Hometown Heroes

A major goal of the Hometown Heroes Service Learning Project is to collect photos and stories of those veterans whose names are on The Wall and those who returned home from the Vietnam War. Students will have an opportunity to learn about local veterans who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War, as well as other military conflicts in our nation’s history. They will hear personal stories from veterans and their loved ones; and they will have an opportunity to plan a commemoration to honor their Hometown Heroes. Through this project, history will be given a human face. 

The Hometown Heroes Service Learning Project includes four (4) major lesson plans: * 

Remembering Those Who Sacrificed encourages students to learn more about local veterans whose names are on The Wall by researching their biographical information, gathering photos, and identifying them by hometown or locality. 

Preserving Veterans’ Personal Stories encourages students to preserve the oral histories of local veterans who served in all of our nation’s military conflicts through research and personal interviews.

Commemorating Our Veterans encourages students to volunteer in their community or plan a ceremony honoring local veterans to coincide with Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

Understanding Healing Through Memorials encourages teachers and students to take a field trip to The Wall in Washington, D.C., visit The Wall That Heals (a traveling three-quarter scale replica of The Wall), or visit a local war memorial.     

*Lesson plans align with Common Core Standards Initiative, including the College and Career readiness Standards (CCRA) and the National Learning Standards.

Special thanks to our generous sponsors and partners for making the Hometown Heroes Service Learning Project possible.