POSTED ON 4.5.2020
POSTED BY: Linda Shoaf Zimmerman

Never Forgotten

Few people have left a lasting impression on me as you have Mary - a kind, warm, & giving friend who brought many a smile to my face. I will always remember you. You are just what God intended to accomplish when he/she created us. I never expected not to see you again. Thank you for everything
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POSTED ON 4.5.2020
POSTED BY: Sharon Singleton, COL, USAR (Ret.)

Thank you, Angel of Mercy

On the 45th anniversary of your death in Vietnam, thank you, Captain Mary Klinker, for your service and your sacrifice for our country, for our freedoms. May we always honor you and remember your sacrifice. Rest In Peace, Dear Angel of Mercy.
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POSTED ON 4.4.2020
POSTED BY: David Botticelli

Captain Klinker, front-and-center!

Thank you for your service and sacrifice, captain! We'll NEVER forget you!!
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POSTED ON 4.4.2020
POSTED BY: Kathleen "Shi" Shiring

Thinking of you Cpt. Mary Klinker

Mary, I cannot believe it is 45 years ago today since the C-5 aircraft, carrying you and the "Baby Lift" Orphans you were caring for, crashed into a field in Vietnam! Mary you were a fantastic Nurse, a good friend, and a wonderful person... And fun to be around, too!! All of your nurse friends from the Pediatric Ward at DGMC, Travis AFB missed you! I learned of the accident at RAF Lakenheath, England where I was stationed at the time, via a letter from Linda. She told me you had stayed with her in the Philippines the night before you left on your Mission. I will call Shoaf in the morning and we can commiserate about you! We both still miss you!! Luv, Shi
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POSTED ON 1.4.2020
POSTED BY: Lucy Micik

Thank You

Dear Captain Mary Klinker, Thank you for your service as a Flight Nurse. Saying thank you isn't enough, but it is from the heart. It is the 11th Day of Christmas, Merry Christmas and happy New Year in heaven. The time passes quickly. Please watch over America, it stills needs your strength, courage, guidance and faithfulness. Rest in peace with the angels.
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