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is honored on Panel 25W, Line 92 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Remembered

    Posted on 8/26/16 - by Lucy Conte Micik
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 5/12/16 - by Curt Carter
    Dear SP4 Rex Charles Allred, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. May he also allow my father to find you and shake your hand now to say thank you; for America, and for those who love you.

    With respect, Sir

    Curt Carter

    Posted on 11/1/15 - by DaVone Allen
    REX, The Reigning King.

    10 thousand tears have been shed for you and your Brother Doug. Tears of LOVE! One day we will be reunited as an Eternal Family never to be separated again Once again it will be: BILLY, DOUG and REX... sisters, Mother and Daddy! Your both deeply missed! The war took you both within 5 weeks of each other ! Heaven was Enriched ETERNALLY! Love your sister DaVone

    Posted on 11/1/15 - by DaVone Allen
    My baby brother. Tears of joy were shed when you were BORN!
    Tears were shed when you took your first steps into our ARMS!
    Laughter, joy and tears when you spoke your first words, MAMA and DADA!
    Your first day of school, when you mastered your first bicycle. when you surfed your first big... .......................................................................................................WAVE
    your touch downs, your home runs, your first motorcycle wreck, your first Volks wagon van, your first real DATE! Your first true love and Marriage, yes many tears. Your volunteering to fallow your brother Douglas into WAR, tears were shed! The day you said GOOD BY to your Father and family in Alaska the tears came. when you came home to bury your brother Douglas, the tears came, Oh how they flowed! 5 weeks later you fallowed your brother into that eternal world Where life never again. will be interrupted! YES! 10 Thousand tears and more have been shed for you, our little BRO. but one day we all will be shedding tears of JOY as we meet as an ETERNAL FAMILY never to part again!!! One day it will be BILLY, DOUG and REX again! With love, your big sister, DaVone

  • "All gave some an some gave all"

    Posted on 7/9/15 - by
    Your never alone your always home, in my mind an in my soul we remember you, strong lean an mean, soul surfer from Ventura California, C st crew and beyond...those waves you rode made me the Man I am 2day. The blood, sweat and tears you shed 4me oh cant they see you died 4 the cause of Liberty. The joy you must have felt when you saw Douglas your elder brother in country and the anguish, sorrow when they brought you home to his funeral after His tours of duty was over and died training new pilots to fly new missions over there...we remember you falling to the ages of hero's only days of returning to your unit, 30 days didn't seem long enough but it was for the cause of remembrance we now recall 1969, Brothers together in Eternity our loved ones, one day we will see each other again. Your nephew proud of the two of you Douglas and Rex, Fare thee well, till we meet again, David
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The Wall of Faces

Brought to you by the organization that built The Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Virtual Memorial Wall is dedicated to honoring, remembering and sharing the legacies of all those who died in the Vietnam War. Here you can go beyond the names on The Wall to see the faces, share the stories and read the remembrances posted by friends, neighbors, classmates and family members.

All of these photos will be showcased in The Education Center at The Wall on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. To learn more about the effort to collect these photos and ensure their faces will never be forgotten, visit