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  • Date of Birth:9/4/1946
  • Date of Casualty:9/21/1966
  • Home of Record:YONKERS
  • County of Record:WESTCHESTER COUNTY
  • State:NY
  • Branch of Service:ARMY
  • Rank:PFC
  • Panel/Row:10E, 127
  • Casualty Province:PR & MR UNKNOWN


  • Wall Name:FRANK ARREY JR
  • Date of Birth:12/10/1928
  • Date of Casualty:9/21/1966
  • Home of Record:NORWALK
  • County of Record:LOS ANGELES COUNTY
  • State:CA
  • Branch of Service:ARMY
  • Rank:SGT
  • Panel/Row:10E, 127
  • Casualty Province:PR & MR UNKNOWN


is honored on Panel 10E, Row 126 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Remembered

    Posted on 9/1/16 - by Lucy Conte Micik
  • I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

    Posted on 6/25/16 - by Dennis Wriston
    Colonel Glendon Lee Ammon, Served with the 357th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 355th Tactical Fighter Wing, 7th Air Force.
  • Never forgotten

    Posted on 7/22/15 - by S/Sgt John R. Boyer, 1967-1976, USAF
    Even after all these years, my eyes still tear up just reflecting on your ultimate sacrifice. Remember when Tommy, Timmy and Teddy would play with me at your house @ Kadena AFB ? I also cannot recall how many tens of thousands of people who would listen to my story about my mom and dad dropping me off in North Carolina in 1965, for yet another time for me to play with your sons, the last time I would see you. You know how proud I was when T. visited me at McGuire AFB while I was stationed there, before I went to Thailand. I was stationed at Ubon RTAFB, and while there I took the greatest pleasure to catch a hop to Clark AFB, where I connected with a C-135 to arrive in Guam to be Tommy's best man. How proud I still am having had the honor to know and be a part of your family, and like your son, it still is so difficult Colonel to continue our times on earth knowing you weren't here...But, please know, your loss instilled in me a never ending love for those who did pay the ultimate sacrifice, like you sir. I dearly love your family and if anyone would like an inspiration, just cry with me...Thank you again Sir, for allowing me to spend so much time with a real American hero's family, and I too miss you dearly

    Posted on 5/20/14 - by Lisa
    In response to the post from today and others who may have bracelets and wishing to return them to the family - Please read the posts on this site that began in January and have moved forward since then. This MIA had three sons, one is the CEO at Omega Electronic Board Repair Company in Arlington, TX. I spoke with him some months back at 1-800-722-7323 and we were able to return a bracelet. At that time it was the third bracelet, which meant each son then had their own! The family really appreciated being contacted. I am sure there are other family members who would love them. Your best bet would be to contact the son at the above number and go from there. God Bless all who are paying it forward. You will be blessed tenfold. :)
  • Glendon Ammon 9-21-66

    Posted on 5/20/14
    I have never met you. For years I had worn your MIA/POW bracelet. After decades I just found it again. I looked you up and found out you had died in service. From beyond the grave, you have touched me. I cried for you, a man I never met. You are not forgotten, nor your life in vain. Thank you for your service and finding me. I wish to return this bracelet to your family. hopefully someone will read this and contact me.
  • Major Glendon Ammon

    Posted on 4/2/14
    I wore a bracelet with you name for many years. Today I took it out and found information about you on the internet. Something that you would know nothing about. I want to thank you again for your service and your sacrifice to country. I may never get to Washington to see "The Wall", but it was so good to see you remembered. Thank you.
  • You are gone, but not forgotten.

    Posted on 4/2/14
  • Maj Glendon Ammon 9-21-66

    Posted on 2/5/14 - by Erb
    I begged my Mother in about 1973 to get a bracelet for me to wear...I would have been about 9 years old! I wore Maj Glendon Ammon's bracelet till I about wore it out! I never did know what happened until today! I'm proud to continue to wear it in his honor!
  • Return

    Posted on 1/28/14
    FB is posting a person that has the MIA bracelet for Glendon Ammon. The person would love to honor you with the return of the item. I, also, wore a bracelet for a lot of years. Never received any information on my MIA. So happy to see someone out there (with more tenacity than I) has hung in there and would like to share this with the family of Glendon. Lee Ammon. Love and Prayers to the family and you had an amazing young man in your family. Love and Prayers to y'all.
  • next of kin

    Posted on 1/26/14 - by Tonya Mobley
    someone is in possession of a bracelet belonging to this man. We are sharing this info on facebook to try and locate someone in his family because the finder wants to get it back to his family
  • Glendon Amnon name bracelet

    Posted on 1/26/14 - by jamie burton
    A name bracelet with his name is being posted on Facebook and the person is looking to return this to his family.

    Posted on 1/25/14 - by Lisa
    Hi Pam,
    I noticed that the FB post continued to be shared because there was no way of commenting on the post in order to let everyone know that the family had been found. So happy to see/hear people caring enough to "pay it forward". Roxann has spoken with one of his sons and is mailing the bracelet to them. For those interested, Glendon Lee Ammon had three sons. There were two bracelets previously returned to the family (that, according to the "found" son's wife, have great stories to go along with the return). She was delighted to share that now each of Glendon Ammon's three sons will each have their own bracelet. The family also feels as though these most recent events were Glendon Lee Ammon's most recent way of saying "hi" to the family. God Bless All involved. Nothing like things coming in 3's! :)
  • Glendon Lee Ammon & finding his relatives

    Posted on 1/25/14 - by Pam
    I belong to a Genealogy Group and someone shared The Post Roxann has concerning Glendon Lee Ammon today ....anyway I have just also sent her a friend request to see if it has been repatriated with the family and to tell her to check her Other Box

    Fingers Crossed

    Posted on 1/24/14 - by Lisa
    After having sent Email to the alumni association at BSU (where the grandson had an email address) I discovered that the son of this MIA man is the CEO at Omega Electronic Board Repair Company in Arlington, TX. I have spoken with him at 1-800-722-7323. The grandson mentioned on this page is his the CEO's nephew. A woman from PA contacted the son (CEO) yesterday and told him she would get in contact with the owner of the bracelet and connect them. He has heard nothing yet and gave me his wife's FB contact info (Raymi Howe Ammon, who I have sent a message to) so that I can make an effort to connect them with Roxann Ramberg-Cosette. FB can be kinda cool; however, I think because of settings it's difficult to get ahold of Roxann via FB. I was unable to comment on the post regarding the bracelet, although it has been shared over 32,00 times (wow!). I did send a FB message which will go to her "other folder" because we are not connected on FB. I told the son (CEO) to have his wife check her "other folder" and Roxann needs to do the same! The connection is about to be made! :)
  • MIA Bracelet

    Posted on 1/12/14 - by Roxann Ramberg-Cossette
    I would like to contact Col. Ammon's family. I have a MIA bracelet bearing his name and MIA date, It would be my great honor to be able to deliver this to them.
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 9/19/13 - by Curt Carter
    Dear Colonel Glendon Lee Ammon, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. May he also allow my father to find you and shake your hand now to say thank you; for America, and for those who love you.

    With respect, and the best salute a civilian can muster for you, Sir

    Curt Carter
  • Glendon Ammon

    Posted on 3/2/11 - by Pam White
    I wore your MIA bracelet and heard updates from your brother for years. I was living in Atlanta and saw the news when you 'came home' - still thank God in my prayers every night for your sacrifice.
  • Remembrance profile begun on AFTWS

    Posted on 6/13/09 - by Mike Bell, AFTWS member #83323
    Col. Ammon (then a Capt.) punched out of his severely ground-fire battle damaged F-105D "Thud" tail #62-4371 about 22 nautical miles NE of Hanoi, North Vietnam on 21 Sep 66, while serving with the 357th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 355th TFW based at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand. An open chute was seen and a brief radio signal was heard from dense and heavily defended jungle. His remains were returned on 23 Aug 78 and he is buried at Arlington.

    A remembrance profile was started for him at:
  • I never knew you but have not forgotten you

    Posted on 5/15/07 - by Kevin Sweeney
    I wore a MIA bracelet for years with your name on it, always wondering what happened to you. Though I may never know, I have never forgotten your name, or your sacrifice.
  • You are not forgotten Colonel

    Posted on 4/4/07 - by Dave McNeil
    Colonel Ammon, you are not forgotten Sir.
  • grandpa

    Posted on 7/4/06 - by john ammon
    he is my grandfather. i will alway love you.
  • grandpa

    Posted on 6/26/06
    he is my grandfather. posted by john
  • We Remember

    Posted on 10/31/04 - by Robert Sage
    Glendon is buried at Arlington Nat Cem.
  • Dad

    Posted on 10/17/03 - by Lance Ammon
    Even after all these years I haven't really come to grips with your loss. You are still missed and loved.

    Others want to know you, so in honor of your sense of duty and sacrifice, I will contact all.

    Posted on 6/12/02 - by CLAY MARSTON


    served as the


    of an


    ( # 62-4371 )

    call sign - WILDCAT 01



    On 21 September 1966 he was the pilot of an F105D

    Thunderchief in a flight of four F105s sent on a

    combat mission about 22 nautical miles northeast

    of Hanoi in the Sontay area, with a specific target

    of a railway bridge.

    The flight was inbound at about 3000 feet when,

    just prior to the pop up point, his aircraft was seen

    to be on fire from heavy anti-aircraft fire in the

    area, and other pilots in the flight confirmed that

    Colonel Ammon radioed, " I'm punching out."

    His aircraft yawed violently to the right and the

    right wing began to disintegrate. As the right

    wing came off, his wingman saw the canopy come

    off and Colonel Ammon ejected, with his parachute

    beginning to deploy.

    Others in the flight observed that his parachute

    descended to the ground and a brief emergency radio

    beeper was heard.

    At that time all other members of the flight were

    taking evasive manoeuvers and lost sight of Colonel


    However, the area was so deep into enemy territory

    and heavily occupied by enemy troops, that no search

    and rescue attempts were conducted.

    Whether Colonel Ammon was actually captured is


    However, his proximity to the enemy on the ground

    would seem to guarantee that he could be accounted for.

  • If I should die...remembrances for COL. Glendon Lee AMMON, USAF...who died so we can live free!!!!!!

    Posted on 6/5/02
    If I should die, and leave you here awhile, be not like others, sore undone, who keep long vigils by the silent dust, and weep...for MY sake, turn again to life, and smile...Nerving thy heart, and trembling hand to do something to comfort other hearts than thine...Complete these dear, unfinished tasks of mine...and I, perchance, may therein comfort you.

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