2019 Status Changes


Each spring, VVMF works with the Department of Defense to make updates to The Wall. If the Department of Defense determines that a service member has met the criteria for addition to The Wall, having sustained wounds in Vietnam from which they eventually perished, their name is added. Service members who were repatriated the year prior have their status symbols changed.

This year, there were no additions to The Wall. Nine service members were repatriated in 2018 and those service members will be officially welcomed home at the Memorial Day ceremony at The Wall.

Beside each name on The Wall is a symbol designating status. The diamond symbol denotes that the service member is known dead or presumed dead. The cross symbol denotes that the service member was missing or prisoner status when The Wall was built in 1982 and remains unaccounted for today. When a service member is repatriated, the diamond is superimposed over the cross.

These nine service members were repatriated in 2018:

Larry R. Kilpatrick
LCDR, U.S. Navy
Stone Mountain, Ga.
Panel 1W, Line 45

Richard A. Kibbey
COL, Air Force
Delmar, N.Y.
Panel 14E, Line 129

Marshall F. Kipina
SSGT, U.S. Army
Calumet, Mich.
Panel 9E, Line 20

Richard C. Lannom
LT, U.S. Navy
Union City, Tenn.
Panel 42E, Line 19

Fredric M. Mellor
LTC, U.S. Air Force
Cranston, R.I.
Panel 2E, Line 52

James B. Mills
LCDR, U.S. Navy
Bakersfield, Calif.
Panel 10E, Line 130

Robert G. Nopp
LTC, U.S. Army
Salem, Ore.
Panel 9E, Line 20

Peter J. Stewart
COL, U.S. Air Force
Winter Haven, Fla.
Panel 6E, Line 12

Richard W. Podell
CAPT, U.S. Air Force
Winamac, Ind.
Panel 21E, Line 80

The Department of Defense sets the criteria for, and makes decisions about, whose names are eligible for inscription on The Wall. VVMF pays for the name additions and status changes, and works with the National Park Service to ensure long-term preservation and maintenance of The Wall.

Inscriptions and status changes are made by Engrave Wright from Denver, Colo.