View the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Board of Directors


Jim Knotts, President and Chief Executive Officer  CONTACT
Viktor Zikas, Chief Development Officer CONTACT
Latosha AdamsManager of Online Communications - ext. 104 CONTACT
*Adam Arbogast, Senior Director, Direct Response and Digital Strategy - ext. 113 CONTACT
Jason Bain, Senior Collections Curator CONTACT
Ashley Barnes, Assistant Collections Curator CONTACT
Kamrin Brown, Accounting Clerk - ext. 121 CONTACT
Steve Delp, Senior Advisor of Outreach - ext. 112 CONTACT
Cynthia Long, The Wall That Heals Program Manager - ext. 102 CONTACT
*Luz Lovins, Director of Development - ext. 117 CONTACT
*Patrick O'NeillThe Wall That Heals Site Manager - ext. 119 CONTACT
Samantha Smart, Events - ext. 122 CONTACT
Elizabeth Steiner, Office Manager - ext. 100 CONTACT
Tim Tetz, Director of Outreach - ext. 116 CONTACT
Victoria Thomas, Outreach Programs Coordinator CONTACT
Mina Tobin, Development Database Manager - ext. 110 CONTACT
JoAnn Waller, Director of In Memory Program - ext. 106 CONTACT
Heidi ZimmermanDirector of Communications - ext. 118 CONTACT
*These members of the staff are not based in Washington, D.C.