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  • Date of Birth:4/19/1944
  • Date of Casualty:2/9/1968
  • Home of Record:HOLLAND
  • County of Record:ALLEGAN COUNTY
  • State:MI
  • Branch of Service:MARINE CORPS
  • Rank:1LT
  • Panel/Line:38E, 46
  • Casualty Province:QUANG TRI


  • Date of Birth:8/11/1948
  • Date of Casualty:2/9/1968
  • Home of Record:CHICAGO
  • County of Record:COOK COUNTY
  • State:IL
  • Branch of Service:MARINE CORPS
  • Rank:PFC
  • Panel/Line:38E, 46
  • Casualty Province:THUA THIEN


  • Life guard Bob

    Posted on 9/9/17 - by Gloria Silva
    We all knew as Life-Guard Bob

    Bob taught us, how to swim, we called him, Life Guard Bob
    I remember when you passed on, that both my parents were heartstricken, for yours. I was only 13, then, but I still remember that day, in our kitchen when my Dad was saying to my mom, about how sad he was, for you and your family, you just got married, that was a very sad conversation, you were drivng your new car in the 4th, july prade, for Carmichael in your parents blue car, that was in 1967. That whole feeling of mourning, had overwhelmed my heart of your loss, that I still remember it, to this day. You caused a memory to be carved in my heart, one associated, with pain and lost. It is so strange, especially if you consider that I drive, by Carmichael Park and think of you, as you taught how to swim and I think of that life guard, Bob Byrnes. I know it has been 49, years, but in my mind I still see you, as our life guard, Bob
  • I owe much, to 1Lt., Robert Scott Byrnes. (Bob) Over the years

    Posted on 9/7/17 - by Fred Dorfman Fort Ord 1965
    Thank you
    Over the years, when I have shared, my Viet Nam, experiences, with my high School students, I have always included thoughts, of Lt., Robert Scott Byrnes, from Carmichael, Ca.. The story I tell them, is of a person, who was much to smart, much to prepared, to lose his life, but willing, to sacrifice it, to save another. I talk of a hero, my hero, the person who saved, my life. This is the 1Lt Robert Scott Byrnes, I knew well. We went, through both basic and advanced, infantry training, together. We all knew, he would go, to OCS., Just Knowing him, being with him, being a part, of his own efforts, to survive the war, is what helped me, to save my life. No question, about it. He gave me the energy, the skills and the will to survive, when I was, at my angriest, at my most depressed state, of mind. He helped me to see, that my key to survival, was tied to my skills, as a soldier as well, as my mindset. What mattered most was, that I accept, my situation and that, I do something positive, about it. I did and I survived. I owe much to Bob, much more than, these few words. I want all of you, who read this to know, that the world lost, an incredible person, when it lost, He was destined, to be one, of the primary movers and shakers, of our generation. Sad, how incredibly sad, to his family. I send these words, "1lt., Robert S Byrnes, is not forgotten and still, very much loved." God Bless you, 1LT Byrnes and your memory.
  • Everyones HERO LT.Byrnes RIP LT.Byrnes always had a luvely big smile

    Posted on 9/5/17 - by Samuel  Torbert
    I was recently looking at 1st LT Byrnes name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall panel 38 E Line 046 and thought I should share my experiences with friends and family members and any one who would listen to me. LT Byrnes was proud to be an American and hoped to make a difference in Vietnam. He was proud of his men and was duty bound. LT Byrnes was a outstanding officer very good to us NCO'S I was on the radio the day his distress call came in. He called for help for the big guns and air. He held his position to the very end.
  • Thank You

    Posted on 9/4/17 - by Lucy Conte Micik
    Dear Lt Robert Byrnes,
    Thank you for your service as a Field Artillery Commander. It pleased me to see that you have so many remembrances. I wish everyone here did also. As we celebrate Labor Day, and enjoy our freedom, it is important for us all to acknowledge the sacrifices of those like you who answered our nation's call. Please watch over America, it stills needs your courage and faithfulness. Rest in peace with the angels.
  • May God Bless and Keep 1Lt Robert Bob S. Byrnes 38E 046

    Posted on 9/1/17 - by Malcolm  Kirby Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 785
    Rest in Peace, my Brother. You will not be forgotten...


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