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    Posted on 10/12/00 - by CLAY MARSTON

    In the Que Son Valley, 3/ 5 and 1 / 5 were engaged with the 2nd NVA Division and the
    1st VC Regiment. Along with us was the chaplain of the 3 / 5, Father VINCENT
    ROBERT CAPODANNO. During heavy fighting and twice severely wounded, Chaplain
    Capodanno continued tirelessly, going from one wounded and dying Marine to another
    offering whatever aid and comfort he could. He refused medevac twice, not wanting to
    leave his grunts, saying that he had work to do. After giving last rites to one Marine he
    carried that man's M-16 to another Marine whose weapon had jammed. Chaplain
    Capodanno left the perimeter to aid a wounded corpsman and three or four other Marines.

    He was by the corpsman's side when an NVA machine gunner opened fire and riddled
    Father Capodanno from the back of his head to the base of his spine, his third PURPLE
    HEART of the day and later the award of the MEDAL OF HONOR.

    Chaplain Capodanno had only been with 3 / 5 a few short weeks having been
    transferred from 1 / 7. He had been recommended for the BRONZE STAR in May
    of 1967 for his time with them.

    He had been on an extended tour in country from April 1966 to May 1967.

    He returned again in June 1967 and was again requesting an extension, or
    permission, to giveup his R & R to be with his grunts for the holidays, when he was killed.

    There are 38 memorials in the name of Father Capodanno, including chapels at the
    United States Naval Academy and Camp Pendleton, and around the world, and a
    destroyer escort.

    Also, there is a movement to have Father Vincent Robert Capodanno canonized.

    FATHER VINCENT CAPODANNO, VIETNAM 1967 ", by Father Daniel Lawrence
    Mode, a United States Navy Chaplain, will be published. All royalties from the
    sales will be used to support the FATHER VINCENT ROBERT CAPODANNO
    FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization established by the author to honor the
    memory of this chaplain and to continue his ministry of outreach to his beloved
    grunt Marines.

    More information will be available in the near future on the Foundation website.

    To order copies of the book.....

    contact T.J. HANLEY at (281) 3247026 or

  • Father Vincent R. Capodanno Assembly - Our Lady Of Loreto Parish, Foxfield, Colorado

    Posted on 3/10/00 - by Skip Munger
    Father Capodanno - Your memory lives on in my heart and now those around me. Our new Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Assembly has been named in your honor. Its a long way back to Hill 10 and Hill 55 but not so far that I will ever forget you and all that you did for the 7th Marines. May God eternally bless you for the supreme sacrafice you made. Semper Fi.

    Skip "Doc" Munger
    7th Marines April 67-68
  • sailing on

    Posted on 9/15/99 - by jon robb
    i served on this heros namesake the uss capodanno de 1093. he surely deserved to have a fighting ship named after him,as he fought gallently in his own way.
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