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  • Memorial to LT Vincent R. Capodanno

    Posted on 8/23/11 - by
    The monument is located at the corner of Sand Lane and Father Capodanno Boulevard, in Staten Island, New York. (Seaside Boulevard had been renamed in Father Vincent's honor.)
  • We Remember

    Posted on 2/12/11 - by Robert Sage
    Vincent is buried at St Peter's Cemetery, Staten Island, NY.
  • The men of Kilo 3-5 remember you

    Posted on 8/10/10 - by J.C. Gracida
    Father Capodanno used to visit Kilo Company and our men, not only the Catholics would enjoy his company and comfort. Everybody in the company would look forward to his visits. Before his death I was transferred to H&S Company as the Company Executive Officer where I enjoyed getting to know him better; having my meals in the mess tent with the other Lieutents and the Padre. He was unlike any other chaplain I had ever met in my 10 years in the Marine Corps. He was very personal, very approachable, never shocked by whatever subject the young officers would discuss. He was a great man to talk to. When he died one of my duties was to inventory all his personal belongings to send back to his family (Page 41 of The Grunt Father I was "the unnamed 2ndLt.") Having known Father Capodanno I decided not to return two things that he left behind because I knew that is what he would have wanted me to do and he would have approved of my decision. One was a footlocker full of candy bars and chewing gum. He always carried a pocket full of these treats and passed them on to the young Marines who had not enjoyed a sweet since their arrival in Vietnam. The other was a bag full of St. Christopher medals; during his visits he would give them to the men to pray and carry for protection. Some of the guys still have their medals and treasure them because they recall who gave it to them. I gave all these items to the new chaplain so that hopefully he would be as well received and appreciated as Father Capodanno was. It would be difficult to forget a man like Father Capodanno. At our yearly reunions we always think of him and thank him for his service. Semper Fidelis Padre to us you will always be a Saint.
  • Always will remember

    Posted on 2/5/09 - by Wayne Brandon
    Father, To this day I think of you each and every day!!
  • Marine Corps League Magazine - Autumn 2001 - Vol. 57, No.3

    Posted on 12/17/07 - by Jim McIlhenney
    Photo appeared on Page 22 of the Autumn Edition of The Marine Corps League Magazine, 2001.
    Article was "Two Canteens and a Bible---the Chaplain's Legacy.
    Caption for photo was: "In Vietnam, Chaplain Vincent R. Capodanno, shown conducting a field prayer service, was killed in action in 1967.

    Archival prints for the article were credited to: Marine Corps University.

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