1:00 p.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. PST

Veterans Day 2020 Event

(The video below is of the entire virtual event. Simply hit “play” and you can begin watching. Please note it will say that the livestream will begin in one minute and the video will start immediately following the countdown.)

Veterans Day 2010- Bill Petros -067
Veterans Day 2020 Virtual Commemoration

About the Event

You are invited to join with us in paying tribute to all of our country’s service members on Veterans Day.  Though we will be unable to host guests at The Wall for our annual Veterans Day ceremony, you can participate in this virtual patriotic tribute from wherever you live.

The virtual commemoration will begin at 1 p.m. EST on November 11, 2020.

When:  November 11, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. EST

Where:  This is a virtual event only – You can join us on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/VietnamVeteransMemorialFund/) or our website (https://www.vvmf.org/honorservice/)

Musical Guest: We are pleased to have Rockie Lynne join us for a mini concert during the Veterans Day commemoration.

Rockie Lynne has made countless national media appearances, including performances on “Good Morning America,”  “Fox and Friends,”  feature stories by the Associated Press, People Magazine and the Los Angeles Times and has appeared many times on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

Rockie first made a name for himself when he released his critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album on Universal Records. His debut single, “Lipstick,” spent an impressive 10 consecutive weeks in the #1 slot on Billboard’s Country Singles Sales chart.

A veteran of the United States Army (82nd Airborne, Ft. Bragg, NC), Rockie is often requested to bring his unique patriotic program to veteran and military themed events.   He is the founder of a national charitable organization, Tribute To The Troops, now in its 15th year.  This 501c3 is dedicated to letting the families of all fallen service members know that their sacrifice is not forgotten.  The organization has raised $900,000 and opened savings plans for 78 Gold Star children.

His original compositions have been included in countless regional and national network programs.  Highlights include an Emmy Award-winning Wisconsin Public Television special (“LZ Lambeau” honoring our Vietnam and Vietnam-Era veterans);  CBS “Criminal Minds” and “Fox NFL Sunday” broadcasts.

Rockie was recently tapped to be the host of the home remodeling program called, “Operation Build” which airs nationally on A&E Network.

www.rockielynne.com     www.tributetothetroops.org


6 Words about Service

Service takes many forms. Besides the military, we serve our country, our communities, and each other through civic organizations, churches, community groups, and informal efforts. Using only 6 words (or one sentence), describe what service means to you.

We’ll be assembling all of the submissions and sharing them on this page in the days leading up to Veterans Day.

Tell us your thoughts here: https://act.vvmf.org/6words-service

Here is what some of you had to say:

Kathleen Marie from TX: God, Country, Family, Freedom and Liberty

Anastasia from MD: Freedom

Roger from TX: Providing help Always while I can

Anonymous: Doing my part in making the World a better place.

Ronald from OH: Appreciation of Country/Protection of Freedom

Tim from TX: Duty, Honor, Country and Sacrifice!

Randy from TX: Serving something greater than ourselves

Nancy from OK: Giving of heart, mind, and body

Joseph from PA: We answered the call to duty

Lawrence from VA: answering our country’s call

Jessica from PA: Bravery, Honor, Freedom for All! Thank you

Mike from NC: Protecting your friends’ and family’s future.

Kathleen from TX: Love of country and my fellow Americans.

Paul from CO: We’re forever grateful for your Service.

Joyce from MI: Honor. Keeping a promise. Love

Judy from DE: Service to me, DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY

Dennis from CA: The greatest adventure of my life.

Leo from PA: Doing the right thing for the right reason.

Isabella from NY: Giving back to those who gave

Diana from FL: Bravery.  Respect.  Loyalty.  Love of country.

Rick from WA: Brotherhood, family, sacrifice, Country, pride, gratitude

Rich from OR: Love appreciate honesty respect adore inspire

Kenneth from IL: Service – Proudly supporting our constitutional country.

Colleen from SC: See a need, fill that need.

John from PA: Served with pride. Love them all.

Kathy from PA: Giving of oneself  passion compassion sacrifice

Marlene from IL: Service is honor and respect.

Raymond from MA: Selfless sacrifice to God and Country.

Paul from DC: Giving back what I was given.

Barbara from NY: Risking yourself to help another.

Ron from NJ: Honor,Duty,Loyalty, God Bless America.

Glen from MD: Honor* Couarage*Respect* Leadership*Commitment*Responsibilty

Lynne from NH: For Love of Our Great Country.

Harold A. from WI: Honor, Duty, Country, Family, Tolerance, Hope

Arthur from PA: proud to be a former GI

Huong from MD: Peacemaking, love, sharing, helping, giving, sacrificing.

Johnnie from OH: Serving  your  country  Veteran  Soldier  for  life.

Howard from PA: To preserve our American freedoms!

Michael from CA: Marines made me family!

Michael from WA: The ability to do for others.

Rose from IN: Giving back or giving forward selflessly.

Maria from OH: Service means to me, that even through pain and hate you keep going to protect your family and country.

Hugo from GA: What service means to me is duty, honor and country !!

John from VA: Unselfish devotion to the greater good.

Alvin from HI: I served because I LOVE AMERICA.

Colleen from SC: Unselfishly helping those in need.

Jeanne from CT: caring for others before myself

John from TX: As a son of a WW2 vet, I volunteered to honor those that went before me

Casildo from IL: Willingness Contribution Common Good Community Values

Cameron from ID: Giving back to those who gave.

Anonymous from TN: Giving without expecting anything in return.

Ed from NJ: Sacrifice for one’s country over themselves

Kathryn from MA: Sacrifice. Heart. Bravery. Strength. Hero. Protector.

Katey and Chris from MA: Sacrifice. Heart. Bravery. Strength. Hero. Protector.

James from OH: Sacrifice of yourself for others

Josephn from NY: To help our country when needles

Rene from FL: Honor and respect for our country.

Sue from GA: The fallen, those serving for FREEDOM

Sue from GA: Remembering the fallen; we’ll NEVER FORGET

Cassandra from IL: Selflessly giving to those in need

Daniel from MO: Have courage to face dangerous foes

Larry from VA: Service to others is our Duty

Elva from ME: My service is with the elderly, be their eyes, ears, voice and strength.

Dennis: Service is commitment without compromise.

Francis from PA: My country needed my help

william from PA: All gave some,our Sam C 20w121gave All; a proud Marine

Amelia from WA: Service is fighting for your country and willingly trying to make the world a better place for future generations.

E’toupo from WA: Sacrifice, Kindness, Courage, Helping others, Love, Bravery.

Chase from WA: Service means sacrifice for others

Logan from WA: Service is bravery and sacrifice.

Arialee from WA: Service is giving Love and sacrificing yourself.

Tula from WA: love, sacrifice, courage, helping, bravery

Cole from WA: Making sacrifices and taking nothing in return

Stellar from WA: a sacrifice of yourself for others

Brody from WA: Sacrifice, Love, Helping, Bravery, Courage, Caring

Anthony from WA: Sacrificing ones self to help others

Collette from HI: Educational opportunities!

Isaac from WA: It means loving/caring for others

Lucinda from WA: Service means to sacrifice with courage

Tommy from PA: Duty,Honor,Integrity,Pride,Brotherhood,Freedom

Lyle from MN: Courage, Duty, Loyalty, Honor, Dignity, Respect.

Steve from FL: Proudly Serve To Protect All Americans

Ava from WA: Sacrifice, Bravery, Strength, Honor.

Huck from WA: Giving your self for your country.

Ryan from WA: Service means to me that we need to give back to our country for everything that the country has given us.

Gracie from WA: to help our country  in need

Parker from WA: Someone who served our country.

Charley from WA: People sacrificing their lives for us so that we can live free.

Baylee from WA: Service to me means sacrifice.

Michael from OR: Courage, Responsibility, Love

Cayleb from WA: Service means to serve people and yourself.

Camylla from WA: help with something.

Brackyn from WA: Protecting others with your own life.

Brooke from WA: Veteran´s day is a day to thank everyone who has served for our country.

jacquie from WA: bravery, courage, honorable,

Lily from WA: Service to me means someone protecting our freedom.

Addisyn from WA: My uncle and my cousin work in the navy and they work very very hard for their country and their family, so I highly respect the vertains

Yvette from WA: It means putting your life for others and helping our country.

Mn’m from WA: It means someone giving a part of their life for their country.

Jett from WA: Service means helping this country.

Hadlee from WA: family, protection, war, america, work, tears

Christian from WA: Service means freedom to me because the veterans fight for our freedom

Noah from WA: service means fighting for or protecting your country.

Armando from WA: Service brings joy and touches lives .

Kelsee from WA: are brave to serve for us

Donovan from WA: service is serving other and themselfs

Kazzi from WA: my grandparents served for 6 22 and 12 years.

Diego from WA: I have freedom.

Anonymous from WA: it means that pepole do stuff for a good reson for a purpose

Anonymous from WA: Service to me means serving your community

Connor from WA: Brave, strong, loving and cool i would say

Anahi from WA: service is dedication, sacrifice, honor, responsibility,courage,strength

Jmi from WA: Service mean to help someone

Matthew from WI: fighting severing

Aleyda from WA: Service means making sacrifices.

Marisela from WA: Service to me mean to help or do something for those you love or for someone who’s asked.

Rio from WA: service means someone who has gave there lifes up for us

Jhostin from WA: honorable sacrifice brave  strong hero

Allysa from WA: people do something nice for you

Seth from WA: Sacrifice, Time, Work, Helping others, Good to people, Hero’s

Brooklyn from WA: Risking your life for your country and people

David from TX: America, This I Will Defend Still Today.

Anonymous from WA: Sacrificing yourself for what you believe in.

klay from WA: honer, loyalty, sacrafice, patratism, heroism, and bravery

Rubi from WA: what service means to me is the they worked for our country.

Sarah from WA: caring,bravery,courage,selfless,strong,nice

Julian from WA: Brave humans who fought for us.

Ellie from WA: Helping others instead of thinking about themselves.

Dominic from WA: Honor,Peace(after),love, and friendship.

Amelie from WA: Someone who helps the world.

Alejandra from WA: kindness, willingness,effort,heroes,risk taking, helping

Ammon from WA: Sending a helping hand towards someone or something you treasure dearly.

Khloe from WA: people who served in the military

Isaiah from WA: I think service is anything/anything that helps others.

Anonymous : To serve a country and risk your life or future

Abigail from WA: benefits done by you for others .

 Anonymous: to help out the community or the country.

Aiden from WA: Service: that you’re thankful for America

Parker: fighting for our country and never giving up

Teo from WA: help protect fighting for love

Morgan from NJ: kindness, selfless, helpful, honest, mindful, brave

Bob from PA: giving back with love, honor & devotion

Aaliyah from NJ: service means defending your country for a good cause.

G from NJ: service means to is honor, sacrifice, selfless, patriotic, bravery, loyal.

Anton from NJ: Doing my part


Virtually Visiting The Wall

Since we can’t properly gather at The Wall in person, VVMF is proud to offer some new ways for you to experience the Vietnam Veterans Memorial virtually.

Join National Park Service and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Volunteer Allen McCabe as he shares the history, the symbolism, and the power of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. through our “Wall Talk” video: https://youtu.be/DpJIUHssrYk

Experience the Memorial using our Virtual Tour: https://www.vvmf.org/Virtual-Tour/