VVA Chapter 267 Donates to Build Education Center

Chapter 267 of Vietnam veterans have buried far too many of our brothers-in-arms with little or no honors. We see them leaving at an alarming rate; and their stories of service to our country are passing away with them.

We have arrived at the realization that our time to preserve the history of the Vietnam veteran may not be as long as anticipated. Our generation of warriors, like those before us, have found ourselves facing the reality that immortality can only be achieved by not being forgotten.

Therefore, we want and need to ensure that the legacy of the Vietnam veteran is told and preserved so future generations can see how they lived and died, to know who they were and understand the sacrifices they made for their country.

The Vietnam era erupted in violence and ended in silence; there were no welcome home parades. No one mentioned it. It wasn't discussed out loud. Nor the history of Vietnam taught in our schools. Therefore the stories of valor and sacrifice will perish with the veterans. 

After living through years of indifference we are now compelled more than ever to ensure that our history is preserved. We believe that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and the Education Center at The Wall in Washington, D.C. will provide the assurance that their stories are told. That their sacrifices will be seen and our legacy preserved for generations to come. Immortalizing the Vietnam veteran into the halls of history. It is an expression of gratitude that is long overdue. 

Therefore in honor of Captain James L. Huard and all chapter members, past, present and future, we donate $10,000 toward the completion of the Education Center at The Wall.

In doing so we fulfill our promise to ensure the public is made aware of the veteran's sacrifices. To honor with dignity, the men and women who served our country. As the last Vietnam veteran is buried and the flag is folded and taps are played, the Education Center at The Wall will be there for all to see, ensuring that these veterans will never be forgotten.

The Members of Chapter 267

Raul Roy Flores, President