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is honored on Panel 12E, Line 53 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Thank You

    Posted on 9/1/17 - by Lucy Conte Micik
    Dear Captain Richard Butt,
    Thank you for your service as a Tactical Aircraft Pilot (Various.) You were a POW (sigh.) I read you were identified in 1986.
    Welcome Home.
    As we celebrate Labor Day, and enjoy our freedom, it is important for us all to acknowledge the sacrifices of those like you who answered our nation's call. Please watch over America, it stills needs your courage and faithfulness. Rest in peace with the angels.
  • POW copper Bracelet...

    Posted on 2/19/17 - by Darla Amador
    My name is Darla R Amador, 6 Village Pkwy , Napa CA 94558
    email: Phone 707-529-6039
    Richard was a part of my life in the 70's. I was the young girl that proudly wore the POW bracelet with Colonel Richard Butt engraved into the copper bracelet.I feel so honored to be able to tell his loved ones, that Richard made a difference in my life forever! In October I had the pleasure to visit Washington DC. Top on my list was to visit the Vietnam Wall and find Richard. His name was up so high I could not scratch his name. It was a very moving experience and somewhat closure that I carry with me forever. I often wondered what he looked like, where he lived etc. And now i know.. My goodness he was handsome!! Like a movie star! He will be with me in my heart always. One day in the earth made new I want to meet him. May god bless the memory of Richard and comfort the people that loved him.
  • my cousin

    Posted on 5/24/15 - by lesley
    I left a post and it spelled my cousins name as dokie his name was duckies that's what we called him so sorry there is a mistake
  • my cousin

    Posted on 5/24/15 - by lesley
    Dokie as we called him was my cousin and I remember when he left I remember getting the news and seeing his wife holding his 3 week old son get the news he was shot down i Remeber my aunt cry when she got the news they found his remains and I remember the planes that flew over at his funeral he was very special to me even thought I was a child I miss him and think about him often
  • Final Mission of 1LT Richard L. Butt

    Posted on 6/30/14 - by
    The Phantom, used by Air Force, Marine and Navy air wings, served a multitude of functions including fighter-bomber and interceptor, photo and electronic surveillance. The two man aircraft was extremely fast (Mach 2), and had a long range (900 - 2300 miles, depending on stores and mission type). The F-4 was also extremely maneuverable and handled well at low and high altitudes. Most pilots considered it one of the "hottest" planes around. On November 11, 1966, two F-4C aircraft were shot down about 5 miles west of the city of Vinh Linh in Quang Binh Province, North Vietnam. The crew of one consisted of pilot 1LT Herbert B. Ringsdorf and weapons/system operator 1LT Richard L. Butt. Of this crew, both were apparently captured, but only Ringsdorf was released at the end of the war. The Department of Defense received intelligence that Butt was dead, but evidently did not feel it was compelling enough to declare Butt Killed in Action, as he remained in Prisoner of War status for several years. On April 10, 1986, Butt's remains were "discovered" and returned by the Vietnamese and positively identified. [Narrative taken from; image from]
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