The Wall That Heals Kicks Off 2015 in Florida

The Wall That Heals, VVMF's half-scale Wall replica and mobile Education Center, will be crisscrossing the nation again! The 2015 tour begins in Riverview, Florida.
The Florida RV Trade Association will be the first host to bring The Wall "home" beginning on January 14th. Open from 9 am-6pm daily, the replica will be available for view through Sunday, January 18th. The RV Trade Association will also spearhead four days of events dedicated to honoring veterans. 
"I think bringing this very important display to Tampa will mean a lot of people will be able to visit The Wall that would never have a chance to go to Washington," said Dave Kelley, Marketing Director of The RV Trade Association.
The Wall replica has traveled to more than 400 cities and towns throughout the nation, spreading the Memorial's healing legacy to millions. 
With a large veteran prescence in Riverview, support for the replica's stop has reached far and wide thanks to local VFWs, local JROTC programs, and Vietnam Vet groups getting the word out. 
"So many lives were touched by the Vietnam War and this is our small way of saying thanks to those that served, their families and their friends that gave up so much," Kelley exclaims.
Strongly affecting those who visit it, The Wall That Heals helps offer closure and healing to those still suffering from the wounds of war. 
In addition to The Wall replica, the mobile Education Center will have the ability to teach today's youth that a nation is still healing. Displaying items left at The Wall in Washington, D.C. and showing photos of the fallen, Americans from all walks of life will be able to see the sacrifices made by the more than 58,000 service members inscribed on The Wall. The Vietnam era was also a very different time in our nation's history, with many veterans returning home to apathy and mistreatment. 
The important thing is that today's youth learn from the past so that future generations do not endure the same hardships as those who came before them. 
The RV Trade Show should prove to be a powerful first stop for 2015 and they couldn't be more ready, saying, "We cannot be any more proud of anything we've ever done in 30 years!"
See 2015 tour dates here*
*More dates to be added.