The Vietnam War is one of the most divisive moments in US history and because of this, many educators experience difficulty teaching it in their classrooms.  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund provides teachers with robust education materials to help students learn about the lasting impact of the Vietnam War, while reinforcing history, civic engagement, writing, and other interdisciplinary skills.  

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Teaching Resources

    Hometown Heroes: A Service Learning Project

With the goal to collect photos and stories of those on The Wall and those who returned, VVMF engaged the Veterans History Project (a part of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress), to create the Hometown Heroes Service Learning Project.  Through four separate lesson plans, students have an opportunity to learn about local veterans who served and sacrificed in Vietnam, and to preserve their stories for generations to come.  The photos and stories collected through this project will be featured in The Education Center at The Wall. Download: Hometown Heroes: A Service Learning Project

     Echoes from the Wall Teachers' Guide

The Echoes from the Wall teachers' guide contains six modules to support multiple approaches to teaching the history of the Vietnam War. All together, the modules cover a wide range of topics, including the escalating US involvement in Vietnam, the history and culture of Vietnam, the role of the Vietnam Memorial as a national healer, and the legacy and impact of the conflict on all involved. Download: Echoes From The Wall Teachers’ Guide

Teaching Vietnam Toolkit

For suggested web, film, and book resources on teaching the history and legacy of the Vietnam War, check out our toolkit.

Plan a Visit

     Field Trip Guide

If you are planning a field trip to the Wall with your school or youth group, VVMF's field trip guide is an excellent resource for self-guided or teacher-led exploration of the memorial. The guide includes various onsite activities, as well as activities for the classroom. For those unable to visit the Memorial or Washington, D.C. area, this guide provides a framework for exploring memorials in your own community.  

Can't visit the Memorial in person? Check out our virtual tour of the Memorial grounds.

Workshops at the Wall

VVMF conducts workshops for teachers and students to introduce them to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, comprised of The Wall, The Three Servicemen Statue, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, and the In Memory plaque.  These workshops, from April to October, provide opportunities to use today’s digital technologies and social networks outside the classroom, while learning about the Vietnam War, veterans, and stories.  

  • For more information regarding workshops, please contact the Education Specialist, Reema Ghazi at

Connect with VVMF Online

Foster a 21st century classroom! You and your students can learn about the legacy of Vietnam, engage with Vietnam veterans, and listen to dynamic stories by experts in the field by becoming a part of our online community.

The Wall That Heals 

Your class, school, or organization can host The Wall That Heals, a half-scale replica of The Wall and a Museum and Information Center designed to "bring The Wall home" to communities throughout our country.  Since its dedication, The Wall That Heals has visited more than 400 cities and towns throughout the nation, spreading the Memorial's healing legacy to millions.  

Ceremonies at the Memorial

You can participate in ceremonies throughout the year at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  These events are open to the public and we encourage school groups to attend if they are in the Washington, D.C. area.  Teachers can have students create remembrances and/or cards as a tribute to those who have served in the military for the Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas Tree ceremonies.  

With teaching and learning needs constantly shifting, VVMF is currently exploring new education initiatives and interpretive programs in preparation for the Education Center at The Wall. More to come later!