Help These States Collect Remaining Photos For Their Fallen

In 2014, The Faces Never Forgotten effort reached a huge milestone - collecting 38,300 photos for those whose names are inscribed on The Wall. VVMF now needs less than 20,000 photos to put a face to every name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Iowa, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Delaware, and Idaho have less than 100 photos that need to be collected in order to complete their state's efforts.

Iowa - 4 photos remaining

Alaska - 25 photos remaining

Hawaii - 18 photos remaining

Nevada - 24 photos remaining

Delaware - 54 photos remaining

Idaho - 33 photos remaining

Once these reminaing photos are collected, these states will join New Mexico, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota in accomplishing an incredible feat - putting a face to every one of their state's fallen service members in Vietnam.

You can submit a photo by mail or online. Find out more about the submission process by clicking here.

Collected pictures will be used in the Education Center at The Wall and can also be found on The Wall of Faces.