Limited Edition Anniversary Shirts

Limited-edition anniversary shirts are now available for order!

This November, VVMF will commemorate two very special anniversaries for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site in Washington, D.C.  As part of these anniversaries, VVMF is offering two limited-edition shirts commemorating these occasions.

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35th Anniversary of The Three Servicemen Statue

The Three Servicemen Statue was dedicated in November 1984 as the first addition to the site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, two years after The Wall was built. Born out of a controversy surrounding the design of The Wall, the statue is meant to be a heroic, traditional depiction of those who served in Vietnam. Through the last 35 years, the Three Servicemen statue has continued to be a powerful tribute honoring our Vietnam Veterans.

15 Anniversary of the In Memory Plaque

The In Memory plaque was dedicated as part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site in November 2004. It honors all those served in Vietnam, returned home, and later died of illnesses related to their service. A ceremony is held each June to honor these veterans who ultimately sacrificed all.

A couple of important notes:

  • This is a very limited time campaign and shirt orders will end on September 22nd. In order to produce the best image, the process used to make these shirts will require more time to produce and we want you to receive your shirt in November. Don’t hesitate, act now to get these limited-edition shirts.
  • This sale will be open on the opening date and orders will be collected until the closing date.
  • All shirts will be shipped out at one time after the sale closing date.  The estimated delivery date for this specially printed shirt is November 8th, but we can not guarantee the delivery date.
  • The finished print may look slightly different than the image pictured above.

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