The Winner of the Cruise for America’s Heroes campaign is...

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is excited to announce the winner of the Cruise for America’s Heroes campaign.
After reading through hundreds of nominations from all over the country, we have selected Joe Connolly of Boston, Massachusetts as the recipient of the four-day, Princess Cruises vacation to the Western Caribbean.
Take a look at the life of this amazing veteran, told by three of his children who nominated him:
My father is a Vietnam veteran. When he returned from war, he became a Boston fire fighter and has dedicated his life to the service of others for over 40 years. Between providing for his family, working for our city, and putting 4 children through college, he has not been able to take a real vacation.
- Elizabeth Connolly

For the past 12 years my father has gone to DC for Veterans Day, and has encouraged his children to come with him and show respect. It is always my favorite time of year, because I have the privilege of standing among the true heroes of this great country, the ones who survived and the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
- Michaela Connolly

Rather than take vacations, they attended little league games and Irish Step dancing recitals. Rather than buy new cars, they drove around in 15 year old clunkers so that their children could have a car to share in our teenage years. My parents haven't been on a vacation in over 20 years, because they put their children first.
- Joe Connolly

As a family man, a firefighter, and a veteran, Joe is the epitome of an American hero. We’re honored to give him some well-deserved R&R.