Business Leaders Donate in Honor of Fallen Classmates

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) is pleased to announce the expansion of its relationship with new corporate sponsor, NewDay USA. The company, one of the nation’s leading VA mortgage companies, and through the NewDay USA Foundation, has committed to supporting VVMF in our campaign to build the Education Center at The Wall.  As part of VVMF’s Faces Never Forgotten campaign, Rear Admiral Thomas C. Lynch (USN, Ret.) and Robert Posner have dedicated a portion of the NewDay USA Foundation’s $1 million donation in honor of fallen classmates from their alma maters.

Admiral Lynch, who serves as NewDay USA’s Chairman of the Board and Co-Chair of NewDay USA Foundation, has chosen to honor the nine members of the U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1964 who are listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall) in Washington, DC.  Mr. Posner, NewDay USA’s CEO and Co-Chair and CEO of the Foundation, has chosen to honor the 11 former cadets at the Fishburne Military School in Waynesboro, Va., who gave their lives during the Vietnam War.

“We are proud to honor the brave men and women of my Naval Academy class, and those of Fishburne Military School, who lost their lives during the Vietnam conflict. I knew most of these classmates personally; some of them were close friends. Our organization’s commitment to the men and women who serve in the armed forces and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund's continued remembrance of the fallen soldiers of wars past, present and future, will have a lasting impression for generations to come,” said Rear Admiral Lynch (USN, Ret.), Chairman of NewDay USA and Co-Chair, NewDay USA Foundation.

Those from The U.S. Naval Academy, Class of 1964 listed on The Wall are:











Virgil K. Cameron

Robin B. Cassell

Michael R. Collins

William A. Griffis, III

Jerry F. Hogan

Thomas J. Holden

Barry W. Hooper

Charles C. Parish

Geoffrey R. Shumway










“These men sacrificed their lives during the Vietnam War. They leave behind family, friends and comrades who remember them through the Wall. The Education Center is an enormously important project that will honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, not only in the Vietnam War, but also for our service members who have fought in all wars, past and present,” said Robert Posner, NewDay USA CEO and Co-Chair and CEO, NewDay USA Foundation.

Those from Fishburne Military School listed on The Wall are:

Robert P. Breeden

Robert M. Brown, Jr.

George S. Costello

William A. Faught, Jr.

Robert W. Meiss, Jr.

John A. Nixon

Geoffrey H. Osborn

William R. Spillers

William M. Van Antwerp, Jr.

William O. Winston

Walter S. Wood

The NewDay USA Foundation’s efforts, as well as these personal endowments, are part of VVMF’s Faces Never Forgotten campaign, which gives supporters the tools they need to set individual goals and contribute or raise money in honor of specific names on The Wall.

The campaign also aims to collect a photo for each of the names on The Wall. To date VVMF, has collected nearly 32,000 photographs. VVMF will display all 58,286 photos in the Center.

NewDay USA and their Foundation are committed to this cause because millions of Americans answered their national call for service in Vietnam, just as they are today in operations worldwide. Among service members, a common thread of service bonds them no matter their era of service, branch or rank. Military families also feel camaraderie of mutual sacrifice. Our society cannot forget those great sacrifices or the values those veterans exemplified through their service and heroism.