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is honored on Panel 10E, Line 53 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • SSGT Dennis R. Carter

    Posted on 10/21/17 - by Cheri A. Johnston
    I am wearing SSGT bracelet, I just wanted to let anyone know he is not forgotten. I would appreciate any information on him.

    Posted on 10/11/17 - by Lucy Conte Micik
    Dear SSGT Dennis Carter,
    Thank you for your service as a Rifleman. You are still MIA.
    Tomorrow is actually Columbus Day, and we remember those of you who served. It is important for us all to acknowledge the sacrifices of those like you who answered our nation's call. Please watch over America, it stills needs your strength, courage and faithfulness. Be at peace with the angels.
  • Your memory lives on

    Posted on 11/11/16 - by Matt fischer
    Dennis, i was 6years old when you were lost in South Vietnam. I've been wearing an MIA bracelet with your name since I was a SSGT in the Air Force in 1987. I take your memory with me to work, special events, alays on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving with my extended family, Christmas too. Thank you for your Service.
  • Never Forget

    Posted on 7/7/15 - by
    I wear your POW/MIA bracelet, and pray for your family.
    NEVER FORGET, much love my brother.
  • Final Mission of PFC Dennis R. Carter

    Posted on 6/18/14 - by
    PFC Robert L. Babula, PFC Robert C. Borton Jr., PFC John E. Bodenschatz Jr., and PFC Dennis R. Carter were members of 1st Platoon, Company K, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines. On 28 August 1966, the four were assigned as a fire team ambush with instructions to establish an ambush site approximately 500 meters to the south of their platoon patrol base. This specific location is in Hoa Hai village within grid square BT 0667. The fire team departed at 3:00 a.m. on August 28, and were given instructions for use of the pyrotechnics they were carrying as signaling devices. They were further instructed to relocate in the same general area or return to their platoon patrol base in the event their ambush site was compromised, and finally to return no later than 9:00 a.m. that morning. When the fire team failed to return as scheduled, an immediate search of the area was conducted by Company K with negative results. During the period of August 29-31, the Battalion made a dovetailed search of the entire area covering all possible routes of egress in the event the team members had been captured. Indigenous personnel in the area were questioned, but no evidence was uncovered which gave any clues. Villagers were questioned and a search of the area continued. On September 4, Company K discovered part of an American wrist watch and PFC Bodenschatz' two identification tags in the vicinity of BT 061673. The search was intensified in that area, including the use of heavy engineer equipment in an effort to locate graves, but no further trace was found. On September 13, the Battalion cordoned off grid squares BT 0567, 0667, 0566, 0666 and all inhabitants were assembled, screened, and interrogated by an ARVN interrogation team from Hoa Vang District Headquarters. Three Viet Cong suspects were retained for further questioning, however, no additional information was obtained concerning the four Marines. The Battalion commander's final determination was that the four Marines were probably captured. In 1975, information was declassified that indicated that since the fire team's disappearance, Marine headquarters had received two reports sighting three to four Americans being displayed in villages south of the area in which the fire team disappeared. A Christmas card received by Company K/3/1 1st Marine Division, sent by Babula's mother and sister, stated that they had recently received news that Babula was a prisoner of war. None of the four, however, returned in the general prisoner release in 1973. [Taken from]
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