POSTED ON 12.3.2019
POSTED BY: Dennis Wriston

I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

Second Lieutenant Joseph Scott Burgett, Served with the 1st Platoon, Company B, 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 199th Infantry Brigade, United States Army Vietnam.
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POSTED ON 12.3.2018


Scotty...Honoring you on your birthday...God bless
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POSTED ON 6.17.2018
POSTED BY: Rocky Darger

Flight Training and Pilots together HMM364

John was one of my two best friends in the Corps and there are few people I think about as often as John. Semper Fi Marine
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POSTED ON 8.15.2017
POSTED BY: Lucy Conte Micik

Thank You

Dear Lt Joseph Burgett,
Thank you for your service as an Infantry Unit Commander. It is important for us all to acknowledge the sacrifices of those like you who answered our nation's call. Please watch over America, it stills needs your courage and faithfulness. Rest in peace with the angels.
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POSTED ON 2.5.2016

Thank You, Sir

On the 48th anniversary of your death, I just want to thank you for serving our country. God bless you and rest in peace.
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