NewDay USA commits $1 million to Build The Center

On April 13, 2013, employees and executives from NewDay USA, one of the nation's leading mortgage companies serving veterans, gathered at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall to help at this year's first washing of The Wall, a cleaning and maintenance task that is part of the services provided by the non-profit Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF).

"Speaking for everyone from the NewDay USA family who participated, I can say that the washing of The Wall was an emotional experience that truly brought home our organization's commitment to the men and women who serve in the armed forces," said Rear Admiral Tom Lynch, (USN, Ret.), Chairman of the Board at NewDay USA and Co-Chair of the NewDay USA Foundation. "It was a privilege to do our part and honor fallen heroes by helping the VVMF with ongoing preservation efforts at The Wall."

Admiral Lynch, (USN, Ret.), was joined by Lieutenant General Benjamin Freakley, (USA, Ret.), Colonel John Fenzel, (USA, Ret.), CEO of the NewDay USA Foundation and over 90 other members of the NewDay USA workforce and Board of Directors for the event.

"In the winter months, The Wall can lose some of its shine and clarity. With the first Wall washing of the season, we remove the dirt and grime to better reveal not only the names on The Wall, but also our own reflection. It is a deeply personal event and we are delighted to share it with NewDay USA," said Jan C. Scruggs, VVMF Founder and President.

NewDay USA was the exclusive sponsor of the Wall-washing that took place in the early morning hours at The Wall to honor and remember friends and loved ones.

After the scrubbing was completed, the group convened on the ceremonial grounds of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial for the presentation of a $1 million check to the VVMF from the NewDay USA Foundation, the tax-exempt, principal instrument of philanthropy for NewDay USA. The ceremonial check was presented by Rob Posner, Co-Chairman of the NewDay USA Foundation to Jan C. Scruggs, VVMF Founder and President.

The Education Center at The Wall will be a place where military heroes' stories and sacrifice will never be forgotten. With plans to begin construction in 2014, the Center is a technologically-innovative learning facility to be built on the grounds of the Vietnam Veterans and Lincoln Memorials. The Education Center will feature the faces and stories of the more than 58,000 men and women on The Wall, honoring those who fell in Vietnam, those who fought and returned, as well as the friends and families of all who served. The Education Center will also celebrate the legacy of service that links the heroes of America's past to those still serving today.

"The NewDay USA family and its Foundation is extremely proud to make this commitment and include the VVMF as a philanthropic partner. We wanted to participate in a meaningful way, and our support for the Education Center helps to ensure that the faces and stories of fallen heroes are never forgotten," said Rob Posner, Co-Chairman of the NewDay USA Foundation.

The NewDay USA Foundation's primary philanthropic mission is to provide grants and charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations that support veterans, active-duty service members and military families. The Foundation's philanthropic partners include Hope for Our Heroes, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, Renovating Hope, and Purple Heart Homes, among others.

NewDay USA encourages others to join in supporting organizations that honor and support the nation's active-duty service members, veterans and military families. Learn more about the Education Center at The Wall by visiting or by calling 866-990-WALL.

About NewDay USA

An industry leader committed to playing its part in supporting a vibrant, healthy housing market, NewDay USA is a nationwide VA, FHA and Reverse mortgage lender. The company focuses on helping active duty military personnel, veterans and their families to achieve their financial and housing goals. The company's work environment is designed to support both best practices in mortgage lending and career growth for mortgage professionals.

NewDay USA is the exclusive provider of mortgage lending for Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) members, and is among the top providers of VA loans in the U.S. In keeping with its commitment to helping past and current members of the U.S. armed services, the company is a major philanthropic partner of Hope for Our Heroes, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, Renovating Hope, Purple Heart Homes, Scholar Academies, Carson Scholars and numerous others. Community service and giving back in the form of volunteerism also plays a big role among the NewDay USA workforce.

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