Rhode Island becomes 21st state to find every photo for their Vietnam fallen

Pictured: U.S. Army SP4 David A. Vicario from Providence, Rhode Island. Vicario became the final photo submitted for the state. 

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) is pleased to announce that Rhode Island has become the 21st state to find every photo for their Vietnam fallen.

There are 209 service members from Rhode Island listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and now each of them have their photo displayed on VVMF’s Wall of Faces. The last photo to be submitted was of U.S. Army SP4 David A. Vicario, from Providence, Rhode Island. Vicario made the ultimate sacrifice on Dec. 21, 1968. He was 20 years old.

VVMF’s Wall of Faces effort aims to put a face to the more than 58,000 names inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Submitted photos are currently seen on VVMF’s Wall of Faces, where family and friends can share memories, remembrances, and photos. Putting a face to every name helps further preserve the legacies of all the service members with names inscribed on The Wall. 

VVMF has dedicated Wall of Faces volunteers around the country who help locate photos of those who served and sacrificed. U.S. Army veteran Bryan Simmons began searching for photos for the Wall of Faces in 2013 and became an integral part of Rhode Island’s success. Simmons is from Attleboro, Massachusetts, which borders Rhode Island. He began writing editorials to help spread the word about the photo collection effort. After he wrote an editorial for the Providence Journal, he was contacted by Joe Cichon, a retired teacher at Bishop Hendricken High School. During his years as a teacher, Cichon taught a class on the Vietnam War where his students were tasked with gathering information, photos and stories about a Rhode Island service member. Cichon agreed to let Simmons borrow their research collection and 73 photos were uploaded to the Wall of Faces.  

Simmons continued researching on his own and has since found more than 960 photos from across the country. 

“Being a Veteran myself, I can't imagine anyone could make a sacrifice and only be remembered as a silhouette,” he said. “I felt researching the photos was something I could do to show people still remember.”

To date, more than 51,000 photos have been collected for the Wall of Faces and fewer than 7,000 photos are still needed to complete the effort. Rhode Island joins 20 other states in finding every photo for their fallen. The completed states include:













New Mexico

North Dakota


South Dakota





If you have a picture of a loved one or fellow veteran whose name is on The Wall, please help VVMF honor these individuals by submitting a photo. VVMF encourages the public to submit as many photos of each service member as possible. 

Along with the virtual Wall of Faces, photos and stories of the more than 58,000 veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War will also be displayed at the future Education Center at The Wall.

To submit a photo to the Wall of Faces, click here.