POSTED ON 7.16.2020
POSTED BY: Wm Alan Ross

1LT. ORLOWSKI May America never forget your sacrifice!

May the gates of Heaven opened wide the day you departed this world !
May we always honor and remember your sacrifice and the sacrifices of so many other souls!
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POSTED ON 4.13.2020
POSTED BY: Sharon Singleton, COL, USAR (Ret.)

Thank you Brave Soldier

Happy Heavenly Birthday, 1LT Hedwig Orlowski. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice for our country, for our freedoms. May your sacrifice be remembered forever. Rest In Peace, Brave Soldier. Hooah!
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POSTED ON 5.21.2019
POSTED BY: Les newey

Run for the wall

My name is Les newey AKA daddy Vice. I have the privilege I was taking Ludwig's picture and information to the wall on the Run for the wall it is absolutely my honor and if there is family out there I would absolutely love to make contact with you my phone number 785 313 0187
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POSTED ON 4.13.2019
POSTED BY: David Botticelli

Remembering 1st Lt Orlowski

You're one of the few nurses/ladies that I've seen here. I hope the others are elsewhere on The Wall. You all deserve recognition for what you did in Vietnam.
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POSTED ON 4.13.2019
POSTED BY: Gary McJimsey

Remembering Hedwig Orlowski

Army Together We Served maintains a Vietnam Fallen Remembrance Profile page for 1LT Hedwig Orlowski at http://army.togetherweserved.com/profile/63003 . Information regarding 1LT Orlowski can be provided to Gary McJimsey at glm.army@att.net Thank you.
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