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    VVMF Sponsors 'Citizen Soldier: Fiction of War'

    01/18/2015 12:33 PM

    On January 18th, The Pritzker Military Museum & Library aired Citizen Soldier: Fiction of War, an insightful discussion by Vietnam veterans and award-winning writers Tim O'Brien and Karl Marlantes on the subjects of literature, war, politics, and writing. O'Brien and Marlantes' use of story-telling blurs the lines between fact and fiction, and explores the different ways of speaking about war experiences to an audience. VVMF is a sponsor of the episode. MORE

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    The Wall That Heals Kicks Off 2015 in Florida

    01/09/2015 05:37 PM

    The Wall That Heals, VVMF's half-scale Wall replica and mobile Education Center, will be crisscrossing the nation again! The 2015 tour begins in Riverview, Florida on January 14th for four days of events dedicated to honoring veterans. MORE

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    Hometown Heroes Inspires Ways Students Honor Veterans

    01/05/2015 01:09 PM

    With a teaching career spanning 27.5 years, Jennifer Whitson knows the meaning of “busy” very well. A teacher at Steelville Middle School in Steelville, Missouri, Whitson has led her students in a multitude of projects designed to honor Vietnam veterans. MORE

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    Help These States Collect Remaining Photos For Their Fallen

    12/29/2014 03:33 PM

    In 2014, The Faces Never Forgotten effort reached a huge milestone - collecting 38,300 photos for those whose names are inscribed on The Wall. VVMF now needs less than 20,000 to put a face to every name on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Iowa, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Delaware and Idaho have less than 100 photos that need to be collected in order to complete their state's efforts. MORE