POSTED ON 7.31.2019
POSTED BY: Gwendolyn Brinn

With love to my great Aunt Ruth...

My sweet Aunt died a year before I was born but she ,being my Grandma's sister, would send money home to help my grandma raise 5 kids. She also gave my Grandma a house. Aunt Ruth was a hero in so many ways and I feel her presence a lot even now. The world suffered a great loss when she passed and she will never be forgotten. I am so proud of Aunt Ruth and of the legacy she passed on. Salute.
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POSTED ON 1.17.2019
POSTED BY: Lucy Micik

Thank You

Dear LTC Annie Graham,
Thank you for your service with the Nurse Corps. Thank you for the lives you saved. It has been too long, and it's about time for us all to acknowledge the sacrifices of those like you who answered our nation's call. Please watch over America, it stills needs your strength, courage and faithfulness. Rest in peace with the angels.
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POSTED ON 8.13.2018
POSTED BY: Janice Current

An American Hero

Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Thank you for stepping up and answering your country's call. Rest easy knowing you will never be forgotten.
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POSTED ON 5.27.2018
POSTED BY: Curt Carter

Memorial Day 2018

Dear Lieutenant Colonel Annie Ruth Graham, ma'am.

Remembering you and those you served with on this upcoming Memorial Day holiday, Monday, May 28, 2018 You are not and will not be forgotten.

May America always stand, and may it stand for the freedom and values that you defended.

With respect, Ma'am
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POSTED ON 8.14.2017
POSTED BY: David Botticelli

Remembering Lt. Col. Graham

I was rather surprised and saddened to see another lady remembered here. But also pleased that another veteran of the Vietnam War is remembered properly. The Lieutenant Colonel must be one of the few who died of a non-combat reason. Thank you, Colonel Graham, for your service and sacrifice. Proudly remembered!!
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