POSTED ON 4.12.2011
POSTED BY: Madi Zajicek

You'll always be remembered

Capt. Eleanor Grace Alexander was born on September 18, 1940 in Rivervale, New Jersey.She was a captain nurse in the army and also an operating room nurse.Captain Alexander of Westwood, NJ died November 30, 1967. Alexander, stationed at the 85th evacuation, stationed at the 67th evacuation in Qui Nhon, had been sent to a hospital in Pleiku to help out during a push. With her when her plane crashed on the return trip to Qui Nhon were two other nurses, Jerome E. Olmstead of Clintonville, WI, and Kenneth R. Shoemaker, Jr. of Owensboro, KY passed away with her in Binh Dinh. Alexander was 27, Orlowski 23. Both were awarded Bronze Stars. She is one of just eight females who died in the Vietnam War.
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POSTED ON 8.29.2009
POSTED BY: Robert Sage

We Remember

Eleanor is buried at St Andrews Cemetery in Westwood, NJ.
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POSTED ON 6.17.2006
POSTED BY: Dave Avery

Who Shall We Send

"An God said who shall we send.I answered I am here,send me."

Isaiah 6:8

Repos Dans La Paix
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POSTED ON 5.4.2005
POSTED BY: Amanda Casalinuovo
They went when their nation called
To aid in the fight as they could
Not knowing if they would become causalities there
As many of them actually would

They were nurses,doctors, and clerks
Drove trucks, or maybe worked on a plane
Like the men, they put up with the stress and horror
Which could drive a person insane

They were there with the rest of the troops
They had to endure the heat and the smell
They suffered the rocket and mortar attacks
They spent their own time in Hell

It's been said many, many times over
"All gave some, and some gave all"
These ladies were ready to give what was needed
When they answered this great Country's call

I know they did not get what they should have
The recognition for a job quite well done
But, there is many a good soldier who is thankful for them
And, ladies, let me tell you, I'm one!
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POSTED ON 1.3.2005
POSTED BY: Vietnam Veteran

Rest in Peace

I wish you were here.
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