Three Servicemen Statue Image Usage

The Three Servicemen Statue (also referred to as the Three Soldiers) is a joint copyright of VVMF and the estate of Frederick Hart.
All usage requests must be submitted to both VVMF and the Chase Art Companies for joint approval.  

If you would like permission to use the Three Servicemen Statue, you must fill out all of this information and email it to both of the following individuals: 
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund:  Adam Arbogast -
Chase Art Companies:  Lori Schwartz - 

Please use the subject line:  Permission Request to use Three Soldiers/Servicemen

All approved requests must display the proper copyright of © Frederick Hart / VVMF, 1984


Company/Organization/Individual Name: 
Contact Name:
Contact Email: 
City, State:  

Are you a veterans organization?

Are you planning on selling the item or using it for commercial use?  

Please enter a description of how you are going to use the image (for example, "I am going to use the image on a commemorative coin that will be handed out during a veteran's convention"):

# of items bearing the image will be produced (if you do not yet know how many, please provide an approximate amount): 

Important: Provide a sample, prototype example, rendering, or photograph as an attachment to your email.