Fifteen American service members accounted for in 2017

(Pictured: Statuses are changed on The Wall from MIA to known dead on April 26, 2018. Credit: JC Cummings)

Each spring, VVMF works with the Department of Defense to make sure The Wall is accurate. Names are added for those service members who have met the Department of Defense criteria for addition to The Wall, having sustained wounds in Vietnam from which they eventually perished. Those service members who in the last year were returned or accounted for have their statuses changed from MIA to known dead. 

For 2017, there were no additions to The Wall. Fifteen service members who previously were missing were accounted for and those service members will be officially welcomed home at the Memorial Day ceremony. 

Beside each name on The Wall is a symbol designating status. The diamond symbol denotes confirmed death. The cross represents missing in action. When a service member’s remains are returned or accounted for, the diamond is superimposed over the cross. 

These 15 service members were accounted for in 2017:

•    Robert R. Barnett; CAPT, USAF; Gladewater, Texas; Panel 6E, Line 91
•    James R. Bauder; CAPT, USN; La Canada, Calif.; Panel 10E, Line 126
•    David T. Dinan III; 1LT, USAF; Nutley, N.J.; Panel 29W, Line 62
•    Charles B. Goodwin; LCDR, USN; Haskell, Texas; Panel 2E, Line 78
•    Donald J. Hall; CMSGT, USAF; Stroud, Okla.; Panel 14E, Line 129
•    Roosevelt Hestle Jr.; COL, USAF; Orlando, Fla.; Panel 8E, Line 134
•    Robert E. Holton; CAPT, USAF; Butte, Mont.; Panel 33W, Line 14
•    John A. House II; CAPT, USMC; Pelham, N.Y.; Panel 22E, Line 87
•    John D. Killen III; LCPL, USMC; Des Moines, Iowa; Panel 22E, Line 88
•    Glyn L. Runnels Jr.; CPL, USMC; Birmingham, Ala.; Panel 22E, Line 90
•    William C. Ryan Jr.; 1LT, USMC; Bogota, N.J.; Panel 25W, Line 54
•    Martin R. Scott; COL, USAF; Tulsa, Okla.; Panel 6E, Line 12
•    Joseph S. Smith; CAPT, USAF; Assumption, Ill.; Panel 4W, Line 106
•   Daniel W. Thomas; CAPT, USAF; Danbury, Iowa; Panel 3W, Line 102
•   James B. White; MAJ, USAF; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Panel 16W, Line 119

The Department of Defense sets the criteria for and makes decisions about whose names are eligible for inscription on The Wall. VVMF pays for the name additions and status changes, and works with the National Park Service to ensure long-term preservation and maintenance of The Wall.

Inscriptions and status changes are made by Engrave Wright from Denver, Colo.