

We Love and Miss You~

Keep watching over All of Us.

Kiss Mumma for Us~

All Gave Some,  Some Gave All~

De Oppresso Liber

From: Sister

I Will Always Remember….

My only brother, CWO Robert J Rosar,  was killed in Vietnam May 17 1968 piloting his Huey in the Mekong Delta when his helicopter was hit by ground fire and his helicopter crashed and burned with his crew inside. My brother’s last words were “hit and going down.” Our family was notified at 6 am by 2 military officers knocking on our door. My mother’s screams still haunt me and bring me to my knees in deep, deep unending grief. Three weeks later, Bob, my beautiful brother, was declared KIA.  When you are eating your hot dogs this Memorial Day, you must REMEMBER our fallen military members who died for the United States of America citizens and your precious, hard won freedoms.

From: John P Stafford

I Will Always Remember….

I Will Always Remember Jon Norman Ellis, he was a childhood friend, we both enlisted in the US Marine Corps at different times, but I did run into him when we were both in South Vietnam at the same time, he was a Force Reconnaissance Marine spending most of time out in the jungle, did his time, came home but much later he developed lung cancer from Agent Orange, he passed in 2015, 47 years later, I will never forget my Brother from another Mother.

From: Leecy Elbracht

I Will Always Remember….

I will never forget you, big brother. Your friend, John Lawler, will never forget you either. I’m so blessed to have John in my life. We miss you terribly. We will meet again someday.

William Michael Elbracht  7/14/1946 — 6/25/1969. RIP

From: Nelson Romano da Costa Jr.

I Will Always Remember….

For their heroism, fearlessness, and love of country, I will always remember…

My Spiritual Twin Brother, Lon Michael Fletcher (20 February 1947, Albuquerque, NM – 5 October 1965, South Vietnam).

I will also always remember my other ‘Nam Spiritual Brothers and Sister:

Thomas Richard Brown (1950-1970)

Mario Costa (1950-1968)

Angel Mendez (1946-1967)

Gerald Lawrence Fox (1947-1967)

James Michael Moore (1948-1967)

Michael Lindsey Deanne (1945-1968)

Elizabeth Ann Jones (1943-1966)

Audeliz Hernandez-Pena (1946-1967)

Louis James Purdy (1947-1967)

Ronald Lee Fox (1946-1968)

Wieland Clyde Norris (1943-1970)

Jack Richard da Costa (1948-1969)

Dan Bullock (1953-1969)

Paul Francis Quill (1946-1968)

Terry Austin Ruth (1946-1968)

William H. Pitsenbarger, “Pits” (1944-1966).

God bless their brave souls.

From: Brother of Col. William L Deane

I Will Always Remember….

My dearly beloved brother, who was reported  missing in action five days before the truce. The release of the Kissinger papers confirmed what I always knew that he and two others were captured. However, that it was the situation still remains.

From: Iva  and family

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember Bill Turner who proudly served in the Army/9th Infantry and Vietnam war/which later died from Agent Orange. Also My Dad, Robert Mousley who Proudly served in the Army in World War 2, Love and miss you both

From: A Loved One

I Will Always Remember….

I Will Always Remember SFC John Theodore Gallagher US Army Special Forces MACV-SOG KIA 05JAN68 Laos

* The first time I saw his infectious smile and every smile thereafter.

* His strength of character, his steadfast integrity, his courage to fight and die for his country.

* How strikingly handsome he looked in his uniform.

* His ability to excel at every task the Army presented: earning his Green Beret, his Ranger Tab and finally, acceptance in the secret and most decorated unit in Vietnam.

* How strong his arms were with an unspoken way of making me feel loved and protected.

* His unwavering love for his family and theirs for him.

* The day “the letter” was returned, stamped: Verified Missing 05JAN68 Return to Sender.

With thoughts of him for nearly every day of the last 52 years, I can faithfully decree that


From: Susan

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Gregg Hollinger . A very dear friend and valiant America who served his country in Vietnam and sadly,  never returned. Always remember.

From: Jennifer Gutierrez-Daughter

I Will Always Remember….

My Dad, Luis Gutierrez will always be remembered and honored this Memorial Day and everyday for being a great father. Though he had his moments he would always be there for us. He was always thinking and caring  of me and my family. We miss him tremendously. We miss his laughs, smiles and  funny faces. He would be the one to bring desserts to family gatherings and be the first one to show up. He had trouble walking his last few years but nothing stopped that strong, stubborn man. He never gave up on anything. He was a proud United States Marine. I owe him everything. Until we meet again. I love you, Dad.

From: Curcelia Johnson, Little Sister

I Will Always Remember….

Remembering my brother, Marvin O. Stevens, a casualty of the Vietnam War. Marvin joined the United States Marines September of 1966 at the age of 19. He was killed July 4, 1967 at Quan Tri. He was 20 yrs old. I still miss him so much. I will never forget him or his sacrifice.

From: Nikos

I Will Always Remember….

I will  always remember all veterans, because they are brave men and women.

From: Sister and family

I Will Always Remember….

Remembering, Howard Akehurst, USMC lost his life Vietnam Feb. 1968. On Memorial Day and other days we remember your willingness to help the elderly , to volunteer, to lead Jr. Oddfellows, as a Boy Scout, to be a good friend and best brother and son. Always with a smile. So proud if your service. Love ya. Sis

From: Raymond Mundinger

I Will Always Remember….

I miss my fallen comrades. God Bless RIP

From: Michael Parr

I Will Always Remember….

Brigadier General Edward Burdett KIA Phuc Yen Airfield North Vietnam November 18, 1967 and the pilots KIA during my year with the 388th TFW Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base

From: Connie Mareck

I Will Always Remember….

I am remembering my brother Cpl Raymond D Mareck, Capt Ronald W Forrester, 1Lt Richard Speer, Cpl Francisco Delgado, Sgt Willie Arms, Sgt Paul Baptista, Cpl clyde Walter, Sgt Michael Smith, Cpl Larry Duckett these Heroes were KIA in Cambodia May 7 1970…I also am remembering all whose names are on The Wall for they gave me the right for Freedom as well..May they all be remembered not only on Memorial Day but always

From: Sheila Brandon

I Will Always Remember….

my uncle Francis Cadwalader, WW2, Korea, Vietnam – 25 years of service – medic

Died 3 months after coming home from Vietnam….his whole adult life was given to his country

Honor the life and sacrifice of our soldiers….live a life worthy of their sacrifice…

From: Shirley Dean

I Will Always Remember….

My father in WWI and my late husband in WWII served for all of us.  I always appreciated their service.

From: Susan Clotfelter Jimison

I Will Always Remember….

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. It’s been over 50 years and I can’t help think of all you have missed… and of course all we have missed without you in our lives. You live on in our hearts and memories everyday.  CWO Mark D. Clotfelter Army Cobra Pilot KIA 6-16-69

From: All that served in Vietnam!

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my brothers from that WAR.  Two close friends gave their lives; Stephen R. Lopeman and William T. Smith, both USMC.  I will always remember the happy visits from other childhood friends as well.  Gary A. Kilmer; Edwin C. Nell and Eric B Poulsen (All three were US Army)  I myself served in Saigon (USAF).  To all the other Brothers and Sisters from that WAR; a sincere “WELCOME HOME”…  May GOD ease your pain and discomfort; and allow you peace forever more.

From: Margie Harris

I Will Always Remember….

I will Always Remember graduating and some of us going for jobs, some of us going off to college and some of us going off to Vietnam.   After college some of us still went off to war.  My father, both husbands and my son-in-law and son have all proudly served.  An Uncle and a best friend are on that wall.  God Bless them all.

From: Barbara Whiting Harvey

I Will Always Remember….

Arnold Ades was a very dear, kind, smart, funny, and very dearly loved young man when he died in Vietnam.  I went to school with him and his sister married my brother.  We are still devestated at his death, so long ago.

From: The Williams & Magoh Family

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember our Uncle Jerry Williams and thank him for his service to our country. My big uncle always had the best stories of his unbelievable time in the service. He encouraged my brother to follow in his footsteps. We miss your laughs and I’m so glad my kids got to know their great Uncle Jerry. We salute you!

From: Mia

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my Uncles and my brother, but the multitude of men and women who died serving our country is never lost on me.

Thank you for your service.

From: Janes J Kiley

I Will Always Remember….

Raul Candelaria.

Together the day he received the wounds which would take his life 5 days later, February 5, 1968.

Think of him often and the tragic event that took his life.

Rest In Peace.

From: A family

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember Louis Arthur Yugel from Colorado.  He was much loved and missed by many.  He will be held in his family’s heart forever.  Thank you, Arthur for your ultimate sacrifice.

From: Patti Maclay

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember and hold precious every soldier who has worn the uniform of the US military from the American Revolution until today. May they be always remembered, ever honored, and forever be in our hearts.

From: Nancy Ferris

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember the incredible experience I had as the coordinator/host of the Wall that Heals when it came to Durant, Oklahoma in May, 2019. Months of preparation and visits with hundreds of Vietnam veterans and families prior to the event changed my life forever.

As the wife of a Vietnam veteran (now deceased), I thought I understood PTSD…I thought I understood the hardships and loss endured by families of servicemen and countrymen during the 60’s and 70’s because that was MY time. But not until I lived this incredible journey did I realize the special powers the Wall That Heals possesses to heal not just servicemen and women…but all of us….those who lived through it..and those of us who still fight the effects of the war and the changes it made in our world.

Several incredible events happened during the time the Wall that Heals was in our town. Two weeks from its arrival, a community in our county was struck by a tornado. There were deaths…and a good many of my first string critical volunteers were members of our amazing Emergency management team for Bryan County as well as the Choctaw Nation’s EMS group.They left me to assist those in need.  the second team stepped up to the task with dedication and commitment and the Wall that Heals kept coming our way.

We were plagued by devastating rain and thunderstorms on the day we put up the Wall that Heals. Many times first responders called us off the field due to lightening..but the the volunteers, many of whom were Vietnam vets never stopped..because the Wall kept coming.

When we were ready to put up the last panel..Vic, the site manager, called upon the Vietnam vets to join together to erect the last crucial piece. Seeing that… made me cry with respect and gratitude. Their wet, muddy clothes, and miserable conditions which had lasted for hours had not deterred their determination to see the task completed. I cried as they pushed the last piece in place. But then..the younger men who had worked alongside them all day in the muck and the water formed a line and filed past each of them to shake the hand of each former soldier. such respect…a gesture that gave me bountiful hope that this generation “got it.” They understood the sacrifice. I was never so proud to be from Durant, Oklahoma as I was right then. I cried. I cried in the shadows at 3:00 a.m each morning as the mini van carrying a now disabled vet pulled himself from the driver’s seat into a walker and made his way across the wet, muddy field, only to be seen in the  hallowed, misty, light…sitting on the walker at the same spot each time..quietly touching the wall with love and admiration in his fingertips…just sitting there until day’s light…. when he returned to his vehicle and rode away.

From the first day that SSG Daniel Earley, U.S. Army, a Vietnam veteran and two time Purple Heart recipient, came to me asking for my help in bringing the Wall That Heals to Durant,  I felt that God meant for this task to be mine. I have never before witnessed a more Christian experience than at the site, where one story  poured from one heart (that of a vet)..into another (a volunteers) without judgement or prejudice.

now.. In the shadows…where no one can see… for those brave young soldiers…I cry…

From: I am his daughter

I Will Always Remember….

I will always Remember….Delbert Chan Totty, USA panel 17 East .

You are my loving father, I will never forget a moment with you.

I love you forever.  Miss Pete

From: Sandra, a loving daughter

I Will Always Remember….

My dad, SGM Alfred B. Ramirez, he was a wonderful dad, he took care of his daughters and he loved my mom. He was career army and proud to serve for 35 years. Served in the Korean War and 2 tours in Vietnam.  Passed away in 2006 from AO related cancer. He is loved and missed every day, he will always be our Hero. We now have an Angel watching over us. Rest in Peace Dad, we will always remember and honor your life, and your sacrifice to our country.

Love you always, Sandra

From: Janice Brazil

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my father who list his life in 1967. His name was Charles E. Hosking, Jr. and was also a WWII veteran. A MOH recipient as well as having 2 Purple Hearts and 2 Bronze Stars. I will also remember Frank Badaloti, who died in 1966. He was from Maine and a friend of my family. Frank was my hero when I was 14 years old!

From: Kenneth Hopkins, USAF Vet 1965-69 (your cousin)

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Corporal Ralph E. Byrd, my cousin.  He served with A Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division.  He was killed in action on November 16, 1967 in Quang Tin Province, South Vietnam, fighting for our Country.  I think about you always, especially the times we spent as kids in Greenville, South Carolina.  Please rest easy and know that you will always be remembered.

From: A Vietnam Veteran

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Tommy Campbell and Dave Hutchings who graduated high school with me, but paid the ultimate price in Vietnam.

From: Kenneth Hadler Family

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember the relatives and friends who served our country by serving in the various branches of the United States Military.  Thank you.

From: Carol Atkinson

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my neighbor Xavier Gomez,  classmate Charles Sharp and others from Jesse Jones High School who gave their lives for my freedom

From: Maggie

I Will Always Remember….

My oldest brother Joseph E. Davis, Jr.   You are loved and missed always.  I am grateful for my memories of you!  Love you Joey!

From: Susan Gough (Sanford)

I Will Always Remember….

I will always love and miss my daddy David Amon Sanford KIA in the Vietnam War 2/7/68 during the Tet Offensive.

From: For Myself

I Will Always Remember….

I did two tours of Vietnam with US Marines right out of high school.  I had no idea I would be going to Vietnam.  My life changed and I grew up fast and become a man.  When I left Vietnam it never left me.  I found out after 40 plus years I have been avoiding a lot out of life.  I thank the Vietnam Veteran who point me to the VA about getting help.  I know it is not a cure for PTSD but I have a great support system at the VA that teaching me how to deal with my PTSD.  This Memorial Day I salute myself and thank God for keeping me along with a great family.  The icing on the cake is I celebrate my first grandchild Olivia on this day.

From: Beverly Metcalf

I Will Always Remember….

Remembering SFC (Ret) Timothy H. Symons – Vietnam 1966-67.

I always said he was a soldier to the bone marrow.


From: Walter Roberts

I Will Always Remember….

Today  I remember my S/Father  Walter  E. Perkins (U.S.M.C. E-7) Vietnam Veteran. I remember members of my Unit 56th Security Police Squadron NKP Thailand 1975 to 1976 who lost their lives during the Mayaquez Incident. My heart is with all those who gave their lives for the ultra Sacrifice our country!

From: Emily

I Will Always Remember….

Richard C. Deuter. I wear his POW / MIA bracelet. It provides me a daily reminder of the sacrifices of so many in the name of our country and its future, the value of our freedom and encourages me to take each day as a gift and make the most of it as well as try to serve others

From: Shirley

I Will Always Remember….

Thanks to all of you for your sacrifice and service. May God bless you and your families and may God bless America.

From: Sister

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my selfless brother, Mike Bartkowiak, who asked for nothing except a smile. His last Facebook post 2 days before he passed unpeacefully: “43 years ago today, the 17th of July was a Sunday. My life ended as I knew it with the loss of my last friend and 2 Bullets slowing down a touch as they hit me. In all 14 men were shot. I was the only one that lived. They are still there, 22 kilometers inside of Laos. In many ways I never left that place. In so many ways, I never left the war. Maybe I never will. ” Rest easy with your men.

From: I Served in Pleiku in 1969 – 1970

I Will Always Remember….

Thank all those who served in Vietnam, those who supported us and I’m sorry, for those who Never Returned Home to their loved ones.  I wasn’t a combat soldier, but supported those who served in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam, II Corps, from June 1969 until I received a drop in May 1970.  I had just met my replacement, and he was killed while I was home on leave.  I had lost over 28 cousins from San Diego to Santa Barbara,, California, one of which, we met every time that I had gone to Santa Barbara as a kid.  I went to college, he joined the Marines and was killed one month before I had arrived. Others were lost at different times and locations, God Bless Them All and all those who were lost, and all those who came home.  And on 21 April 1970, God had me in his hands, as a Mortar round landed a few feet away from me, and it was a dud, and friendly fire.  Not my time, and maybe I was kept alive for several reasons, one to help keep my mother alive, until she died in 2008, and maybe something else.  God Bless us all, and America.  Bob Smith,

1st Signal Brigade, Pleiku Detachment, 361st Signal Battalion.  I did manage to do some things not related to my jobs over there, but maybe I made up for some of my times, by transferring to Military Intelligence until I retired in 1989.

From: Bernie Harry, your Hermitage Treasurer

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember all the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom, and especially my good friend, Ginny Kirsch.  But also all those who fought for our country and still live with the trauma of those events.  God Bless you all

From: Sister7

I Will Always Remember….

Neal Thalin, my brother who honored his country by giving his life to support the American way of life. Thank God he isn’t here today experiencing Corona.

Neal, I will ALWAYS miss you.

From: Lester and Shannon Ropeter and family

I Will Always Remember….

My husband is name after his Uncle Lester Ropeter. He never meet him he died before my husband was born. My husband Aunt would tell him about his Uncle ( her brother) and he should be proud of his name. We have a son and we name him Lester jr. I tell him he name after his father and his great Uncle. We have a picture of Uncle Lester in uniform and we will always remember all who served our country. They in our hearts and prayers every day.

From: John R. Binske

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember SPC Luke P. Frist. Luke gave his life for the freedom of others on January 5th 2004. SPC Frist served with the 209th QM CO during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-2004. I honor Luke.

From: Family of Daniel Busse

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Danny for his smile and engaging personality.  May he rest always in peace knowing that his sacrifice and service will not be forgotten.

From: Hackett Family

I Will Always Remember….

Silver star receipient Capt. Edward Hackett (doctor) US Army 7th armored div. Killed at battle of the buldge in Metz France while attending to a wounded soldier. He was my uncle Ed from Wesyfield NJ.

From: Leonard McLelland

I Will Always Remember….

I will be remembering my younger brother Marvin E. McLelland who died from battle wounds received in Vietnam, wounded 12 May 68, died 6 June 68.

From: Carolyn Taylor

I Will Always Remember….

Today, like every day I remember my late husband Ernie who was proud to serve his country. He died of a terrible cancer related to agent orange 31 years ago, and not a day goes by I don’t remember him in love.

From: Family

I Will Always Remember….

We love and will always remember our 101st Airborne, amazing husband, loving father, greatest grandfather and uncle, and incredible brother: Fred J. Hammel. He touched so many lives and is missed by us all. Many “thank yous” go out to my dad and all other veterans for serving and giving the ultimate sacrifice. You will not be forgotten and will always be appreciated.

From: Hazel M Summit & Family

I Will Always Remember….

MY Husband Joseph H Summit served  Army 1964-1969 VietNam. Lost to Agent Orange Sept 30 2006, thank you for the Memory Wall

From: Dave Rabadan,  fellow Vietnam vet and brother

I Will Always Remember….

Spec4  John B. “Jack” Rabadan.  Drafted in 1965, this brother to five siblings served in Vietnam, August 1965-August 1966, and returned safely home.  He was a gunner on a 4.2 in mortar in the 11th Armored Cavalry regiment and saw much action.  He lived an interesting life with mostly unseen damage from the war.  He died on December 7, 2018, not long after a late diagnosis of PTSD.  Friends and family all recall a special individual, a patriotic American, and a loyal husband, son and father and an unusual brother.  He was blessed with a good nature, above all.   And loved to fish!   We all miss him.  Thanks, Jack, for the memories!

From: Sister7

I Will Always Remember….

Neal, Bobby, Jim, Skip, Bruce, Rick, Howie – the Seven from Dedham. 7 went, 5 returned – 6 Marines,1 AirForce. The admiration and love of these “brothers” has always accompanied me, friends of the group still offer comfort on the very hard days … I hope they understand and forgive … I will NEVER forget the very special times before we were all torn apart. Love you and miss you, my brothers who have passed.

From: Ann Marie Puck

I Will Always Remember….

Remembering Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno, MM who served as a Catholic Navy Chaplain with the Marines-  3/5 in Vietnam “Operation Swift Sword” KIA 9/4/69- Medal of Honor and decreed “Servant of God” by the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA- Wall panel 25 E line 95.

From: Dave

I Will Always Remember….

Will away remember Chuck (Outman),  Always looked out for me in Hight School. Still remember the day my sister told me you were KIA.

From: Siblings

I Will Always Remember….

Love and miss you as we always have and always will.  We Will Never Forget!

We find comfort knowing Mom is now with her boys.

From: Your Highbridge Buddies

I Will Always Remember….

In Memory of Jeffrey Siegel, KIA 1967.

All Gave Some; You Gave All.

Rest In Peace My Brother.

From: Paul

I Will Always Remember….

Remembering Jeff Segal. Funny guy with great sense of humor. Like all Bronx boys he had a mischievous side but never hurtful. He was a good friend who cared. His country called and he went without hesitation. His loss reverberated thru our neighborhood and he will never be forgotten. RIP Jeff

From: Daughter, Camille

I Will Always Remember….

My father, James Alvin Ellis 1930-1963.

I am always remembering the massive loss we suffered and paid and want to say the priceless letter that Aunt Thelma’s granddaughter found from you recently was a priceless picture into your thoughts and love written shortly before you passed in Vietnam that I will always treasure.  It meant so much to hear you speaking so beautifully about us and how you never wanted to be away from all this long again.  Always loved and missed by the whole family and especially me Dad.  Thinking of you today and always.

From: Richard E. Ottis

I Will Always Remember….

PFC Peter J. Wiedemeir, USMC

KIA June 3, 1968

Peter was my childhood best friend and Blood Brother. Until we sit in God’s hands and be Blood Brothers and Best Friends again Peter.

I founded the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial Watch Association in your name Peter. And out of it we founded Chapter 500 of the Vietnam Veterans of America in Sacramento, CA in 1989 .

From: The Brashers

I Will Always Remember….

Captain Jimmy Brasher we love and miss you Daddy.  Lost but not forgotten

From: I will allways be your little girl. Rachelle

I Will Always Remember….

“Death leaves a heartache

no one can heal,

love leaves a memory

no one can steal.”

Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice, I’ll allways love you.

From: Kenneth R Moragne

I Will Always Remember….

My younger brother Wesley dupree

Moragne and the 64 men of the THOMAS A. Edison High School in

Philadelphia PA whom gave THEIR ALL In Honorable Service in defense

Of This Honorable Nation USA .

From: Christine Eid Tartaglia

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my friend/good buddy of my cousin who introduced us – Spec4 Gerald J. Breen. We wrote to each other for almost a year and I dreamed of the day he would return. My 16 yr old heart was broken on March 5, 1967 when I realized more than ever the horror of war and learned I would never see him. From his letters I knew Jerry believed in what he was doing – he gave his life freely for his country – he was a hero – I honor him today. RIP Jerry.

From: His Loving Wife

I Will Always Remember….

My husband, Gordon Loren Hartley, was a very patriotic man who loved God, Country and Family. As an Air Force Flight Engineer on C-130’s, he served his country for 22 years including three tours in Vietnam from 1968-1972. He was well respected by his family and friends for his honest, straight-forward personality and his “give you the shirt off his back” character. As a loving father and grandfather, “The Dad” was quick-witted and easy-going, a great teacher and a positive influence to Samantha and Gordon II and grandson, Gordon III.

A loving husband, even after 51 years, Gordon and I still held hands when we walked, never parted or greeted without a kiss and never, ever, said the word “bye.”  He was and is the love of my life and my best friend whom I miss terribly. Gordon was taken from us on 14 September 2018 by Adrenal Cancer (DLBCL) from his exposure to Agent Orange. If he’d known the cause of his death and was asked “would you do it all again?” In my heart, I know he’d say, “in a heartbeat.” He loved serving this country.

From: The Martinez family

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember…..My parents especially my father will always remember those who lost their lives in Vietnam there was 12 of his classmates from Buena Park High (CA). 2 cousins in Korea, 4 cousins in WWII, and 2 cousins in the Civil War and the California state militia. Though we may not have had the chance of knowing them personally but their sacrifice and courage to serve is why others can strive, be strong and stay strong. Thank you

From: Son

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember you Dad. Sgt. Albert A. Adams USARMY 1941-1945. You survived Omaha Beach, the Battle of Bulge, the Hurtgen Forest, the Falase pocket.You crossed the Remagen Bridge before it collapsed .You’re now in the company of all those other Heros on the Wall…..for the final muster. See you on the other side Dad …Love, your Son Albert

From: Helene Stenersen

I Will Always Remember….

I Will Always Remember: Cary Vergil Cronin, who died from an accidental overdose due to PTSD in 2007 from serving in Vietnam when he was 20 years old in 1968. He was a Hospital Corpsman and was called Doc. Be at Peace Cary, You are Well Remembered!

From: Danny Barnes

I Will Always Remember….

I would like to thank the Father in law I never had a chance to meet. Sgt. Jimmie Lee Mincks KIA 10-11-1965. Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Country. May you forever Rest In Peace. You will never be forgotten by your daughter or myself.

From: The Family of Sgt. Arcangel Rodriguez (aka Junior)

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember with much love and an abundance of pride and respect,

Sgt. Arcangel Rodriguez

US Marine Corps

Vietnam 1966 -1967

Loving son, brother, husband, father, father in-law, grandfather, great grandfather, uncle, friend, etc. He is dearly missed everyday by all of us.  His handsome smile, infectious laughter, great sense of humor, gift of great story telling and deep love and sense of family live on with all of us always.

Though he lost his battle as a result of exposure to Agent Orange, he fought the good fight and taught us all what true strength and courage is. He served his country proudly, lived his life with integrity and will forever be our Hero. Once a Marine, always a Marine.  SEMPER FI!

Our deepest thanks goes out to him and all others who have served and gave the ultimate sacrifice!

We love you and will remember you every day in every way – forever and always.

From: Donna Ertz Boos

I Will Always Remember….

Paul L. Ertz, Retired USMC Gunnery Sgt., served in the Vietnam War and Korean Conflict. He received the Purple Heart for his time in the Korean Conflict. Paul was known for his faithfulness to his troops to always put his troop first and be the last to leave the field ensuring his troops were safe first. Paul followed his service as a County Sheriff, Police Officer and Security Guard. Paul succumbed to Agent Orange long term affects in January 2013. Paul’s life embedded the USMC Semper Fidelis- Always Faithful.

From: My Vietnam Veteran Husband

I Will Always Remember….

The crew of the C-130B, #61-0965.  Each Memorial Day and especially 23 June, my husband, Gordon Loren Hartley, honored his fellow airmen and crew, with whom he was to fly a mission “in country,” but fate had other plans, and the crew went on the combat mission without him.

Gordon’s tradition, that I now continue, displays six American flags, representing each crew member of Lockheed C-130B, #61-0965, that was TDY from the 773rd, out of Clark AFB, PI, that was shot down at Katum Special Forces Camp, in Northern Tay Ninh Province on 23 June 1969. I’m posting this “Will Always Remember” because if Gordon were alive, he’d be posting it himself. The honored crew members were:

Capt. Gary Edward Brunner, Aircraft Commander, Pilot


1st. Lt. Terry Michael Reed, Co-Pilot


Lt. Col. Jean Arthur Kearby, Instructor Navigator


Maj. William Howard Condit, Jr., Navigator


SSgt. Billy Wallace McDonald, Flight Engineer


SSgt. George Charles Peters, Loadmaster



From: Major Edward J. Woodward, USA Retired

I Will Always Remember….

1967-1968 is a time foreever etched in my memory of my fallen Executive Officer, Lt. Jan Doxey, and my sister Company Commander, Capt. George Coleman an African-American and all my other men who gave their lives so bravely for our country.

From: Janet Peterson

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember Donald C. Peterson, my big brother Don, of Chicago.  He was a kind, brilliant, and talented soul who was my best friend and greatest supporter.

From: Lucinda Blankenship (Beuford Kyle Stinson’s Niece)

I Will Always Remember….

I Will Always Remember My Uncle, Beuford Kyle Stinson on Memorial Day because he was is a Vietnam Veteran, he was in the Navy. He is no longer with us, he died of Agent Orange and Pancreatic Cancer almost 9 years ago. He fought for our country and I thank him for that. This weekend is In Honor Of My Uncle, Beuford Kyle Stinson and the SO MANY men and woman who did and are still doing the same, Thank Each And Every One For Your Service!

I Love And Miss You All The Time Uncle Beuford. Happy Memorial Day In Heaven

From: Daughter of AEI Melvin C Thompson

I Will Always Remember….

On this day as always I will remember you and miss you. You are my hero daddy.

From: Mike Voorhees former Vietnam Vet.

I Will Always Remember….

Erling Anderson will always be on my mind. Also, the forgotten soldier my Scout Dog named Satan died in Vietnam. Erling and I shared Satan. I left In May of 1967, Erling died in an ambush July 1967. Satan was shot up but lived for a couple more years and continued to scout. He died from a tick disease 1969.

From: Mother/Family and Friends

I Will Always Remember….

MA2 Mark Mayo on 3/24/2014 on The Navy Base Norfolk VA, Unselfishly gave his life to protect his shipmates, His actions were nothing but HEROIC, continue to RIP, A MOTHER’S LOVE IS FOREVER.

From: Tom Idiaquez

I Will Always Remember….

For me I was at the end of the war. The draft ended before I was 18. I lived through high school with friends brothers fighting. Wondering who was going to come home and who was not. Every night the news would give us a tally of how many died that day. They were trying times, hard to understand. I have visited the travelling wall twice on its journey through Los Angeles. On both occasions I felt humbled to be around so many good men. Men that gave their lives for our country. May they Rest in Peace.

From: From A Company 1st Bn 5th Cav, 1st Air Cav Div

I Will Always Remember….

We will always remember Jack Hatfield, “Dink” Mann, Bob Bacon, Tony Cruz.

KIA in 1969.

Good soldiers, they answered their country’s call.

From: AnneMarie Gaffney

I Will Always Remember….

I will always remember my Uncle Tom.  He served in Vietnam and came to live with us after returning home.  He suffered greatly and it took him a long time to recover.  I know his experiences still haunt him.  I honor his sacrifice today and pray for vets.

From: Tracey Weincyzk

I Will Always Remember….

This is in remembrance of my father Elisha “Mike” St Clair.  I never knew him as he was killed when I was 2 years old.  But he is forever with me.  Bless all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and Bless those they left behind.

From: My father Gary Eugene Floyd

I Will Always Remember….

On this day I will always remember a true hero my father Gary Floyd. He was Army and fought in the Vietnam War. I absolutely love my father and miss him truly. Thanks for being my dad. Happy Memorial Day to all the falling soldiers