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is honored on Panel 3E, Line 42 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Battle of Ap Bau Bang - November 12, 1965

    Posted on 11/18/18 - by
    The Battle of Ap Bau Bang took place on the morning of November 12, 1965, when two regiments from the Viet Cong 9th Division attacked a night defensive position of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment at a small village by the name of Ap Bau Bang, 15 miles north of Thu Dau Mot in Binh Duong Province, RVN. Early in November, the commander of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) 5th Division requested the U.S. 1st Infantry Division to secure Highway 13 north of Lai Khe to cover the movement of the ARVN 7th Regiment, 5th Division for an operation in the Michelin Rubber Plantation. The mission was given to LTC George Shuffer and his 2/2nd Infantry. LTC Shuffer divided Highway 13 into three sectors, each secured by a company, and with the command group, Cavalry, and artillery in the middle sector. Everyday patrols would be sent out to sweep the Highway and its surroundings and then withdraw into night defensive positions. On the night of November 11th, several mortar rounds hit Shuffer's central position, and a night ambush killed two Viet Cong. At 6:05 AM on the morning of November 12th, as Shuffer's forces prepared to start patrolling Highway 13, the Viet Cong launched their attack. Starting with a barrage of 50 mortar rounds, a battalion of Viet Cong attacked from the southwest. The attack was quickly met by return fire from Troop A's M113 armored personnel carriers which broke up the attack. A second attack from the south and a third attack from the southeast were similarly beaten back by the waiting American force. At 7:00 AM, the main attack was launched from the village of Bau Bang to the north and initially succeeded in penetrating the American position before this attack was also repulsed. Battery C used its guns in anti-personnel mode, firing 50 rounds at ground level with two-second fuses. Air strikes by U.S. Air Force A-1H Skyraiders and U.S. Navy A-4 Skyhawks were directed against the Viet Cong mortars and recoilless rifles positioned in and around Bau Bang. At 9:00 AM, the Viet Cong launched a final assault from the north, but were met with concentrated artillery fire and air strikes and by 1:30 PM the Viet Cong had abandoned their attacks and withdrew. Total U.S. casualties were 20 killed and 103 wounded, while Viet Cong losses were 146 killed (body count) and a further 50 were believed to have been killed, but the bodies were removed. The lost Americans included PFC Harold J. Battle, SP4 Allie W. Campbell, PFC Rafael C. Carmona-Medina, PFC Benjamin Castillo-Lima, SSG Joseph R. Dupere, SGT William H. Eaden, SGT Edward P. Ference, PFC Roger L. Floyd, PFC Thomas J. Fox, SP4 Joseph C. Giordano, SP4 Thomas G. Henson, SP4 Charles J. Janke, SP4 Jackie McMillon, PFC Mariner Patrick, PFC Wayne D. Proberts, PFC Rafael Santiago-Cruz, SP4 Raymo Santilli, SP4 Earnest G. Sears, SP5 Eugene Turner, and PFC James B. Washington. [Taken from and]
  • Veterans Day

    Posted on 11/12/18 - by Stephen Woosley
    53 years ago today my uncle, Allie William Campbell, died in the Binh Duong Province of South Vietnam in a battle called Ap Bau Bang. (courtesy of Coffelt Database). 20 men died in the battle along with all of their hopes and dreams. The lives of family and friends were forever changed. Allie was killed less than a year after I was born so I never had a chance to really know him. I'm sad I never had that chance. War has a huge cost. That's why I'll never forget the service and sacrifices made by so many. God Bless them all.
  • Remembered

    Posted on 11/12/18
    You are remembered this Veterans Day. Thank you for your service and sadly for your sacrifice.
  • T

    Posted on 10/24/18 - by Linda Joiner, East St. Louis Senior High School Class of 1971
    Thank you for your service, Sir.
  • Remembered

    Posted on 5/28/18 - by Stephen Woosley
    Rest in peace Allie.
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