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Father's Day Rose Remembrance

Every Father’s Day, VVMF lays thousands of roses at the Memorial site. Each rose holds a personal message in honor of the fathers on The Wall, those who never had a chance to come home and start a family, and those who later died after the War ended.  Family, friends and visitors are invited to take part in laying roses. It is a breathtaking sight that demonstrates both the gratitude and the sacrifices of families impacted by war.

  • Red roses symbolize those killed in action.
  • Yellow roses symbolize those unaccounted for (missing in action / prisoners of war).
  • White roses with red tips symbolize those who died after the War ended.


Here is a brief overview of the Father’s Day Rose Remembrance and how to sponsor roses with personalized messages.  

  1. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund orders thousands of roses to be placed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site on Father’s Day.
  2. The roses are RED for those killed-in-action, YELLOW for those unaccounted for, and WHITE for those who returned home and later passed.
  3. Individuals and groups have sponsored roses with personalized messages that will be printed and placed on the roses.
Roses With Card
Father's Day Rose Remembrance

Sponsor Roses

Rose sponsorship has ended.  Our deepest thanks to all of you who helped support this breathtakingly beautiful event.