PTSD Awareness Day

Be the Light in the Dark

Some left Vietnam but Vietnam didn’t leave them. Nearly 3 million service members served in Vietnam and most returned home. But since then, thousands of Vietnam veterans have battled PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – and it has impacted their lives and the lives of their families in many ways. Returning without a proper homecoming compounded the issues veterans faced upon their return.

Join us as we promote PTSD Awareness on June 27, 2021 – National PTSD Awareness Day – by bringing light to the continuing toll of the war. The Vietnam War may be over, but the battle continues for many Vietnam veterans and their families to this day.

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Sponsor a candle using the form below and help support programs and events like PTSD Awareness Day.  If you choose to leave a remembrance, your message will be displayed online and left in a book of remembrance at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site during our event on June 27th, 2021.


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VVMF’s PTSD Awareness Day shirt campaign has ended.  Thank you for your support!  

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