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is honored on Panel 28E, Line 89 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • The brother I never met

    Posted on 5/24/15 - by Marie Zarbo-Castillo
    My dear brother,

    My name is Marie. I am your half sister. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the courage and ultimate sacrifice you have given to our country. Please give Dad a hug for me.
  • just a remembrance

    Posted on 5/23/15
    Only knew Mickey through others. He was a great dancer, but above all, even though I was younger, didn't even attend the same school, but he was always nice to me. He was popular, but I have thought of him from time to time. May he rest in peace.
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 10/10/13 - by Curt Carter
    Dear CPL Michael Zarbo, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. May he also allow my father to find you and shake your hand now to say thank you; for America, and for those who love you.

    With respect, and the best salute a civilian can muster for you, Sir

    Curt Carter
  • We Remember

    Posted on 6/27/10 - by Robert Sage
    Zarbo is buried at Elm Grove Cemetery in North Kingstown, RI. PH
  • On Your Angel Day

    Posted on 10/27/09 - by 60's Girl
    I don’t know where to begin to express my gratitude to someone so courageous, but I will try.

    I want to thank you for taking up the call to serve your country so honorably and I want to thank you for the ultimate sacrifice that any man can make – your precious life. Please know that these mere words come from my heart and I mean ever one of them.

    No matter how others may feel you did not die in vain, nor was the war senseless. You and your brothers-in-arms whose names are engraved on The Wall have and will be an influence for good in this country. You and the others have influenced the youth of our country – this is shown by the remembrances these young people have left for all of you on this site. You all have touch a cord in them and they will remember your sacrifice all of their lives; so, your deaths are not in vain.

    I am proud of you and the others and can hardly wait for the day when I will be able to meet you and give my thanks to you all.

    You courageous men have touched me to my very soul with your selfless actions and I will spend the rest of my day honoring you all in whatever way that I can. Thank you for the bottom of my heart!!

    On this your Angel Day I leave this quote for you it’s from the movie We Were Soldiers:

    To fallen soldiers, let us sing,
    Where no rockets fly or bullets wing
    Our broken brothers let us bring
    To the Mansions of the Lord

    No more bleeding, no more fight
    No prayers pleading through the night,
    Just divine embrace, eternal light
    In the Mansions of the Lord

    Where no mothers cry and no children weep
    We will stand and guard though the angels sleep
    Through the ages safely keep
    The Mansions of the Lord
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The Wall of Faces

Brought to you by the organization that built The Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Virtual Memorial Wall is dedicated to honoring, remembering and sharing the legacies of all those who died in the Vietnam War. Here you can go beyond the names on The Wall to see the faces, share the stories and read the remembrances posted by friends, neighbors, classmates and family members.

All of these photos will be showcased in The Education Center at The Wall on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. To learn more about the effort to collect these photos and ensure their faces will never be forgotten, visit