Fourteen Names Added to The Wall in 2014

Photo/Bill Petros

The week of Mother's Day, 14 American servicemen had their names engraved on the black granite walls of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the status designations for eight others whose names are already on The Wall were changed. Each spring, VVMF works with the Department of Defense (DOD) to ensure that The Wall is accurate. When MIAs are recovered in Vietnam or when an appeal has been approved for addition to The Wall, VVMF makes the appropriate changes. Name additions have met the Department of Defense criteria for addition to The Wall, having sustained wounds in Vietnam from which they eventually perished. Information on how to add a person to The Wall can be found here. 

Watch the highlights from the 2014 Name Additions Ceremony below. See photos here.

Read about the 8 men who were accounted for in 2014 here.