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William Beall


William Thomas Beall








January 7, 2020






US NAVY SEM US Finch Enlisted 1965. NAM ’66-’69 Home guard ’70-’71 Married his first love, Katherine, in October.04.2002 at home in Reston Virginia. We still are soulmates, just in different rooms, William, stepped next door into heavens room while I stay here in earths room, until the Lord’ invites me to join them. William is my life, I Loved My William yesterday, I Loved him today, but not as much as I will love him tomorrow. ALWAYS! Amazing Stepdad to Jason and Tracy, and the Best grandad ever to Levi and Leuan. William Thomas Beall was born January 19, 1948 in Arlington Hospital Virginia. Father: Harvey Ward Beall. Mother: Audrey Beall Sisters: Carol Beall. Linda Beall. Donna Beall William, enlisted into US Navy Year of 1965. Serving two tours in Vietnam1966- 1969. Served aboard the US Finch, also support on swift boats, and river boats with US Marines, boots down in Danang. William was incredibly proud of his service to his country; he was a true Patriotic American After leaving the navy, William worked as a maintenance engineer for 37 years. William was an excellent carpenter, he loved working with wood also tooling leather. The Washington Redskins were his team, man did he yell when they scored and even louder when they lost, which you can imagine was very often ‘he-he’ he sure would make us laugh. He gave as much of himself as possible helping the poor, sick and homeless. Would drive, walk, searching areas known for homeless and less fortunate, buying clothes and food for them out of his own pocket, he was a very generous man! believed God’ saved him from Vietnam to help more people in his daily life. This he did always! William was 100% disabled from many Agent Orange related illnesses. P.T.S.D. Lung/ Brain Cancers, Type 2 Diabetes. Alzheimer’s Disease. Mini Strokes. William’s health started deteriorating quickly in 2004. Three brain tumours, lung cancer, doctors told him, ‘your stage 4 and unable to operate, giving him 6 – 12 months to live; 2 days later a stranger a young man and 2 young ladies heard us talking, came over and said, ‘he was going to pray over him, (There is a lot more to this actual pray experience, but too long to write here}. after we all prayed the stranger firmly said, YOUR CANCER IS GONE! The strangers began walking away, William, called out, hey what is your name? what should I do? The stranger said,’ give testimony, my name is Matt Megel’ he is still a friend today, a highly respected successful man in Virginia. We decided to be closer to our children, moved from the states to Wales UK in 2007, Katherine’s homeland. William settled in amazingly fast and loved living at the bottom of two valleys and close to the ocean. William was the most generous, kind, driven and amazing husband, stepfather, grandfather & friend, not to mention hardest worker I knew. We loved him then, we love him now, we will love him ALWAYS. Life with my wonderful husband was so much fun. We were so blessed God’ chose to share him with us. We thank the Lord’ you loved us, protected and provided for us, even after you gained your angel wings. We promise to love, to share your life’s memories every day and will celebrate you forever. William suffered years of pain and discomfort. He never complained, but on days you could see he was living in HELL, due to his many illnesses. He truly suffered in silence. He was and always will be a hero in our eyes. YES, He DID get war wounds from Vietnam through AO, he carried and suffered from them for years. He was unknowingly killed in Vietnam and died a painful death years later. It was heart-breaking watching him deteriorate daily, struggling and gasping for breath. William lived his life to the fullest possible, until he passed suddenly in his wife’s arms at home on January 7th, 2020, at 10:16am William will be greatly missed by his forever wife Katherine, & all his family & friends LOVE & MISS YOU ALWAYS Your Wife Katherine, Stepchildren Jason, Tracy, Mostyn, Grandsons Levi, Ieuan William’s Soul is FREE he lives with Our Father in Heaven. His earthy body rests peacefully in the Cemetery in Bridgend, South Wales. United Kingdom. Lest We Forget