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poster, large-format framed

  • Catalog Number:VIVE 10067
  • Accession Date:6/8/1994
  • Item Summary:Large-format, framed poster print entitled, "THE VIETNAM WOMEN'S MEMORIAL" upon a wooden tripod display easel. The graphic composition of the poster features the obsolete design of the Vietnam Women's Memorial ((VWM) i.e. a bronze statue of a single American nurse in military issue field attire, twisted at the hips and facing slightly to her right) printed at the center in grayscale in front of a United States National flag fluttering in the breeze at the background. The Miller Brewing Company corporate logo and the dedication, "A Legacy of Healing and Hope" are also incorporated into the poster design, along with contact information for, "The Vietnam Women's Memorial Project, Inc." in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Numerous handwritten signatures also adorn the obverse poster surface. The poster appears to represent an aspect of the fundraising/publicity campaign to construct the Vietnam Women's Memorial (VWM) upon the National Mall in Washington, D.C. as a component of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (VVM) campus. The artifact was left at The Wall by an anonymous donor between May - June 1994.

Badge, Combat Infantryman first award

  • Catalog Number:VIVE 01019
  • Accession Date:5/23/1985
  • Item Summary:Military issue, Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) first award (full color). The raised relief design of the badge features a model 1795 Springfield Arsenal musket on a light blue bar with a silver border, on and over an elliptical oak wreath. The bar is blue, the color associated with the Infantry Branch. The oak wreath symbolizes steadfastness, strength, and loyalty. The musket is adapted from the Infantry Branch Insignia and represents the first (1st) official U.S. shoulder arm to be produced in a government arsenal with interchangeable parts. Crossed model 1795 Springfield Arsenal muskets was adopted as the official Infantry Branch Insignia in 1924. The artifact was left at The Wall by an anonymous donor between April - May 1985. (Source: The Institute of Heraldry-


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  • Posted on 1/1/18 - by Robert Miller
    I was in the same company as Barry , Charlie company 101st abn Div , 159th aviation Battalion , Barry didnt even need to be on that flight , he was just onboard to log some flight hours , i"ll never forget what our CO said after it happened , I'm not gonna repeat it because at this point it will not change a thing ! May God Bless all who were onboard that CH-47 that day , i will never forget it and i live with it everyday of my life !

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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated on November 13, 1982. Shortly thereafter, visitors to the Memorial began leaving items in memoriam to those killed and missing service members listed on The Wall. These artifacts now collectively comprise the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection -- a museum collection of more than 400,000 items held in the public trust by the National Park Service. Today, this Collection is among the largest and most actively researched collections in the National Capital Region.

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