POSTED ON 9.25.2017
POSTED BY: Lucy Conte Micik


Dear Father Capodanno,
Years ago, I read about you. You did not have to join the Navy as a Chaplain, but you did. You gave comfort and faith to those struggling each day. Our country acknowledged you with the Medal of Honor. Much greater than that, you are one step closer to being declared a saint of the church. The Wall states you are from Hawaii, but you are a New Yorker from Staten Island. EWTN had a movie on you. Thank you for your faith, and being a Chaplain for the Marines who needed you. Semper Fi. Watch over our nation, it is in need of you, now more than ever. Rest in peace in heaven, but please continue to help our forces in peril.
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POSTED ON 9.4.2017
POSTED BY: Anthony 'Steve' Giordano, HM3, Navy Corpsman, Surgical technician

Rest in Peace, Never forgotten -

Thank you for all your comfort given before your ulitmate sacrifice. Rest in peace.
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POSTED ON 9.4.2017
POSTED BY: David Botticelli

Remembering Lt. Capodanno

After having posting memorials for so many soldiers and others, this is my first remembrance of a man of the cloth. Thank you, Lieutenant Capodanno, for being a source of inspiration and comfort to our troops in Vietnam. I'm sure that you preached to and aided many troops there in Vietnam.
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POSTED ON 9.4.2017
POSTED BY: Donna Kamalic


Dearest Father Vincent, I never met you and quite frankly, never even knew of you - until a recent broadcast on EWTN in a program named "Called and Chosen."
My late husband John Kamalic, Jr. also served in Vietnam as a Grunt in 1968-1969 and although he came back alive - he suffered much physically and with PTSD. I wish you two could have met, but I think you have a special connection with Johnny, as you both were born on February 13th! I feel as a Marine Grunt - you helped escort my Johnny into Heaven,as in Vietnam - no man is left behind. Please pray for me and for this world, and keep my Beloved good company in Heaven. Love you.
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POSTED ON 9.4.2017
POSTED BY: A US Marine, Vietnam

Medal of Honor

Vincent Robert Capodanno
Date of birth: February 13, 1929
Date of death: September 4, 1967
Burial location: Staten Island, New York
Place of Birth: New York, Staten Island
Home of record: Staten Island New York
Status: KIA


Medal of Honor

Awarded for actions during the Vietnam War

The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pride in presenting the Medal of Honor (Posthumously) to Lieutenant (Chaplain) Vincent Robert Capodanno (NSN: 0-656197), United States Naval Reserve, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as Chaplain of the Third Battalion, Fifth Marines, THIRD Marine Division (Reinforced), Fleet Marine Forces, in connection with operations against enemy forces in Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam, on 4 September 1967. In response to reports that the 2d Platoon of M Company was in danger of being overrun by a massed enemy assaulting force, Lieutenant Capodanno left the relative safety of the company command post and ran through an open area raked with fire, directly to the beleaguered platoon. Disregarding the intense enemy small-arms, automatic-weapons, and mortar fire, he moved about the battlefield administering last rites to the dying and giving medical aid to the wounded. When an exploding mortar round inflicted painful multiple wounds to his arms and legs, and severed a portion of his right hand, he steadfastly refused all medical aid. Instead, he directed the corpsmen to help their wounded comrades and, with calm vigor, continued to move about the battlefield as he provided encouragement by voice and example to the valiant marines. Upon encountering a wounded corpsman in the direct line of fire of an enemy machine gunner positioned approximately 15 yards away, Lieutenant Capodanno rushed in a daring attempt to aid and assist the mortally wounded corpsman. At that instant, only inches from his goal, he was struck down by a burst of machinegun fire. By his heroic conduct on the battlefield, and his inspiring example, Lieutenant Capodanno upheld the finest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life in the cause of freedom.

Action Date: September 4, 1967

Service: Navy

Rank: Lieutenant

Company: Chaplain (Attached)

Battalion: 3d Battalion

Regiment: 5th Marines

Division: 3d Marine Division (Rein) FMF (Attached)
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