Honor & Memorial Donations

Honor & Memorial Donations

A donation to VVMF is a thoughtful way to honor a loved one. Donate in honor of someone’s birthday, or request donations in lieu of flowers.

When you donate in honor or in memory of someone, you can choose to have the recipient notified when you make your gift.

When completing the online donation form below, select “Yes, in memory of someone” for a memorial donation, and “Yes, to honor someone” for a donation such as a birthday or Father’s Day gift. Please note: the honoree is the person you are honoring with your gift, and the recipient is who you would like us to notify.

To donate online, visit our online donation form. You can add your honoree information after you check the box, “I would like to make this contribution in honor or in memory of someone”

Donate Online

Email notifications are sent immediately to the person whose information you have entered in the form when you make your gift.   If you would like a notification to be sent in the mail, please download, print and fill out the form below, and include it when you mail in your gift to VVMF. 

Download Form

For families who wish to setup an online tribute donation form

For families who would like to setup a custom online donation form to collect multiple donations in memory of a person who has recently passed, you can make your request here = https://www.vvmf.org/tributes/

Listing VVMF in an Obituary

Many people request donations to charities in lieu of flowers for funerals. To list VVMF in an obituary, simply include this information:

“In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, 3033 Wilson Blvd, Ste 300, Arlington, VA 22201.”

If you are listing VVMF as your charity of choice, please let us know who to notify when we receive memorial donations. Contact Luz Lovins at [email protected] or 202-330-0957 with this information.

Information for Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors

When mailing memorial donations to VVMF, checks must be made out to Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and sent to:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
3033 Wilson Blvd, Ste 300
Arlington, VA 22201

How to honor a Vietnam veteran who has passed

Since the Vietnam War ended, thousands of Vietnam veterans have suffered due to Agent Orange exposure, PTSD and other illnesses as a result of their service.  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) believes all those who served in Vietnam should be honored and remembered for their service.  The In Memory program enables the families and friends of those who came home and later died the opportunity to have them be forever memorialized. ​​​​​​​

For more information on how to honor a Vietnam veteran through the In Memory program at no cost to the family, click here.