POSTED ON 7.13.2021
POSTED BY: Curt Carter

Memorial Day 2021

This year, as every year for many, my wife finishes the wreaths she makes for every Memorial Day and our American flag is raised in remembrance, as we observe this somber national holiday. You and our loved ones whose names also are inscribed on the Vietnam Memorial are in our hearts. My family and I will never forget the cost of our freedoms, and the men and women who have and continue to step forward to keep America safe.
With respect, always.
Curt Carter
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POSTED ON 6.17.2021
POSTED BY: Bryan K. Holoman

Honor Where Honor Is Due

Dear Captain Mary Klinker,
I was 15 years old when you died on your mission with precious cargo. At that time I did not understand the real meaning of commitment. At 60 years old I do understand what you did. Thank you for serving me, although I did not know at the time. Thank you for your commitment in performing your duty to this country. I give Honor Where Honor Is Due. Thank you for my life.
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POSTED ON 5.27.2021
POSTED BY: Elaina Hulquist

Mary Therese Klinker.

Mary was a caring soldier, especially towards children even if they were sick she said to Gail Mornhinweg, "you just got to love them". Mary helped young children on the Operation Baby in April 4th. Her mission did not complete sadly, but many men and especially women remember Mary for her great and brave service, and her kindness towards many young children. Thank you Mary.
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POSTED ON 12.30.2020
POSTED BY: joseph f jankowski

I still remember

You are not forgotten Captain
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POSTED ON 11.12.2020
POSTED BY: Geneya Henderson

Thank you

Women today are rising because of your efforts toward the air force. You will perpetuallybe remembered for you leaving a mark on American history.
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