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As it was with the building of The Wall, the Education Center at The Wall is to be built with private funding. I hope you'll join us in supporting this vital and important effort.


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    VVMF Receives Final Design Approval for Education Center at The Wall

    07/17/2014 03:24 PM

    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) received final design approval today from the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) for the Education Center at The Wall. After nine years of hearings and design modifications, this is the final step in the building and design approval process and puts VVMF in the position of being “shovel-ready” to build the Education Center at The Wall. MORE

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    Hometown Heroes Curriculum Launches On June 25th

    07/15/2014 04:48 PM

    On June 25th, 2014 VVMF launched its newest service learning project, Hometown Heroes. The main objective of Hometown Heroes is to collect the photos and stories of those who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War and other military conflicts. MORE

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    2014 Father's Day at The Wall

    07/15/2014 02:11 PM

    On Father's Day this year, VVMF volunteers and staff place thousands of roses at the base of The Wall to honor the fathers who never made it home and the men who never got a chance to start families of their own. And for the first time in 2014, we placed roses for those members of the In Memory program. MORE

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    131 Honored During 2014 In Memory Weekend

    07/15/2014 10:02 AM

    This year, 130 men and 1 woman were honored through our In Memory program, where they were recognized and remembered for the sacrifices they made after the Vietnam War ended. MORE