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October 16, 2004






My father served 5 1/2 years in the U.S. Army. He was a Mechanic during his first enlistment and Helicopter Pilot during his 2nd enlistment. He served 2 tours in Vietnam. He was a Scout Pilot with the Army's 1st Air Cav Division during his 2nd tour. This was a very dangerous job. Fortunately, he made it home alive. My father was very passionate about his flight career. He enjoyed it immensely. Shortly after my father returned to the states in August 1969, my father married my mother, Susan K. Brown. They had twin daughters (Kari and Heather) prior to my dad's release from the Army. After getting out of the military in 1970, my father secured employment with an international helicopter company, Petroleum Helicopters as a Helicopter Pilot. In 1974, Brandy Bartol was born. My father was employed with PHI Inc. for 33 years until he was forced to retire after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer on April 25, 2003 at the age of 58. My father was service connected by the VA. He was rated at 100% for 2 separate conditions- glioblastoma, and loss of use of left arm and leg. He was also rated for PTSD, and a variety of other conditions that resulted because of the brain cancer. My father fought a very brave and courageous battle. He was the most positive person you would ever want to meet. He was never bitter or angry that his cancer was related to his military service. He accepted God's fate. He loved his country. He was very proud to be an American. He died at the age of 59 shortly before his 60th birthday as a result of the brain cancer and pneumonia. In my father's honor, we have set up a college scholarship (George Bartol Memorial Scholarship Fund) to help children of brain cancer patients go to college. Children of Vietnam Veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. My father was a big advocate for higher education. We know he'd be proud that we are choosing to honor him in this fashion. He was very proud of the fact that my sisters and I earned multiple degrees each from Florida State University all at his expense. He was a very generous man, and always encouraged people to make the most of their lives. My father, George D. Bartol was the oldest of 7 children born to Jack and Wanna Bartol. My father left behind his loving wife and our mother, Sue Bartol, 3 daughters, Kari, Heather and Brandy Bartol, his parents, Jack and Wanna Bartol, as well as 4 sisters, Diane Cook, Debbie Graff, Denise Bledsoe, and Jacquie Shearer. He was preceded in death by his only 2 brothers who were murdered, Christopher Bartol (Army Helicopter Pilot) and Mark Bartol. My father was a very dedicated son, brother, father, husband and friend. He loved his friends and family dearly. Please help me in honoring my American hero.


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