131 Honored During 2014 In Memory Weekend

Dana Korn holds up the tribute of her late aunt, Bonnie McWilliams during VVMF's 2014 In Memory Ceremony. Bonnie died as a result of Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam.  Photo/Jules Clifford

This year, 130 men and 1 woman were honored through our In Memory program, where they were recognized and remembered for the sacrifices they made after the Vietnam War ended. 

There are 58,300 names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; names of men and women who died on the battlefield of the Vietnam War. Those men and women are honored on a daily basis by everyone who sees The Wall. But many thousands more died as a result of the Vietnam War - including Agent Orange exposure or suicide from PTSD, but their deaths do not fit the Department of Defense criteria for inclusion upon The Wall. VVMF believes that all those who serve should be honored in a similar way. Therefore, the In Memory program began in an effort to acknowledge the hardships these veterans and their families went through and the strengths they possessed after the war ended. On In Memory Day, VVMF honors those who have faced daily difficulties and whose lives have been cut short by their service. 

And for the first time this year, VVMF hosted its first In Memory Weekend, encompassing both Flag Day and Father's Day in June. The weekend honored not only the American veterans inscribed on The Wall, but also those who are not on The Wall since they suffered medical difficulties due to their service in Vietnam.

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Highlights from this year's ceremony can be viewed below.