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is honored on Panel 34W, Line 91 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Richard Clark's Grave

    Posted on 7/16/18 - by Pat Griggs
    According to, Richard's grave is located in Macon County, Alabama at the Liberty Methodist Church Cemetary near Notasulga, AL.
  • Picture still needed?

    Posted on 12/8/17 - by Cynthia Wadsworth
    Is a picture still needed of this young man?

    Posted on 12/3/17 - by Lucy Conte Micik
    Dear PFC Richard Clark,
    I hope your photo is put here because this wall of faces needs yours. Thanks for your service as an Infantryman. December has begun, along with all the preparations. It is so important for us all to acknowledge the sacrifices of those like you who answered our nation's call. Please watch over America, it stills needs your strength, courage and faithfulness. Rest in peace with the angels.
  • Great Young Man...

    Posted on 7/26/15 - by Ronnie L. Cardwell
    Larry; Your always in my thoughts. I really enjoyed getting to know and be friends with you. Remember the night with you and Chief and me on the ambush near a village? We laughed our butts off at chief. Thanks for swapping me your C's for my LRRP's on the day you went to be with the Lord. I'm sure your Grandmother got the suits you had made. I gave them to my wife in Hawaii and she mailed them from Tn. I would like to go to your grave site just to look and say some things I didn't get to say. I remember you throwing kisses in the air one day while we were in a fire support base camp. I thought you were throwing them at a freedom bird. I never saw it. After a lot of thinking I realized you were throwing them at the Lord...I have come to have a relationship with the Lord. God is my Father, Jesus my Lord, The Holy Spirit my Friend. I know we will meet again. Your Buddy forever. Ron...
  • From a Dear Friend. cont.

    Posted on 1/19/14 - by Ron Cardwell
    Later in Jan. I was going to the rear to leave for my R&R. You asked me to mail your suits home for you. I told you I would do better than that. I'd have my wife to mail them from Tn. Some guys would extend their R&Rs for a week or two and get fined for it, an article 15. I decided to go back and stay clean and it might help me get out of the field sooner. Three days after I got back was when we hit the enemies Battalion size base camp. The worst firefight I would endure while there. I exposed myself getting an enemies radio off a solider. When I got back was when you were hit. So fast, so sudden and you were gone. No time to talk or even say good bye. I went into shock and woke up three days later. Still coated with mud and every muscle in my body hurt. I saw a bud lying on a bed across from me. He was going home from his wound. It all seemed like a nightmare...They told several of us guys we would have to talk to a shrink before we went back out to our Company. I couldn't wait to talk to this guy. I had had issues since I was a kid. I went in he was looking at a report or file. He said that our unit had seen a lot of action and that I was very fortunate. I agreed. Then he said well you know you have to go back. I then realized, He wasn't there to help me or us. He was there to make sure we went back out. I said yes Sir and I should be going. I went out and found another Bud from my squad and we left. When I got back I sent my wife a letter and told her to enclose a sympathy card with your suits. I know you lived with your Grand-mother. I hope she was comforted by it. I never made any close friends in the Nam after you left. I wasn't mean to anybody and would give them a hand when needed but, I never got close to them. I remember seeing you throw kisses up in the sky. I thought you were throwing kisses at the freedom flights, airplanes that brought us over and carried us back, but there were no planes. I believe you were throwing kisses up to God. And God took you on home. I'll see you some day. Your in my thoughts everyday. God bless you...
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