Vietnam Veterans Memorial Replica Wall and Mobile Education Center spreads healing legacy of The Wall and educates about the impact of the Vietnam War

Washington, D.C. – The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) announced today that The Wall That Heals will make its first-ever visit to the State of Hawaii in 2024. The mobile exhibit will be on display in two locations in early 2024 – Hawaii (The Big Island) and Maui.

The Wall That Heals exhibit includes a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial along with a mobile Education Center. The traveling exhibit honors the more than three million Americans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces in the Vietnam War, and it bears the names of the 58,281 men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam.

“We look forward to opening our 2024 touring season in Hawaii and being able to provide a healing experience for local veterans and their families and an educational experience for all visitors,” said Jim Knotts, President and CEO of VVMF. “After seeking suitable communities and hosts for five years, we’re excited to make this finally happen.”

Michael Doolittle, co-chair of The Wall That Heals – Hawaii County Committee noted, “Half of all the R & Rs from Vietnam were taken to Hawaii to visit girlfriends, spouses, and family. The people of Hawaii will rise to this very solemn occasion because of this longstanding relationship with the veterans of the Vietnam War.”

Bo Mahoe, a committee member of the Maui County Veterans Council continued, “The State of Hawaii and its citizens flourish because of our veteran lineage to our WWII Nisei veterans whose motto was “Go For Broke.” Having The Wall That Heals at our front doorstep rather than individually traveling 4,800 miles to D.C. is quite an honor for Hawaii’s veterans.”

Since its debut in 1996, the exhibit has been on display in more than 700 U.S. communities in addition to an April 1999 tour of the Four Provinces of Ireland and a visit to Canada in 2005. The Wall That Heals is a program of VVMF, the nonprofit organization that built the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. in 1982. The Wall That Heals is the only traveling exhibit affiliated with The Wall in Washington, D.C. and includes the largest Wall replica that travels the country. Two VVMF staff members lead volunteers on site, educate visitors and students, and ensure the reflective atmosphere of The Wall.

Annually, more than 100 communities apply for the opportunity to host The Wall That Heals. The application period for the remainder of 2024 is still open but this announcement underscores the complexity and amount of planning necessary to host the exhibit. The full 2024 tour schedule will be available in November.

About The Wall replica

The three-quarter scale Wall replica is 375 feet in length and stands 7.5 feet high at its tallest point. With the replica at this size, visitors are able to experience The Wall rising above them as they walk towards the apex, a key feature of the design of The Wall in D.C.

Like the original Memorial, The Wall That Heals is erected in a chevron-shape and visitors are able to do name rubbings of individual service member’s names on The Wall. The names are listed in order of date of casualty and alphabetically on each day. Beginning at the center/apex, the names start on the East Wall (right-hand side) working their way out to the end of that wing, picking up again at the far end of the West Wall (left-hand side) and working their way back in to the center/apex. The first and last casualties are side by side at the apex of the Memorial.

The replica is constructed of Avonite, a synthetic granite, and its 144 individual panels are supported by an aluminum frame. Modern LED lighting from the top of The Wall provides a unique experience for nighttime visitors unlike even The Memorial in Washington D.C.

About the mobile Education Center

The 53-foot-trailer that carries the exhibit opens with exhibits built into its sides, allowing it to serve as a mobile Education Center telling the story of the Vietnam War, The Wall and the divisive era in American history.

The mobile Education Center exhibit includes: digital photo displays of “Hometown Heroes” – service members whose names are on The Wall that list their home of record within the area of a visit; digital photo displays of Vietnam veterans from the local area honored through VVMF’s In Memory program which honors veterans who returned home from Vietnam and later died; video displays that teach about the history and impact of The Wall; educational exhibits told through items representative of those left at The Wall in D.C.; a replica of the In Memory plaque; a map of Vietnam and a chronological overview of the Vietnam War. The exhibits tell the story of the Vietnam War, The Wall and the era surrounding the conflict, and are designed to put American experiences in Vietnam in a historical and cultural context.

Hosting the exhibit

Hosts in each community provide for the location, volunteers, and preparations necessary to replicate the experience a visitor would have at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. Together with the hosts, VVMF is working to overcome the challenges incumbent upon bringing it to Hawaii.

“Because of the dimensions and weight of this exhibit, shipping it from the mainland United States and in between the islands cannot be taken for granted,” said Knotts. “While VVMF will bring the exhibit and team necessary to set-up, dismantle and replicate The Wall experience, the local host committees will work on recruiting sponsors, volunteers, and organizations necessary to support the weeklong events.”

The annual tour of The Wall That Heals is generously sponsored by USAA. Through a partnership with the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), the trucking industry, and Blue Beacon, the exhibit is able to travel across the country. As non-profit entities, the local host committees and VVMF are seeking opportunities to work with individuals, organizations, and corporations who want to be a part of this unique event.

About the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) is the nonprofit organization that founded the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall) in Washington, D.C. in 1982. VVMF continues to lead the way in paying tribute to our nation’s Vietnam veterans and their families. VVMF’s mission is to honor and preserve the legacy of service in America and educate all generations about the impact of the Vietnam War and era. To learn more about VVMF and The Wall That Heals, visit

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