Garland Proctor

Garland Proctor


Garland Allen Proctor


Great Falls






October 3, 2009


Air Force




Garland was born on November 27, 1938 to Dell and Lydia Proctor in Charleston West Virginia, he was the youngest of 6 siblings. He grew up in Marietta, Ohio and would swim across the Ohio River almost on a daily basis. He first joined the Air Force in 1957 and served a year in Korea. He served till 1960 then got out. Shortly there after he met the love of his life, Janet Johnson, of Parkersburg, West Virginia. He decided to re-enlist in June of 1963 and they were married on September 26, 1963. They were off to their first base, FE Warren in Cheyenne, WY. In March 1966 their 1st daughter was born, Robin Michelle. When she was 6 months old they shipped out to Japan where he served 3 years. In 1968 he was shipped to Tucson, Arizona. In 1969 he was deployed to Vietnam in Tonsulute. Shortly there after Mom miscarried, we mention this because we truly believe they are together. While in Vietnam his tent was bombed and his roommate was killed. We do not know his name we wish we did!! His experiences in Vietnam were rarely talked about, but he was very proud of his Service there. In 1970 he was sent to Chickapee, Massachusetts where his 2nd daughter was born, Jennifer Sue. Dad called her Jenny, right before her 3rd birthday a tumor was found in her chest it filled 2/3 of it. It was benign but the damage caused by removing it left her left lung paralyzed and with many health ailments and learning disabilities. We believe this was all related to his exposure to Agent Orange. To this day she still lives with struggles including being on oxygen 24/7. His Air Force career led him to do many different jobs in security police including guarding Air Force 1 and having the top security clearance that you could have at the time. It also led to many different places around the country including Ohio, Iceland and to the place he called home, Great Falls, Montana. He loved it so much he retired there in February 1980. He went on to be employed by the school district as a custodian. After retiring there he worked briefly for Easter Seals until illness forced him to quit. Dad was a very special man and a very hard working one who would take on multiple jobs to provide for his family. He was also a father figure to many nieces and nephews, all of whom called him uncle Curly. Curly was a nickname and most all that knew him called him that. On October 3, 2009 we lost him to the effects of Agent Orange. He fought so bravely, but he was tired and God called him home. He leaves behind his wife Janet, daughters Robin Hargett and Jenny Forister, son in laws Paul Hargett and Mike Forister, and his 4 grandsons of whom he referred to as his 4 sons, Jon and Joshua Hargett and Levi and Lance Forister, his brother Arley and many nieces and nephews, and his beloved dog Gidget. Dad loved to hunt and fish. He was also a huge Denver Broncos fan and Ohio State fan. He also was a big supporter of Special Olympics of Montana of which his grandson Jon is an athlete. We love you Daddy and we will see you again....


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POSTED ON 5.19.2022
POSTED BY: Mick Wenmoth

My uncle Curly

My fondest memories of my Uncle Curly is of when I was 12 or 13 years old and visited him in Montana. We went camping in Glacier Nat'l Park and fishing in a lake where we took out a boat and almost lost the motor in the water, we had a good laugh about that and I caught a White fish. We also went night fishing in the Missouri river, those were good times.
Curly was an SP in the Air Force so he was happy to see when I got older that I went into Law enforcement. Curly was a lifer in the Air Force and proudly served his country and I was proud of him and his service. He gave his all and ultimately his life as a result of his service with exposure to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam. RIP Curly, you are greatly missed!!
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